For the Good of Rome

In the drama, Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Antony says that Brutus is the noblest Roman of all when Brutus is found dead. Antony was right in his statement because in the drama, Brutus proves himself to be more baronial than any other adult male. By stressing the forfeit Brutus makes, how he is manipulated by being baronial and turn outing that he is a tragic hero confirms that Brutus is a baronial adult male.

The American Heritage Dictionary by Houghton Miffton defines baronial as:

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Possessing familial rank in a political system or societal category derived from a feudalistic phase of a state ‘s development.

Having or demoing qualities of high moral character, such as bravery, generousness, or award: a baronial spirit. [ … ] ( Yahoo. n.pag. ) . Brutus is defined by a figure of these. In the drama Brutus is a powerful public figure. He is viewed as baronial and honest by the people of Rome and they listen to all that Brutus has to state. He has a high societal rank and is respected by most. However, Brutus has higher awards than merely being a respected and honored adult male:

Brutus was now considered to be a friend of Caesar, who sent him on an of import mission to the E, made him governor of Cisalpine Gaul ( i.e. , the Po fields ) in the old ages 46-45, take him as pretor for the twelvemonth 44 and promised him the consulate in 41. No adult male had received similar, excessive awards. ( Marcus Junius Brutus Caepio n.pag. ) . By keeping these high awards it proves Antony ‘s claim of Brutus being baronial is the truth, every bit good as

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demoing that Brutus fits the definition of baronial.

Brutus makes a forfeit when he decides to assist the plotters. Caesar had became his friend, and he loved his beloved friend. The plotters wanted Brutus to fall in their cause and Cassius, who is besides Brutus ‘s friend, decided to pull strings him. Many old ages before Brutus came to be, a adult male named Lucius Junius Brutus, who was a distant relation of Brutus, killed a male monarch and swore that that no “ male monarch or any adult male ” will govern Rome once more. ( Zoch 31,207 ) . Cassius uses this information by doing Brutus believe that killing Caesar would be for the good of Rome. At Caesar ‘s funeral Brutus speaks these words to the people of Rome: “ If so that a friend demand why Brutus rose against Caesar, this is my reply: non that I loved Caesar less, but that I love Rome more. ” ( Shakespeare 20-22 ) In his bosom killing Caesar was baronial and it prevented what his ascendant, Lucius Brutus, feared for Rome.

Aristotle says that a tragic hero is baronial and so by turn outing that Brutus is a tragic hero it besides proves that he his baronial.

Aristotle ‘s definition of a tragic hero provinces:

The tragic hero is a character of baronial stature and has illustriousness… .

Though the tragic hero is preeminently great, he/she is non perfect… .

The hero ‘s ruin, hence, is partly her/his ain mistake, the consequence of free pick, non ` of accident or villainousness or some overriding, malignant destiny… .

The hero ‘s bad luck is non entirely deserved. The penalty exceeds the offense. The autumn is non pure loss. There is some addition in consciousness, some addition in self- cognition, some find on the portion of the tragic hero. ( Aristotle n.pag. ) .

We see many defects in Brutus throughout the drama. The one trait he has as a baronial adult male is besides his tragic defect: being baronial. By being excessively baronial Brutus is deceived by Cassius who tells Brutus that killing Caesar is for the good of Rome. Brutus ‘s purposes are good, while Cassius ‘s are selfish. Besides, Antony, cognizing Brutus ‘s aristocracy, uses it to lead on Brutus into believing that he was traveling to state merely positive

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things about the plotters at Caesar ‘s funeral. Brutus stood before the crowd of Romans proves how baronial he is by talking these words: “ With this I depart, that, as I slew my best lover for the good of Rome, I have the same sticker for myself when it shall delight my state to necessitate my decease ” ( Shakespeare 44-47 ) These actions lead to Brutus ‘s ruin. Antony creates a mutiny which so leads to war. Brutus realizes that he can non win the conflict and decides to stop his life but before making so he regrets killing his friend and knows the incorrect he did. Before his terminal Brutus increased his consciousness and discovered he felt guilt for his actions.

Anthony makes a right statement when he says that Brutus is a baronial adult male. Not merely does Brutus suit the definition of baronial but he is baronial in his Acts of the Apostless. Aristotle ‘s ain definition provides us with cogent evidence that Brutus is baronial because of his actions and defects. The aristocracy of Brutus shows in everything he does throughout the drama. The forfeits he made and his logical thinking are cogent evidence of such a baronial adult male.