Question #1 Setting two SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound) objectives for the following Mission Statements. MISSION STATEMENT: 1 * Product quality is our number one priority. SMART Objectives: 1) To adopt the seven principles of TQM (Total Quality Management) for all the production activities within the next three months. 2) To decrease the number of repairs and maintenance complaints by 20% for the products within a year. MISSION STATEMENT: 2 * On-time delivery is our commitment to our customers. SMART Objectives: 1.

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To decrease the waiting time from 5 days to 3 days for premium customers from next month. 2. To increase the process speed by 10% with 5 new machines by the end of this month. Question #2: Organizational Research 1. After my post-graduation, I would like to work with ADP (Automatic Data Processing) as a SAP HR Consultant because I have learnt SAP after my graduation and I am very good at configuring Time-Management and Payroll modules in it. ADP deals mainly with those two modules and is one of the biggest companies offering SAP services along with other ERPs across the globe.

I am also going to study SAP in this semester which will help me in improving and brushing up my SAP knowledge on par with Canadian standards. I have also planned to take the SAP Business Objects certification exam through Pearson VUE within two months after completion of the course. I would take additional coaching and training for certification in these two months. A Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management, a certification and proven knowledge in SAP HR will definitely help me in grabbing an opportunity to work with ADP within 3 to 4 months after completion of my course. (a) ADP Mission Statement: Power organizations with insightful solutions that drive business success ADP Vision: Be the world’s authority on helping organizations focus on what matters (b) ADP Values: Integrity is everything: We conduct our business with the highest level of integrity. We are straightforward and honor our commitments. We do the right thing. Insightful Expertise: We thrive on turning knowledge into insight. Staying on top of our field and ahead of the curve is how we drive value for our clients. Service Excellence: We are obsessed with all aspects of the client experience.

The strength of our client relationships is the key to our growth and success. Inspiring Innovation: We strive for constant improvement, always searching for new and better ways to serve our clients and grow the business. We created an entire industry – innovation is in our DNA. Each person counts: We believe that each person counts. Each client and associate counts. Each deed counts and each contact between every client and associate counts. We respect and embrace the diversity of our associates, clients and business partners.

Results-driven: We are driven by a strong work ethic that is results-oriented. We encourage prudent risk taking without the fear of occasional failure. By being accountable, we deliver measurable results. Social responsibility: We believe in giving back to the communities where we work and live. We encourage and support our associates’ commitment to giving back and helping improve their communities. (c) Corporate Strategy of ADP: The corporate strategy pursued by ADP is Growth. ADP Canada began operations in 1979 as a joint venture between ADP, Inc. and the Bank of Montreal.

Since then, it has been expanding its client base, revenues and has also doubled its size in market share by acquiring Royal Bank of Canada’s payroll services operations. It also acquired Group AST and its affiliated companies in the year 2005 and with this acquisition, ADP’s client base has grown to more than 50,000 organizations across Canada. Today, ADP is the leading provider of Employer Services in Canada providing a comprehensive range of payroll, human resources management, benefits administration, time ; labor management, occupational health and safety, comprehensive outsourcing nd consulting services to businesses across the country. All these developments prove that their corporate strategy is definitely Growth. (d) Competitive Strategy pursued by ADP: According to Porter’s generic competitive strategic framework, the competitive strategy pursued by ADP is focused strategy based on differentiation because it offers services which are different in nature to a specific set of clients who are ready to pay high price for it. ADP implements different sub modules of SAP HR in companies which are willing to implement or migrate to this software in their companies for maintenance of their employees’ database.

This makes ADP follow a focused strategy with differentiation as it has to focus on the organizations which want to implement SAP. (e) Goals of ADP: Short term and Intermediary goals: * To increase the clientele of its Third Party Access Program, a product of ADP dealer services which is a division of ADP, Inc. * To extend the use of “Run” payroll solution. The Run application for Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch and iPad lets business owners take the functionality of Run and manage payroll remotely wherever they go.

Long term goals: * To increase its clientele and provide world class services to all its clients. * To maintain its product leadership through its innovative business solutions even though many ERP models enter the market. * To maintain its position as the Employer of Choice for qualified and eligible job seekers. (f) Products/Services specifically provided by ADP: * Employer services in Payroll, HR and benefits, Employee screening, Employee Self Service, Time and Attendance, Travel and Expense management. Comprehensive Outsourcing Solutions to small, medium and large sized organizations: These services enable organizations to create a customized solution that fits their current needs, while allowing the flexibility to add on modules as their requirements change or their business grows. * Professional services: These services are provided by a team of practitioners, implementers, designers and managers recruited for their competence, industry expertise, legislative knowledge and experience to effectively address a client’s complex business challenges. Integrated solutions for midsized business. * Stand Alone Payroll Processing Solutions for midsized and large business. * Insurance Solutions: ADP Canada Insurance Agency helps small and medium-sized businesses provide modern health and benefits solutions tailored to fit their needs and budgets. * Occupational Health and Safety Solutions: ADP helps business and institutions from all industry segments to lower their OHS costa, control absenteeism and mitigate the causes of accidents * .

ADP is also a leading provider of integrated computing solutions to auto, truck, motorcycle, marine and recreational vehicle dealers throughout the world (g) ADP commitment to social responsibility: One of the key values of ADP is social responsibility. ADP believes in giving back to the communities where they work and live. They encourage and support their associates’ commitment to giving back and helping improve the communities. To drive continuity across their national offices, they base their volunteering efforts on four themes each year. In 2011 they will be focused on supporting: Animals * Children * Environment * Community Development As parts of ADP’s Employer of Choice initiatives, they are committed to raising funds for various causes throughout the year. ADP is a national councilor of the Australia Business Arts Foundation (ABAF) and an advocate for the mutual benefits of connections between the arts and business. Just some of the charities that have benefited from ADP’s generosity are: * Australian Red Cross * Oxfam Trailwalker * Kids with Cancer * Camp Quality * Amnesty International Australia * Australian Animal Protection Society Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009 * Lort Smith Animal Hospital * Go back to Corporate School (h) Organizational Structure of ADP: Established in 1979, ADP Canada Co. is a subsidiary of New Jersey-based ADP Incorporated. The Canadian head office is in Toronto. ADP has 700 employees at this location. The parent company employs over 40,000 worldwide. The present CEO and President is Gary Butler. Locations in Canada: Toronto ON, Montreal QC, Calgary AB, Ottawa ON, Edmonton AB, Winnipeg MB, Mississauga ON, Vancouver BC, Halifax NS, London ON, Quebec QC, Kelowna BC, Victoria BC, Anjou QC.

ADP encourages operational decentralization to the fullest practical degree as is consistent with world class service, efficiency, highly automated and standardized systems, and centralized Corporate Headquarters oversight. While each business unit must inform Corporate Headquarters of important issues, decisions and problems, each business unit is responsible for making all day-to-day operational and client decisions, consistent with Corporate guidelines.

According to ADP, certain policies and functions should clearly be and remain centralized “shared services” to varying degrees, depending upon the need for uniformity, cost efficiency, and/or specialized knowledge. ADP believes that excess layers of management increases costs and retards communication and responsiveness. They aim to keep working units lean, small, and cohesive enough to empower associates and to give them a clear sense of their mission, their accomplishments, and their accountability. (i) SWOT Analysis of ADP:

STRENGTHS * STRONG OPERATING MARGIN * WIDE GEOGRAPHICAL PRESENCE * ONE AMONG FORTUNE 50 COMPANIE * STRONG SERVICE OFFERING| WEAKNESS * DEPENDENCY ON US * LIMITED LIQUIDITY| OPPORTUNITIES * OUTLOOK FOR GLOBAL BPO MARKET * STRATEGIC ACQUISITIONS * MORE COMPANIES PREFERRING TO USE ERPs TO MAINTAIN THEIR EMPLOYEE DATABASE * NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH| THREATS * CURRENCY FLUCTUATIONS * COMPETITIVE PRESSURE * GLOBAL RECESSION| (http://pdf. marketpublishers. com/158/automatic_data_processing_inc_adp_financial_n_strategic_swot analysis_review. pdf) (j) The top two HR issues currently facing the organization: 1) Poor Customer Service: Even though ADP sells world class ERPs to small, medium and large businesses, their customer service department seems to let them down. The number of complaints against their customer service department has been steadily increasing. There are lots of reliable websites which have been dedicated to complaints against big companies and ADP had only one complaint against them i. e. their poor customer service.

Most of the clients complained about how they had to wait for long to get in touch with the customer representative or to get their issues/queries resolved. Many clients have gone to the extent of saying that they did not want to continue with ADP anymore. If this scenario continues, ADP might lose its reputation in the market and this can result in the loss of business. (www. customerservicescoreboard. com/ADP). 2) Training and development: ADP keeps introducing new products and services very regularly and to keep in pace with such dynamic environment, they make sure that their manpower is equally skilled.

This way regular training and development sessions are needed by the company. Such sessions improve the skills and knowledge of the employees but at the same time they are increasing the operational costs. If these costs are reduced, then the same amount can be invested on other aspects of the company or developing more unique products and services. These costs are undoubtedly an investment in the human capital of the organization but reduction in such costs would also benefit the organization.