RUNNINGHEAD: CAUSE AND EFFECT 1 The Cause and Effect in a Divorce Guadalupe Vela South University Online CAUSE AND EFFECT 2 “Divorce”- Is a very powerful word that most children and adults do not want to hear; it seems to cause great agony that can eventually become terminal. My own personal experience and research I have done, proves that in our present day in society, divorces have become more common , than in the past. The divorce rate in the United States is the highest in the world. Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. ” The divorce rate is going to continue rising; due to no trust, financial difficulties, addictions, abuse, and most importantly lack of communication. Some of the marriages also fall apart because people tend to get married before they are mature enough, to handle such a responsibility as marriage. Marriage, is a commitment that two people to one another, when they are truly in love; however not all marriages are a success and end up in divorce.

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The first cause of divorce is no trust. We tend to let our imagination get the best of us, and we start thinking and even believing that our partner is cheating on us. Addiction and abuse are other factors that cause marriages to fall apart. In some cases, either one or both partners are addicted to prescription, and even street drugs; which eventually causes one of them to start committing random acts of violence to their spouse, such as beating and throwing things at them. Lastly, financial difficulties and lack of communication are the leading cause of divorce in our present society.

The only way for anyone to solve their financial situation is to talk it over with their spouse; without proper communication our problems can’t be resolved and end up getting worse. From my own personal experience, with my own divorce; I have learned that there are not only causes but effects that come from a divorce. Some of the effects are stress, depression, anger and hostility, mostly in children. Relief and fear are two other effects that usually only affect the parents, especially if they were in an abusive relationship. “an effect of divorce that some people need to consider is the change that children will need to go through. Children tend to have a hard time accepting that their parents are getting divorced, and they might have lost one parent, due to the divorce. The majority of these kids end up having behavioral and emotional problems, which leads to social problems because they don’t have the security they had before the divorce occurred. In conclusion, “good communication is the main ingredient for a healthy relationship or marriage”; whether it may be verbal or non-verbal. Many marriages end up in divorce because of neglecting to communicate respectfully, and positively.

Respectful talking is essential in good communication, and at the same time respectful listening is also vital. ” On this note, people need to be sure they are ready for marriage, instead of jumping into a life-long commitment, which they are unsure of, such as bringing a baby into this world or even marriage. CAUSE AND EFFECT 3 CITATIONS Kathleen O’Connell Corcoran, June 2, 1997. “Divorce Effects and Prevalence” http:www. mediate. com Karl Augustine, December 19, 2005. “Effects of Divorce” http:www. deciding-on-divorce. com