I. Introduction

Bullying is one of the major jobs that our pupils are confronting. In CIC’s Guidance Office and even in the Office of the Student’s Affairs ( OSA ) many of the pupils have reported different instances of intimidation. Some pupils do non travel in the said offices but alternatively they would prefer to relay such incidents to their instructors. Some go straight to the Principal’s Office along with their parents or defenders. One good attestation and observation. a high school pupil who feels superior tends to bully pupils in the lower old ages. This pupil asks some pupils from lower old ages to make his assignment. Sometimes he drives the student’s assurance down. The freshers and some pupils of different twelvemonth degrees are afraid of this pupil. In order for this pupil to win in his surveies or acquire high class he would coerce others to make his undertakings. Hence. he looks for weaker pupil that he may over power in order for him to be celebrated or be regarded as person influential.

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The victim loses his focal point in school because of the menace brought by this bully. Sometimes he would non go to his categories and increase inclination of neglecting his academic topics. Such scenario has been a repeating phenomenon in the school environment. Numerous surveies have been made in the yesteryear as portion of a uninterrupted effort to understand human behaviour in its entireness. At present. nevertheless. intimidation has been regarded a typical occurrence in schools and less attending is given to it or none at all. Although intimidation may look a minor concern in the research venue of this survey. which is the school. it undermines most pupils who are merely afraid to talk up about it. Harmonizing to Encarta Dictionary. intimidation is the procedure of intimidating or maltreating person weaker or in a vulnerable state of affairs. Cases of physical. sexual. emotional. even religious maltreatment may be considered as intimidation ( Ouimet. 2011 ) .

Bullying may besides be described as Rankism or prejudiced towards others because of their rank in a peculiar hierarchy. ( Fuller. 2003 ) Bullying is an action which uses negative words against person which causes hurt to the 1 who is being bullied. Furthermore. the victim may take to anxiety. low self-esteem. hopelessness and worst develop self-destructive inclinations ( Oliver et al. . 2003 ) . Bullying may besides do students’ absenteeism or peculiarly their less battle in school. In one scenario. a higher twelvemonth pupil has a undertaking in one of his topics. For this pupil to carry through the undertaking. he threatens a lower twelvemonth pupil verbally to make it for him and complete it every bit shortly as possible. If the victim would non follow with the oppressor’s demand. the oppressor will crush up the lower twelvemonth pupil ruthlessly.

However. the victim is besides busy with his surveies and it’s hard for the victim to make the oppressor’s demand at the same clip. Since. he could non make the oppressor’s demand ; the victim will non travel to school because he is afraid to be beaten up. These findings have encouraged the research workers to carry on a farther survey in a specific topographic point where such instances are frequently happening. the school. In relation to our survey. Ken Seeley. EdD et Al. ( 2009 ) of the National Center for School Engagement conducted a research on equal victimization or besides known as Bullying. Their survey Tells that strong-arming is non direct cause of students’ absenteeism or low school accomplishment. However. Strong-arming consequences in the victim going less engaged in school and cease attention categories. Seeley et. Al focused on the effects and ultimate results of strong-arming non merely whether natural strong-arming Numberss lessening. but whether the ever-present victims of strong-arming travel on to college or to offense.

Their research was besides designed to measure the function of victimization frequence and strength in finding how much school a pupil misses. Additionally. their survey reveals a connexion between intimidation and school battle. Bullying had a negative impact with school battle. so the more a pupil was victimized. the less the pupil was engaged at school. The writers concluded that strong-arming greatly influences the student’s battle in school that the more happening of equal victimization the less the pupil attend his/her category.

Statement of the Problem:

What does strong-arming truly give? Does it truly give felicity to the oppressor? How about the victims? Do they experience the same manner excessively? These are the inquiries raised by the research workers upon seeing the rampant instances of strong-arming. In this survey. the research workers come up with a major inquiry in their research: * How can we decrease the rampant instances of strong-arming in CIC High school Department? In add-on. the research workers have minor inquiries in the said subject: * What are the major causes of strong-arming in CIC High School Department? * In what manner can strong-arm endanger CIC High School Students’ lives?

Significance of the Survey:

The intent of this paper is to decrease the influence of strong-arming non merely in CIC High School Department but besides in other sections and other schools where instances of strong-arming are rampant. Information sing intimidation will assist pupils to get by up with it consequently. This paper will assist those pupils who experience strong-arming to recover their self-esteem and to hold a better societal life. It will besides function as an eye-opener for pupils who are incognizant of their actions which may be considered as strong-arming towards their fellow pupils. This work will give cognition to the readers about what strong-arming truly is and a clear vision about the effects of intimidation in every individual’s life. Subsequently. this survey will be good to the oppressors of strong-arming that they may utilize the cognition to debar the intensifying instances of intimidation. It will give victims of strong-arming understanding and consciousness on what they need to make if they are confronting this job.

Scope and Boundary line:

One facet covered by this research is the societal life of the high school pupils in the school environment in relation to the assorted effects brought by strong-arming. This. in peculiar. includes how victims of intimidation every bit good as the oppressors relate and interact with fellow pupils. equals and their instructors. In add-on. the survey focuses on the academic life of the high school pupils on how they perform in category and in different activities in the school. This refers to the classs of the pupils who have experienced Acts of the Apostless of intimidation and besides of the oppressors.


Method of Research:

In this subdivision. the survey presents the calculations refering the population of the respondents utilizing the Slovin’s Formula every bit good as the study’s informations and the procedure of how it was gathered. For the questionnaires used in the study. the research workers adapt the instrument known as Likert Scale. Furthermore. the research workers discuss the statistical intervention on how the pupils respond in the study questionnaires.

Since Bullying involves human behaviour which needs psychological account. the research workers employ Descriptive-Status Method in undertaking this subject. This method will assist the research workers to easy obtain replies and solutions to the job. Furthermore. the method will assist the research workers to do a more apprehensible and manageable attack to the subject as it will supply clearer accounts to the mark facets of the survey. This method will help the readers to easy grok the informations and information discussed in the survey.

Samples and Sampling Procedures

The research workers employ Purposive Sampling design since it is most suited with the research. Purposive Sampling design. besides known as judgmental. selective or subjective sampling. is a type of non-probability sampling technique. Non-probability trying focal points on trying techniques where the units that are investigated are based on the judgement of the research worker. Furthermore. the research workers used the Slovin’s Formula to acquire the Number of Respondents allotted in each twelvemonth degree. Table 1: The Entire Population of Different degrees of the High School Students of the College of the Immaculate Conception and the Number of Respondents computed utilizing Slovin’s Formula. Year Level| Total Population ( Number of Students )

Data Gathering Procedures:

The research workers composed questionnaires whereby the respondents are asked to reply a set of inquiries by agencies of evaluation depending on their degree of understanding or dissension. The inquiries concern the effects of intimidation in every student’s surveies. The research workers enquire replies to come up with a decision sing to the survey. The questionnaires are distributed to the different twelvemonth degrees of respondents.

Description of the Instrument:

In this survey. the research workers used the questionnaire made of a Likert Scale to garner necessary informations and information. The graduated table is named after its discoverer. a psychologist named Rensis Likert. Likert Scale is besides known as evaluation graduated table that the respondents specify their degree of understanding or dissension on a symmetric agree-disagree graduated table for a series of statements. Therefore. the graduated table captures the strength of the student’s feeling for a given point.

Construction and Validation of the Instruments:

The research workers have undergone brainstorming and alterations in order to hold a concluding study. The research workers used a study as the instrument of the survey. Suggestions and remarks were raised by the English critics and Statistician upon seeing the bill of exchange of the study. However the instrument undergone a batch of alterations and the research workers took the suggestions of the English critics for the research workers to hold an official instrument. The instrument was finalized and polished by the research workers therefore ; the research workers reproduce the instrument and distributed upon the signal of the Research Adviser.

Administration of the Instrument

After the instrument has been approved by the experts. the research workers went through the reproduction of the questionnaires.


In visible radiation of the above sum-up and findings. the undermentioned decisions were drawn: 1. Harmonizing to the respondents of this survey. most of them are victims of intimidation. Almost all of them are enduring from strong-arming and didn’t have the assurance to confront the toughs. Based on the informations gathered by the research workers. 69 % respondents attest that they sometimes experience strong-arming in the school. As a consequence they about lose all of their assurance in themselves but fortunately there was God and their household to back up them.

2. It merely showed that most of the respondents moved on and the intimidation was merely a challenge. test and inspiration to recognize something more about life. It gave them a lesson in protecting and keeping their courage within themselves because it was a gift from God. And we must be ready at all times for such obstructions in life that might go on in the hereafter.

3. We Filipinos still transport the good attitude of our ascendants which is shown a batch of times throughout our history. So alternatively of strong-arming others. how about we use this attitude to be united once more non merely within our metropolis but besides in the whole state.

4. The victims used a batch of strength to travel on from the disputing event happened in their lives. For them. it was really difficult to travel on and to bury the calamity they experienced because it about destroyed their hereafter but with the aid of God. most of the victims realized that they still need to travel on and confront the world to go on their lives and be grateful for lasting such event and their religion in God was strongly developed.

5. The lessons given by this research was to open the eyes of the victims who are enduring from this and to larn the different things to make to protect themselves. We must be prepared and be cognizant plenty to such things as intimidation. Some victims said that they realized the importance of non lone themselves but besides their household because they are the lone 1s left and served as inspiration to travel on from the tests in life.

6. The victims have learned a batch and they have some suggestions to the school. to the community and to others. To the school. they should voice out the demands of the victims of the intimidation. For the community and to others. they wanted to stress the importance of the household. to be strong. and faced the tests in life and do non give up. The victims did non lose hope to last the conflict because they believe in God and they pray to God. We must ne’er bury God and inquire for His goodness to steer and gives us strength in the trails we are confronting.

7. No affair what terminal of the intimidation we are on. we need to do certain that we are making our portion to forestall and halt this. Bullying is a serious affair. whether we like it or non. If we do non believe that we can manage the state of affairs on our ain. there is no injury in inquiring for aid. We can happen aid in a assortment of topographic points. even within our ain household. Recommendations:

These are some of the researchers’ recommendations after the findings and decisions were made: 1. Bullying is a serious job that can dramatically impact the ability of pupils to come on academically and socially. A comprehensive intercession program that involves all pupils. parents. and school staff is required to guarantee that all pupils can larn in a safe and fear-free environment. 2. Make non be a coward and seek to confront the challenges in our life. 3. Love ourselves and demo the toughs that we have the strength to confront them before it’s excessively tardily. 4. Alternatively of acquiring a retaliation on the tough. seek to demo them that you’re non affected by this because the existent doormats here are the toughs.

5. Always be prepared through larning the different things to make when such troubles happen in the hereafter. 6. The counsel counsellor and the Office of the Student Affairs must take action instantly when such event happens. 7. Through tests we face in life. make non bury to hold faith in God and inquire for His counsel. for our household to be ever safe and secure. Last. be grateful for the life that He gave us. 8. The Government should take action to this job by advancing an anti-bullying plan non merely to schools but besides to our fellow countrymen.