Though many are of the position that childhood is the happy clip of a person’s life I do non believe we can generalise it is so. Of cause childhood is a really gratifying stage in a man’s life which is free from many duties and challenges of the maturity. However I believe there are several conditions that need to be satisfied for a happy childhood. First and first. a kid should hold loving and caring parents who could supply physical. emotional. societal and rational demands of their kid. How many kids have such parents today? There are 1000s of kids raised by surrogate places or orphanhoods.

Most of these kids have ne’er experienced the love of their female parents or male parents. In fact many a them even do non cognize who their parents are. These kids are frequently deprived from many privileges and rights of a normal kid. We could besides see that the Numberss of individual parents are of all time increasing due to assorted socio economic grounds. It is a known fact that individual parents have to fight difficult to raise their kids without the aid of their spouse and in most instances they fail to supply necessary demands of their kids. particularly with regard to emotional factors.

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The security of the kid is another of import factor that decides whether the childhood is a happy one or non. In my state there was a civil war which spanned for 30 old ages and fortuitously became to an terminal in the last twelvemonth. The kids who were born during these thirty old ages of war were raised under its dark shadows. In most households. the male parents had to fall in the ground forces to contend against the terrorists. Many did non return place go forthing eternal jobs for their households.

There were frequent bomb blasts directed on civilians by the terrorists and in many cases kids were victims. Besides the kids in the countries under terrorist control were abducted by the terrorists to beef up their carders. These kids were wholly deprived from all their rights as kids. They were neither allowed to be with their loved 1s nor to go to school. Alternatively they were given a gun and trained to fire at the enemy. They were taught to detest non to love. How can we state that the childhood is the happy clip for such kids?