Within this faculty on the construct of ‘policing and the police’ , the writer was asked to post entries on assorted readings that were delivered in the faculty throughout the hebdomads. The entries were posted via a web log within groups and the construct was to reflect and analyze fellow colleague’s remarks and web log entries throughout the faculty. The author’s web log entries were varied and analysed the reading lists that were delivered in the talks. The web log entries that were posted by the writer were on ‘police offense commissioners’ , police sub-culture, Reiner’s position on the rights of the victims and the accused, Police community particular officers function within the constabulary force, and the function of the constabulary administration within the force.

The writer commenced the ‘blog’ by analyzing Mawby & A ; Wright ( 2003 ) article on ‘The Police Organisation’ . It was of import to sketch the highly complexness within today’s policing construction and administration. The writer analysed the research paper and found it interesting to analyze the closing of smaller constabulary Stationss within communities to replace them for larger central offices that were non needfully in the same town to some of the general populace.

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In replying my point on the closing of smaller constabulary station, a fellow co-worker wrote in her response on the web log, and agrees that to shut the traditional ‘blue lamp’ Stationss within communities could take to some members, such as, the aged, vulnerable and feeling insecure.

The constabulary administration Blog entry ( 1 )

Mawby and Wright discuss in their article on ‘the constabulary administration ; the assorted types of basic descriptions of the regulating organic structure of the constabulary today, this is ‘the Home Office’ , and its chief function is to regulate and modulate the many facets of today’s policing within the UK.

Mawby and Wright analyses and looks at the environment in which the constabulary work and the types of edifices in which constabulary forces are situated within England and Wales. Throughout the decennaries many smaller constabulary Stationss have closed, doing manner for bigger constabulary central offices within bigger metropoliss. A study by the ( Sunday Telegraph March 2012 ) states that more than a 3rd of constabulary Stationss in rural countries are to be closed, this will intend that the general public life in these smaller towns will hold to describe offenses to patrol officers stat mis from where the live, which could be stat mis off. Police say the closings of the smaller edifices are necessary due the Government holding to cut their support by 20 per cent.

The determination to shut these traditional ‘blue lamp’ Stationss could go forth communities vulnerable and leaves the aged and decrepit feeling highly insecure in their community in which they live. What do people believe about this? And should traditional constabulary Stationss be closed by the authorities to salvage money?

The writer so went onto to analyze the function of the ‘Police Community Safety Officer’ function within the constabulary force. Mawby & A ; Wright ( 2008 ) highlighted the construct of drawn-out members of the constabulary force within ‘The Police Organisation’ . Within the reading list for the function of the PCSO’S within the constabulary force, the government’s white paper ‘Building Communities, Beating Crime ( Home Office 2004 ) highlighted the demand for PCSO’S within today’s modern constabulary force to guarantee the safety of society’s community. It was interesting to gain how much the function of the PCSO’S have changed within society and as stated by Cooper et Al ( 2006 ) , that although the PCSO’S were one time seen as ‘plastic constabulary men’ , the PCSO’S have gained credibleness within communities. And as stated in The Sentinel ( 2014 ) , there has been a monolithic addition in the occupation applications for the function of the PCSO’S within the local country of Staffordshire. The point that the writer made on the functions of the PCSO’S to the web log was, are the PCSO’s within the constabulary force a cheaper option within the authorities and besides do the PCSO’S have receive sufficient preparation to aide the community in today’s society. Fellow co-workers in the web log agreed that PCSO’S are necessary in today’s constabulary force, but merely for helping intents to constabularies officers who are extremely trained.

PCSO’S Blog Entry ( 2 )

In response to KH reappraisal on constabularies community safety officer’s function within any community is highly of import for the safety of today’s society we live in. This could give vulnerable people in the community peace of head, and with the PCSO’S physical presence, the feeling of safety in their ain community.

PCSO’S function within today’s society may assist the vulnerable population within communities feel safer, and as stated by a fellow blogger’s article outlined by ( Cooper 2006 ) , the PCSO’S have gone from being labelled as ‘plastic constabulary men’ , to credited members of the constabulary force. Harmonizing to a study by the ‘Sentinel’ ( 2014 ) , more than 450 persons have applied for merely 8 PCSO’s places in Staffordshire country entirely ; this will do a sum of 208 PCSO’s within the Staffordshire constabularies force.

PCSO’s have an highly polar function within today’s constabularies force. They should non be seen as a replacing for constabulary officers, but their chief functions aid and help the constabulary officers, who are extremely trained. The constabulary officer’s so can concentrate and concentrate on more appropriate undertakings which they are extremely trained for.

The authorities papers ‘Building Community, Beating Crime: A Better Police Service for the 21stCentury’ , is a white paper introduced by the authorities that includes proposals for modernization within the constabulary force. By naming PCSO’s within the constabulary force are they a cheaper resource for the authorities. My inquiry to the web log is do people experience they have sufficient ability and preparation to help the community in today’s society.

Within the reading for ‘ The Politicss of the Police’ , Reiner ( 2010 ) analysis and assesses the ‘Police and Criminal Evidence Act ( PACE ) , which Reiner states as being ‘the most important landmark in the modern development in constabulary powers’ . It sets out to make a balance of the powers of the constabulary and the safeguarding of the person who commits any condemnable activity. Reiner in his research argues that by maintaining a carnival and balanced differentiation towards the rights of the victim of condemnable activities and the accused is unsustainable. Reiner ( 2010 ) states that communities in society are highly sick advised due to the fact that the accused has excessively many rights. The writer wrote in his web log entry, that he disagrees with the construct of Reiner’s positions on the condemnable holding to many rights, except ‘Human Rights’ , and agrees that the victim’s demands are to the full supported and met, and should ever play a polar function within the justness procedure. The writer addressed the research works of Sykes ( 1958 ) and outlined the strivings of imprisonment any person goes through one time they have been incarcerated from society

The political relations of the constabulary. Blog Entry ( 3 )

In the writers response to a fellow bloggers question to whether Reiner is right or incorrect with mention to maintaining a carnival balanced differentiation between the victim and the accused rights.Personally I disagree with Reiner and that for the interest of ‘fairness’ , to the accused, a just balance to each person must be maintained at all times. With the human rights point of view that all persons within society demands to be treated with humanity at all times.

The writer agrees with the construct that the victim demands are to the full met, and at that place needs must play a polar function in the justness system. The victims need to protected every bit much as humanely possible.

If the accused is so found guilty by the tribunals and jurisprudence of the lands, this itself is the start of the individual’s penalty from society. Gresham Sykes survey on “The Pains of Imprisonment” , outlines the construct of imprisonment, and outlines the several ‘pains’ , the accused has to travel through whilst being incarcerated for the length of their tutelary sentence. So hence, the writer disagrees with Reiner and experience some of the accused in society do non hold excessively many rights, except ‘Human Rights’ .

Within the reading for Waddington ( 1999 ) “What is policing” , Waddington analysis the construct of police sub-culture and frequently they can act upon the behavior of constabulary officers in the constabulary force. The author’s web log entry goes on to analysis the constabulary officers function within the force and writes about the varied sub-cultures within the constabulary force. Britz ( 1997 ) , emphasised the theory that some constabulary officers could develop a ’cop code’ within the constabulary force community.

Police Sub Culture. Blog Entry ( 4 )

In response to a fellow bloggers remark, the writer feels that when Waddington writes about the construct of constabulary subculture is right in his decision. But the constabulary frequently face highly hard determinations throughout their functions within the constabulary force.

The large inquiry is whether the constabulary officers loyalties lie towards their community they serve or to the truenesss to their fellow constabulary co-workers. Police officers that serve in the constabulary force have to curse an curse that allows so to function and protect the general populace. They are required to make this without leting for the following-

…..”Personal feelings, biass, animuss, or friendly relationships that may act upon their actions”…..

But, as police officers work aboard one another in the field of policing, a ‘cop code’ develops and in some instances, the constabulary officers frequently maintain a codification of silence to protect their fellow constabulary officers.

Many constabularies officers alternatively of rehearsing a professional codification of moralss may develop a personal codification in which their truenesss to their fellow constabulary officers out manner them functioning and protecting the community they should be functioning.

Police officers hence can develop a tribal outlook which can dwell of, constabulary officers are all ocular identifiable in uniform, badges, or pieces they carry. Police officers frequently besides portion dangers, reverses and besides wagess that the general populace do non see. The dangers could therefore implement the constabulary officers to develop ‘us against the attitude’ ( Britz 1997 ) .

Within constabulary forces throughout a strong constabulary subculture will frequently bring forth the construct of a ‘cop code’ . If a constabulary officer’s become corrupt and hide grounds or interrupt a jurisprudence to research another. Their fellow officers could disregard or help, and hence, interrupting their ain professional codification of behavior.

The concluding web log entry was on Lister ( 2013 ) “The New Politics of the Police: Police and Crime Commissioners” . This article points out the assignment of constabulary offense commissioner’s within the constabulary force. The points that were made analysed what powers the PCC have within the 41 constabulary forces within England & A ; Wales. Besides analysed in the web logs were the highly hapless turnout of elector on the election of the 41 PCC.

Police Crime Commissioners. Blog Entry ( 5 & A ; 6 )

The article by Lister ( 2003 ) on “The New Politics of the Police: Police and Crime Commissioners” , focuses on the authorities induction of naming constabulary offense commissioner’s throughout the constabulary forces within England and Wales.

The chief points that Lister ( 2003 ) addresses is whether the constabulary offense commissioner so have judicial power to interfere with senior constabularies officers within their geographical constabulary force. If they have the power to interfere from a political point of view, this must be done in the best involvement of the geographical community and non merely for political power within the community.

Raine and Keasey ( 2012 ) states that the inquiry that the constabulary offense commissioner will seek to interfere in the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours patroling within society, therefore, seeking to acquire the general public support when it is clip for vote and the following general election.

Within Staffordshire, Conservative campaigner, Matthew Ellis won the election for constabulary offense commissioner, but his triumph was short lived due to the fact that the elections for the function of constabulary offense commissioner in Staffordshire were the lowest throughout England and Wales 41 constabulary forces geographically.

The Police Reform and Social Responsibility ( PSSR ) ACT 2011, was responsible for developing the construct of the constabulary offense commissioners within the UK. The constabulary offense commissioners are given duties for keeping their head constable accountable for local processs within their constabulary force. The two cardinal participants of the constabulary force work closely and are accountable to an elected committing group within the geographical country.

The writers question to the web log is why to you believe Staffordshire had the lowest vote turnout throughout the 41 constabulary forces within England and Wales.

The construct and scheme for naming constabulary offense commissioners was formed by the Conservative 2010 program set out by the elected party at the clip. Within 41 constabulary forces within England and Wales, there was a drastic turnout of electors to back up the election of constabulary offense commissioners. In the writers sentiment the deficiency of cognition refering the construct and programs of the function of the constabulary offense commissioner is a major factor to why the general populace choose non to vote. The timing of voting in November might non hold helped with the election, due to the month of November being a winter month of the twelvemonth.

The Home Office did set adverts out to advertise the elections of the assignment of the constabulary offense commissioners in the 41 geographical constabulary forces within England and Wales. Unfortunately the authorities decided non to publicize via the postal service, due to cost and the deficiency of support. With merely a 20 % turnout rate of electors should be a major concernto whether the general populace were represented in the vote of the constabulary offense commissioner in the local country of Staffordshire.

With the authorities naming constabulary offense commissioners, possibly without the cognition of the function of the constabulary offense commissioner, the general populace could believe that patroling in today’s society will go more political. If this is the general public’s sentiment, they could experience that patroling and safeguarding the populace could be drastically compromised.

On contemplation the writer found composing the web log entries highly interesting, and at that place was a broad scope of reading stuff on the construct of policing and the constabulary faculty. The writer besides found reading fellow co-workers web logs utile and interesting to see their points of position on assorted reading subjects throughout the hebdomads. Due to clocking issues within the group web log, sometimes fellow co-workers did non reply the author’s inquiries that were put up to analyze. One of the grounds could hold been that the inquiries that were asked in the web logs were really answered through the assorted author’s outlined in the reading lists set on the faculty.


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