Catherine Smith was miss-treated in this state of affairs as she had been to the constabulary legion times and ne’er was there one time a charge laied against Kevin Smith. The one clip Catherine retaliated she was put on test and was about sentenced to 25 old ages gaol for merely one offense when Kevin had committed 17 offenses which were 3 attempted slayings and several sexual assaults. The constabulary did nil even cognize Catherine had gone to them and they did nil at all. that was non just on Catherine or her household. Catherine was wrongly accused of seeking to kill her hubby Kevin in self-defense after over 30 old ages. this is merely like she had already been in gaol and done nil incorrect. Lucky for one time the justice ruled out her instance as self-defense and Kevin is still out in the universe aching Catherine.

In 1997 Catherine escaped but Kevin came looking for her. He kidnapped their boy Duncan and held him at gun point and Kevin was charged for merely nobbling his boy non for any of the other 17 offenses he had committed and merely sent to imprison for a twosome of oral cavities. Catherine could non believe that this had happened on a twosome of oral cavities this is really unjust to Catherine and her childs. During this clip Catherine tried to travel see all her kids. But a hebdomad before he was issued on word. Catherine and her childs had to travel into lock down once more. Vicky Smith says “he was obsessional. He had to happen her. he had to hold her. he had to command her. and he had to have her. ( Daughter ) Besides in the clip Catherine and Kevin were married he assaulted 2 constabulary officers. stole their gun and fired at his kids who were seeking to run and conceal. once more nil was done and he wasn’t charged.

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This is non just that person that atrocious can acquire off with so much and thing that are so of import. Kevin Smith was eventually sentenced for up to 10 old ages gaol for 17 offenses including colza. assault and attempted slaying. His sentence was non justly done because for attempted slaying is jail clip for less than 25 old ages and Kevin is merely acquiring 10 old ages for what he has done. Besides this happened over 30 old ages ago and Catherine was technically in gaol for over 30 old ages and for all the things Kevin had done to Catherine and what he put his household through all he got was 10 old ages gaol. The jury in her test merely took 25 proceedingss to make a consentaneous finding of fact of non guilty.

Finally Kevin Smith was convicted for his offenses. However it took another three months for justness to be delivered. with smith repeatedly obstructing the legal procedure. “he was seeking more stalling tactics… ne’er faced up to what’s happened. ” As Catherine quotes “I can’t believe it. eventually. I can state people my reference. Finally I can travel and see my grandchildren without fright. A few old ages of peace. that’s what this means” . “With clip already served. Kevin will be eligible for word in 2020” .