1. 1 Describe the chief types of electronic message systems

An electronic messaging system ( EMS ) allows users to direct and have messages electronically. Two of the chief types of electronic message systems are as follows: E-mails. these work by the message go forthing your inbox. it is so transferred to a figure of waiters before it reaches the other individuals inbox. During this clip it passes through a few waiters. some of which save the electronic mail for future mention. facsimiles are another type of electrical message system. this works by pulling the paperss through it. scanning them and salvaging digital images into memory. The machine dials the figure. delaies for recognition from the facsimile machine on the other terminal so transfers the images utilizing different frequence tones to interpret changing sunglassess of dark and visible radiation.

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1. 2 Describe the different characteristics of electronic message systems

There are different types of electronic message systems and hence they have different characteristics for illustration. a telephone allows for instant voice communicating and has a characteristic known as ‘call forwarding’ this allows you to reassign any entrance or current calls to a different telephone. They besides have a characteristic known as ‘voicemail’ this is a characteristic which allows you to have messages even when you are off from the telephone. the machine records the voice message and enables you to play it back with the option to salvage the message. base on balls it to another user or to fling of it. Portable telephones besides have extended characteristics e. g. Internet entree.

Email is another electronic message system which has assorted different characteristics such as the ‘address book’ this characteristic allows users to add contacts email references etc. Recipients can so be attached to an electronic mail rapidly through typing their name into the address book. The cyberspace is yet another signifier of electronic messaging system it has become a replacing for notice boards with characteristics such as forums. bulletins and intelligence provenders it can be used as a quicker method of updating and sing information e. g. newssheets and events.

1. 3 Explain the intent of maintaining an electronic message system up to day of the month The intent of maintaining an electronic message system up to day of the month is that we know which messages we dealt with besides to avoid miscommunication. It besides allows you to hold a clearer overlook as to what messages you still necessitate to preview. For illustration I check my emails every twenty-four hours when I come into work and every bit shortly as I reply or finish reading an electronic mail I decide whether it is of import or non. if it is non of import cubic decimeter take it from my inbox so that it is free from any unwanted messages. This will so be filed off into the appropriate subfolder ( the deleted booklet ) . This is so held on file merely in instance it needs to be looked at in the hereafter for some ground.

Another ground for maintaining electronic message systems up to day of the month is to guarantee that no of import messages are missed. if a message system is kept up to day of the month and an of import message is received it can so be dealt with rapidly and expeditiously as possible which will hold a positive impact on your repute as an employee every bit good as the company’s. 1. 4 Describe how to utilize an electronic message system to look into and cancel or fling messages This is how to look into. cancel or fling of messages utilizing electronic mail as a signifier of electronic communicating. To look into your electronic mail foremost you will be required to log in to your history. After you sign in ( set your username or electronic mail reference and watchword ) you will be able to see your inbox.

All new messages are shown in bold fount. so it is easy to detect them. To cancel or fling messages in most instances you can go forth snap the square box next to the message ( s ) you want to fling of. so you will necessitate to go forth click the icon with a image of bin once you have done this the selected message ( s ) will be put in the “bin” booklet. To take message from bin you can either take one message or multiple messages which you want to for good fling of you will so necessitate to go forth chink on the square box and click icon “Delete forever” . If you want to take all messages from the bin booklet you will necessitate to go forth click the square box on top of the screen. which will so click all messages. After that you need to snap “Delete forever” icon and that will take all messages from the bin booklet. 1. 5 Explain the intent of go forthing clear messages for others

The intent of go forthing clear messages for others is to guarantee that the point we want to acquire across is received and understood exhaustively. go forthing a clear message can salvage you valuable clip in the work infinite as it helps acquire the information across quicker if the individual on the other line does non necessitate to interpret and construe what you are stating. This can besides minimise possible struggle that could come from any misinterpretation.