Beijing consensus is non any set of regulations or a philosophy as against the Washington consensus, but is a better solution as seen in instance of China, as we see the results. I have following grounds to stand by for the above statement.

ly explicating the footings here:

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Washington consensus was a philosophy or rigorous set of regulations enforced/implemented and defined by the IMF, World Bank and the US exchequer. Its rules:

“ Fiscal policy- usage of Government collected money and grosss in growing of economic system,

Re- way of public subsidy towards substructure growing, primary instruction and the primary wellness attention,

Tax reform- alteration in direction of revenue enhancements collected by Government,

Interest rates determined by the market,

Competitive exchange rates,

Liberalization of trade,

Liberalization of foreign inward investing,

Privatizing province endeavors,


Legal security for physical belongingss ” ( Williamson, 1989 ) .

Beijing consensus:

“ A committedness to invention and changeless experimentation,

A rejection of per capita GDP as the be-all and end-all: sustainability and equality must besides be portion of the mix,

Self-government ” ( Ramo, 2004 )

Washington consensus failed mostly because of its rigorous regulations and pretermiting the public assistance of the hapless people ( bulk of population ) , the societal and the environmental construction. The lone people who gained were the political elites and economically strong concern individual and Industrialists alternatively of the state ‘s working population. Furthermore, it lacked ordinances to command the corruptness and that left a negative consequence on the universe economic system.

The Beijing Consensus which led to the growing of China by accommodating necessary thoughts which existed in the Washington consensus. China did non merely blindly follow the Washington consensus but kept in head political and cultural differences, demand of people and flexibleness. This was observed in the China ‘s “ one kid policy ” , etc. The end was to convey about societal alteration in China through a alteration in the economic conditions. This was something that somehow was forgotten Washington consensus attack.

The states in southern Earth were severely hit by the field credence of the Washington theoretical account without looking into their ain context and the demands and demands of their ain people. For illustration, Africa- had been severely hit by the rules adopted under the Washington Consensus. Its economic and political power had about declined taking to marginalization, inequality, and in some topographic points even negative growing during the economic crisis 1990 ‘s. While the labor suffered with really less wage, no warrant of any sort, with hapless going poorer and least heard. Besides revenue enhancement cuts for concern and Industries led to more nest eggs merely for investing and growing of concerns. This besides reduced the authorities disbursement on the public assistance of the society. Not merely that, but a really specific instance was about Argentina. Argentina followed the recommendations by the IMF and World Bank purely and at foremost in 1990 ‘s it did work but eventually collapsed by 2001. To that the people protested and there were monolithic public violences on street opposing the Government and faulting the US and IMF. These resulted in an imbalance in societal construction and an economic crisis for developing and developing states that had adopted the Washington consensus.

Due to the autocratic government system in China, it was able to implement several policies and ordinances. Even though it could non eliminate inequality and environment jobs it did do immense economic advancement. This saved its citizens from gratuitous future force that would hold come with loss of power and economic losingss. It was able to carry through its promise of economic stableness to its occupants as a consequence.

With such strong finding China has gained itself a place in the international market. It has besides gained popularity among 3rd universe states by supplying them with really inexpensive loans while non interfering with national sovereignty. This has become an attractive characteristic of the Chinese economic system. Beijing Summit is a really good illustration of the same. China has besides shed visible radiation on the new mentality for developing states of being accepted for their ain singularity.

Through the development of the Beijing consensus, China has gained much more than what may be called economic additions. It has besides gained new and more sophisticated engineering, increased criterion of life, improved incomes for the workers, rise in the degree of instruction, skilled labor, and has developed a batch of substructure to back up many different industries which was non so in instance of Washington consensus.

While this may hold created some unneeded elements like pollution, corruptness, environmental debasement, work outing labour differences andinternal province differences but it has been seeking to turn to these issues without making any consequence on its current growing. As we see some facts and figures as under:

“ China has grown by an mean rate of 11 % over the past 30 old ages ( as against merely 9 % at most in US ) . Since 1980, 1000000s have been lifted out of poorness: harmonizing to Chinese authorities statistics, the poorness rate ( defined as families gaining $ 7,000 per twelvemonth ) dropped by 50.5 % between 1981 and 2005. Furthermore, there has been a rush of place ownership in China. By 2007, 80 % of urban places in China were owned by persons ” ( The economic expert, 2010 ) .

To sum it up China has successfully come out of the economic crisis by stating ‘NO ‘ to any monopoly ( Washington consensus ) to run into its ain alone political, economic and cultural systems. Therefore is it non incorrect to state that Beijing consensus worked rather good in China

For all the above grounds I feel that there can non be “ a consensus ” or in other words any planetary individual reply to all of the states and their state of affairss, instead at that place has to be alone attack to all different topographic points as they vary a batch in context, socio – cultural backgrounds, aspirations, political relations, economic sciences, etc. And henceforth at that place has to be a all right tuning to the local political, economic and cultural systems will ever be required in order to successfully implement any consensus without making catastrophe for the local political, economic and cultural systems of a state.