Becoming a New York City Police Officer

Throughout my life, one occupation has ever stuck out to me as the coolest, and carry throughing occupation out at that place. This would be being a New York City Police officer. In 2013, there was an estimated 8,405,837 people populating inside of the 5 boroughs of New York City ( Department of City Planning City of New York, 2013 ) . The New York City Police Department ( NYPD ) is home to over 35,000 courageous work forces and adult females that put their life on the line every twenty-four hours to protect each and every citizen to the best of their abilities. It is my end to go portion of this fraternal household, and proudly protect and serve the citizens of New York City.

I can’t state you how many times I have had bad quarrels with jurisprudence enforcement. Many officers are seen to be ill-mannered and pretentious. No affair what metropolis, or town you go to, there ever seems to be a large difference between you, the normal citizen, and the constabulary officers that are supposed to “serve” you. I frequently travel down to the metropolis, and I can non retrieve a clip where I was non happy to see a police officer. New York City is non the safest topographic point in the universe, but these astonishing work forces and adult females take pride in how they protect and help each and every individual. This is what foremost turned me on to going a New York City constabularies officer.

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So what precisely does being a New York City constabularies officer include? Well I am here to state you that on going a New York City constabularies officer, you will be placed in one of about one 100 precincts. In add-on, many constabulary officers become specializers in one of three 100 different units. Some of these units include, K-9, Counter Terrorism, Emergency Services, the Organized Crime Control Bureau, and many more. When you graduate from the academy, you are now what is considered a all in bull. These bulls normally walk, or thrust, around a certain block radius that becomes known as their round ( “ What is a Beat Cop? ( with images ) , ” 2003 ) . This is a great manner of discouraging felons, because many citizens will see that constabulary officers in the country, and hopefully that will discourage them. One of the biggest things that the New York City Police Department stresses on is there relationship with the community. Bing a round bull is one of the biggest ways to maintain up the relationship between the constabulary section, and the community. This is besides known as community patroling. As a round bull, you may be entitled to assist out with traffic when it gets busy, assist out with the aged, arrest person who is said to hold committed a offense, and many others ( Masters, Way, Muscat, & A ; Hooper, 2012, p. 175 ) .

Describing a typical twenty-four hours on the occupation is reasonably hard for the New York City Police Department. The precincts are split up into what is known as “houses” . There are three houses that the precincts are placed into, A, B, and C houses. The A house is considered the busiest house in footings of offense, the B house is reasonably average, and the C house is the slowest ( Willis, 2002, p.5-6 ) . A houses are considered to be in the “ghetto” . This is where most of the offense and calls come from. The C houses are considered to be the “uptown” subdivisions of the metropoliss. This is where many of the rich people reside and work, and here police officers are more judged upon their visual aspect than the existent work they do ( Willis, 2002, p. 7 ) . The B house is everything in the in-between including lipid-lowering medicine island, mid to lower Manhattan, and more. These are the houses where some yearss, officers will non be able to eat a repast, and others where the twenty-four hours seems to drag on because of deficiency of calls ( Willis, 2002, p.7 ) .

There are a few demands before you can even believe about seting in the application towards the NYPD. The chief thing is that, on the twenty-four hours of the assignment, where you are called in for an interview, you have to be a occupant of the 5 boroughs, or the residing counties around at that place. The following demand is that you have 60 college credits completed, with a 2.0 or higher ( New York City Police Department, 2014 ) . It does non count what 60 credits you have taken, but since you are traveling in for a life of condemnable justness, it merely makes sense to take those categories. If you have finished 60 college credits, you can go a New York City Police Officer. However, if you are smart, you will travel on and complete your 4 old ages at college, and acquire your Bachelor’s grade. There is a plan that the NYPD has with St. Johns University called, NYPD Cadet. This is a plan for 3rd and 4Thursdaytwelvemonth pupils to travel work for the NYPD and acquire their pes in the door demoing what precisely is needed through existent life preparation and experience in the field with the New York City Police Department. This plan helps the plebes gain better publicities faster because of the experience they are larning before everyone else ( City of New York Police Cadet Corps, 2014 ) . Bing portion of the NYPD Cadet plan besides helps you run into more influential people, which in-turn, will assist you acquire farther up the ladder working inside the NYPD.

The New York City Police Department has ever been known for holding second-rate wages for their officers. When you are accepted and in the Police Academy, you start with a wage of merely below 45,000 a twelvemonth, non including overtime ( New York City Police Department, 2014 ) . This is a low figure when you think about where these officers have to populate. Everything in New York City is so expensive, yet these officers are being paid so small. By the clip you are 5 ? old ages into being a constabulary officer, nevertheless, you will be doing merely over 90,000 dollars a twelvemonth, non including overtime ( New York City Police Department, 2014 ) . This is dual the wage in merely 5 years’ clip. Not many occupations out at that place can offer you something like that. Keep in head that this is for being a round bull. If you pass the investigators exam, and acquire your gold shield ( go a investigator ) , your wage class additions even more to about 100,000 dollars a twelvemonth ( New York City Police Department, 2014 ) .

With the aid of the NYPD Cadet plan, and a small elbow lubricating oil, going a investigator should non be every bit hard as person who becomes an officer with random 60 credits. This is one of my greatest aspirations is to go a homicide, or major offenses detective. There is good wage, nevertheless, the biggest down side is that the hours are awful. Some people don’t even use to take the investigators exam, they would instead remain a constabulary officer for 20 old ages so to cover with all the fuss that detectives put up with.

Bing a constabulary officer is harder than it is made out to be. Over 70 per centum of constabulary officers matrimonies end in divorce. This is a atrocious statistic. An even bigger oculus opener is that 35 per centum of constabulary officers have stated that they were involved in a domestic maltreatment instance, and most weren’t even filed ( Khan, 2013 ) . What doesn’t seem to put in on people is that, these officers are seting their lives on the line protecting us, every individual twenty-four hours. Timess have gotten even tougher for a constabulary officer, because now they are forced to have on these large, ugly, bulky Kevlar waistcoats that ever seem to acquire in the manner. Many constabulary officers are trained non to demo emotion during the work twenty-four hours. It is really difficult for them to turn that off when the twenty-four hours is done. This is what leads to the matrimonial jobs.

With these jobs merely constructing up indoors, and with no 1 to speak to about them, many constabulary officers get depressed. Suicides are more common with police officers that are covering with depression. In his authorship, Miller ( 2006 ) provinces, “Twice as many officers die by their ain manus as are killed in the line of duty” ( parity. 10 ) . Another statistic that will blow your head is that, “Every 22 hours, a constabulary officer in America takes his or her ain life” ( Torres, Maggard Jr. , & A ; To, 2003 ) . With these statistics right here, it proves that these challenges faced by constabulary officers, on an mundane footing, can non be dealt with entirely. They need groups of equals, and even household that will impart an ear one time and awhile to assist these officers out after work.

The more clip I spend researching about going a New York City Police Officer, the more exited it acquire. There is nil that will discourage me from going one. I have ever admired how high of a standard these work forces and adult females hold themselves. New York City is the most vivacious metropolis in the universe, so you need the best trained, the best equipped, and the most sound minded officers to make this occupation right. I’m certain there will be times when I hate making something, but that will be because, in the condemnable justness system, justness doesn’t ever prevail. The constabulary officers will pass their hard earned blood, perspiration and cryings, crunching to acquire felons off the street, all to hold some of them cop a supplication or have a lesser charge because they know information that will assist grok a “bigger fish.”

This occupation was made for me, but more significantly, I was made for this occupation. When I give my word, it is set in rock. I do non travel back on my promises, at all. Many people have ever said that I carry myself to non be a good individual, but a great one. I make certain that everything I do, I put away 110 per centum of my attempt, and I expect illustriousness. Failure is non an option to me, and seeing felons walk off because of an officer’s deficiency of understanding the Torahs makes me ill. I believe that this is non merely a payroll check. This is a occupation where you have the duty to do certain that the citizens of your town/city are safer than the twenty-four hours before. How can they be safe you inquire? Well there is merely one manner to make that, and that is to do certain that you apprehend the people that need to be locked up. Make certain that on the terminal of your ticker, you did everything in your power to do your metropolis that much safer than it was at the beginning of your displacement. If you do that every twenty-four hours, so you should ne’er experience bad about anything that happens.


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