Both the Feudal and the Caste System stressed rankings in society and they each had a hierarchy. This nevertheless. was one of the many similarities and differences the two systems had. In the Caste system. people in each Varna ( societal category ) were born into his/her category and married within their ain group. One could non travel up the societal ladder and one could merely be one Varna. In Feudalism. one could be a Godhead and a liege at the same clip one individual could plight commitment to more than one Godhead at a clip. Besides. in the Caste system of India. the most of import Varnas were the priests while in Feudalism. the male monarch was at the top of the hierarchy. In feudal system. the Godheads and the knights made up the aristocracy which was similar in India’s system. where the priests and warriors made up the aristocracy. In both. the category right below the emperor or male monarch and the armed forces are the most powerful and baronial.

In the caste system. adult females had barely any rights and could non be priests or warriors. therefore they could ne’er be in the upper category. In the feudal system. although ladies had few rights. adult females could be in the aristocracy. The Ladies chiefly sewed and raised the kids. Likewise. the adult females in India were confined to household undertakings every bit good. In both systems. there was no cardinal authorities. in feudal system. each Godhead had his ain regulations on his manor and in India. the Kshatriyas. led the authorities. which was a council of seniors for each small town. There was no such thing as one authorities. alternatively there were several that were independent from each other. But unlike the feudal hierarchy where the male monarch is on the top. in the caste system. the category after the first category is the 1 that heads the authorities.

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Besides. in the feudal and the caste system. most people were the slaves. In the caste system. more than half the population consisted of the Pariahs ( slaves ) and in the feudal system. most people were serfs that were bound to the land. The helot. the Godheads. the lieges and everybody had a certain responsibility to carry through. The male monarch granted the Godheads land. the Godheads in exchange had to raise ground forcess of knights. the knights had to contend no affair what and the helot worked for the Godhead their whole lives and were granted nutrient and shelter in return. In the caste system. every individual had their ain Dharma to carry through. depending on their rank socially. The societal systems of mediaeval Europe and India have many similarities and differences. even though they are across the Earth from each other.