Mass graves overruning with organic structures. Bodies which have been mutilated and burned ballad on the land. Carelessly thrown everyplace as if they are non even human. This was the sight in war lacerate Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge controlled Cambodia and terrorized the people. They killed people who were educated. from a certain cultural group. from a certain part. opposed the Khmer Rouge or merely wore spectacless. Peoples were taken to installations used for killing and anguish and were ne’er seen once more. Peoples were forced out of the metropoliss and set in work cantonments.

The people from the metropoliss were called the New People while the bing husbandmans and rural provincials were called Old People. The New People were despised by the Khmer Rouge for their Western thoughts. The leader of the KR. Pol Pot set up the communist authorities in Cambodia after the U. S. A rug bombed Cambodia and made it politically unstable. The race murder that followed this was awful. The effects of it still remain. The Kampuchean Genocide followed the eight stairss of race murder and negatively wedged Cambodia for old ages to come.

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Categorization categorizes people based on their ethnicity. race. faith or nationality. A categorization in this race murder was the Old People and the New People system. The people that were kicked out of the urban metropoliss were called the New People because of their Western thoughts. The people that were husbandmans before the Khmer Rouge coup d’etat were called the Old People. The Khmer Rouge got most of their support from the rural people unlike the Soviets who gleaned their support from the urban elements. The New People were more abused than the Old People.

They were considered the lowest in the small town and had no freedom of address. They had to listen to the other categories. They were besides non allowed to farm because they had led “corrupt” lives and had to be trained to be “productive” workers. In order to interrupt their liquors and transfuse a sense of trueness. the New People were given the longest and hardest work. The New People were non the lone people that were abused and killed by the Khmer Rouge. Muslim Chams were to a great extent killed and oppressed. They were forced to eat porc ( which is extremely discouraged in Islam ) .

If they refused to eat it so they were killed with a blow to the dorsum of the cervix with a hoe. About 400. 000 Muslims were killed through this extinction procedure. The categorization phase was to a great extent used in the Kampuchean race murder. Symbolization refers to how people apply symbols to these different classs. The Khmer Rouge assigned a bluish scarf to the people who were from the Eastern Zones of Cambodia. This bluish scarf was a fundamentally a mark that told the Khmer Rouge who was marked for extinction. . They besides killed people who wore spectacless.

They said that the spectacless symbolized that the wearer could read and was hence literate. They besides targeted metropoliss. They destroyed some and others were rheniums purposed to suit their demands. They believed that the metropoliss depicted a westernized political orientation and that they could non suit into their peasantism political orientation. Dehumanization is the 3rd phase in race murder. It is the denial of the other group’s humanity. It depicts the other group as being less human and helps the extremists get over their queasiness to kill. This maneuver was used to demonise higher ranking people of the resistance.

This means that they painted their enemies as devils who threatened the well being of the revolution. All race murders are organized. No affair how small. The Khmer Rouge evacuated Phnom Penh which led to the devastation of metropoliss. They besides classified people as Old or New People which led to the division of the people. They separated households and kids and sent them to work cantonments where they were forced to make difficult labour. They besides processed metropolis inhabitants and asked them to supply autobiographies in order to document their category background.

This helped them pull up kill list for people who were suspected of lese majesty or were merely from an cultural category that was despised by them or was unfit to populate. Polarization is the act of killing the resistance or the centrists who oppose the extremists. The Khmer Rouge fundamentally decided that they wanted to demo that they had enemies. So they put the New People against the Old People. The New People hated the Old People because they were favored more by the Khmer Rouge and were non worked so difficult and received more nutrient. The Old People hated the New People because the Khmer Rouge hated them.

This widened the spread between the people and made them easy to pull strings. They besides painted the U. S. A and Vietnam as their enemies. Basically anyone who was tied to the West was considered an enemy. Dehumanization made it easier for the to kill the “enemy” . Designation is placing the victims and sorting them. The Khmer Rouge was close from the beginning. They had an docket that included the obliteration of the Vietnamese in Cambodia. yet they relied on them as Alliess. In readying. the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia in secret killed Cambodians that had been trained by the North Vietnamese.

They were besides forced to stay concealed because they were violently attacked by Prince Sihanouk’s authorities. Ironically after his expatriate. he joined forces with the Khmer Rouge. But all their confederations were impermanent even though the Vietnamese and Prince Sihanouk idea of them as permanent. The Khmer Rouge had their ain docket. The forced emptying of Phnom Penh was a preparation measure for the race murder. Extinction is fundamentally a fancy term for race murder but the candor of it shows the effects of dehumanisation. Extinction is a term that describes the violent deaths of plagues.

The victims are non considered worlds. They are considered varmints or plagues. This prompted the devisings of mass Gravess and the barbarous violent deaths that took topographic point. Peoples were killed by harsh forced labour. mass executings and internal violent deaths. The KR imposed rough labour. They forced the people to work from morning boulder clay twilight. They hardly had any nutrient and they were non allowed to turn their ain. The KR besides conducted mass executings in which 100s of 1000s of people were executed. After sometime the KR became paranoid and started killing their ain members who they suspected of lese majesty.

They besides killed members who were non acting in a manner that the KR wanted them to. Denial is when the state in which the race murder took topographic point attempts to cover up the grounds and divert attending off from the atrociousnesss that were committed at that place. They fundamentally burned all the records and so don’t allow historiographers to see the really small records that have survived the combustions. They hide the grounds. They cover up the mass Gravess. They burn so or seek to delve them up some more. This is done to do certain that they cant be tried by a tribunal for their actions.

Denial is a large job because the devastation of the grounds makes it harder to seek the people behind the race murder. The inhuman treatment that the Kampuchean people under went is impossible. But the worst portion is that we could hold stopped this atrociousness during the first six phases of the race murder. Our reluctance caused enduring for people who unluckily lived in Cambodia. The people who were behind it may hold been brought to justness but their actions are still impacting Cambodia today. The Kampuchean Genocide followed the eight stairss of race murder and negatively wedged Cambodia for old ages to come.