The manner a individual writes defines them. Some writers write narratives about decease and hatred, others write about love and ageless life. One can walk through a library and see infinite illustrations of different authorship manners. No 1 writer has a authorship manner that can be copied. The manner another uses to compose his or her books comes from a assortment of topographic points. Their background, how they were raised are all illustrations of things that are inside a individual that comes out in the signifier of their authorship. C.S. Lewis is no exclusion to this. C.S. Lewis, Author of “ the Chronicles of Narnia ” , “ The Screwtape Letters ” , “ The Space Trilogy ” , and many other literary plants, has a alone authorship manner, which has been shaped by many things in his life and literature manners which he has come across.

Clive Staples Lewis, More normally known by the name C.S. Lewis, was born on November 29, 1898 in Belfast, Ireland. As a kid Lewis loved the books by Beatrix Potter, writer of “ The narrative of Peter Rabbit. ” Lewis loved how the animate beings could speak and became fascinated in the thought of theanthropisms, even so much that he invented the universe of Boxen where animate beings regulation. At the age of Thirty-Two, Lewis became a Born once more Christian and joined the Church of England. This move had a really profound influence on his work particularly his “ Chronicles Narnia ” series, which follows a group of childs who stumble upon a cryptic would which is over seen by the all knowing Aslan.

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In Lewis ‘ first book of the series, “ The king of beasts, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, ” the childs are thrust into a universe while seeking to get away the barely hit England during the First World War. This charming universe is full of speaking animate beings and charming animals.

The love for Anthropomorphism has a large function in Lewis ‘ narratives. This we know by merely reading his plants. There are multiple illustrations in the “ Narnia ” series. First people can see how animate beings take on every twenty-four hours human undertakings. Mr. And Mrs. Beaver are the first characters we see which take on functions of worlds. As the kids enter the place of these animate beings, they find a pot, home bases, and other every twenty-four hours necessities of human life, except the beavers are utilizing them. Another illustration of Anthropomorphism ‘s function in Lewis ‘ first work is with the ground forcess that conflict. We see animate beings taking the functions of worlds when they prepare for conflict. The animate beings sharpen arms ; repair armour, and congregate around campfires, as they get ready for the approaching conflict. The last major illustration of Anthropomorphism in this first work is with Alsan himself. Aslan is the “ God ” of Narnia. He is the spirit of which the animals of Narnia expression toward. Aslan negotiations and takes of on the thought of a human God.

Along with Anthropomorphism, mythology and bibliogical belief have a big axial rotation in Lewis ‘ work. Lets keep looking at the “ Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe. ” When the four kids are thrust into the universe of Narnia they are told that they furfill a prognostication. It states that,

“ When two Sons of Adam and two Daughters of Eve sit enthroned at the palace of Cair Paravel, so the Witch ‘s reign will be over. It ‘s believed that the clip for this must be near, since Aslan and the four kids are now in Narnia. ”

Even the reference of “ Adam ” and “ Eve ” show the connexion between Lewis ‘ Christian beliefs and his Hagiographas. Besides Alsan, Alsan as you know, is the kind of Jesus Christ of his universe. In the book Aslan has volitionally humiliated himself and died for the boies. The great king of beasts is that killed on a great stole tablet. Jesus Christ dies for all the wickednesss of his people and is crucified on a cross. Is it all get downing to do sense? Like Jesus Christ, Aslan was resurrected and goes on to take a breath life into His warriors, much like the Holy Spirit coming on all adherents. Then Aslan ‘s Tells his military personnels that they may pay war with him against the White Witch and her ground forcess, which is a batch like religious warfare from the Bible.

As a kid C.S. Lewis loved to read. He was lucky, and his parents allow him read what of all time he wanted. Along with the Anthropomorphism, Lewis loved Grecian mythology. The narratives and characters would take him into a land of admiration and felicity as a kid. Tiresias was a unsighted prophesier of Thebes. He, like Alsan, he showed up when the narrative needed him to. Justice prevailed when he was about. His mere breath could raise existences that had been turned to lapidate. He was really favored by the deep thaumaturgy prestidigitator. The white enchantress besides seems to come from fabulous beliefs. This connexion can be made between her and the Greek goddess Calypso from “ Homor ‘s odyssey ” . In the book, the white Witch draws one of the boies of Adam, Edmund, with the promise of going her male monarch, and of class that whole room of Turkish delectation. This is really much how Calypso promised Odysseus immortality, but in both instances, neither of the ladies kept their promises, and in fact planned on supports their prisoners as their captives. As we all know, Edmund was able to get away with the aid of Mr. Thomus, and Odysseus gets to travel free when Hermes tells Calypso that its non okay to maintain a mortal adult male to herself.

William Shakespeare is arguably the greatest and most good known poet in the history of literature. This English poet is famed for making the greatest plants in English literature, with such plants as “ Romeo and Juliet ” and “ A summer solstice dark ‘s dream. ” It is merely natural that a male child who loved to read, and imagine. A male child, who was fascinated in great literature, and great narrative relation, would read the Hagiographas of this great adult male sometime during his adolescence. In the Shakespeare ‘s drama “ a summer solstice dark ‘s dream ” Shakespeare negotiations about Puck, a faun who is the tribunal fool of Oberon. The features of a faun, a half human half caprine animal, are those of arch agencies. They would play fast ones on people or other animals. However, no affair how bad they would be, a faun would ne’er being existent injury onto a human.

The First character you meet in the narrative that is non of human genomes, is the character of Mr. Tumnus. We meet this faun when Lucy foremost stumbles into the universe of Narnia. He is standing following to the ill-famed individual visible radiation station in the center of the forests. He foremost meets Lucy and is really sort to her. He takes her back to his house and offers her tea, and tells her more about the land or Narnia. The reader is first to believe that the faun is making this out of kindness and generousness. But he is non! Like the Puck from “ A Midsummer darks dream ” or like anyother faun, Mr. Tumnus is about to draw slightly of a buffoonery on Lucy. He starts to play his flute, which takes Lucy into a slumber. Mr. Tumnus ‘ program was to name the white enchantress manus manus “ the girl of Eve ” over to her. Now another feature of a faun comes in. Like stated before, a faun would ne’er make something that would really harm a human. Because the white enchantress is a atrocious opinion animal, Mr. Tumnus can merely presume that she would make atrocious things to Lucy. Because of this, the faun has a alteration of bosom and Tells Lucy to run, travel back to where she came from. In the terminal the White Witch was n’t really happy with this pick on the Fauns portion, and turns him into a statue.

The Lion, The Witch, and The closet is the first of C.S Lewis ‘ seven portion series about the mysterious land of Narnia. We have seen how many life thoughts and experiences have influenced the authorship of this specific book. Merely like this book the other six books, and Lewis ‘ plants can be tied in with the same basic influences. All of the Series have multiple illustrations Biblical influence along with fabulous and British literature ties. The 2nd book in the series Prince Caspian has even more ties to British literature.