A1: I choose this novel peculiarly because it is one of my favourite books and I have read it many of times before, and think that it is a heartwarming narrative about a miss happening a Canis familiaris, and fighting to fit-in, in a new town with new place. I besides have n’t read it in a piece and wanted an easy book to get down me off.

Q2a: How was the lead of this novel?

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A2a: It was enlightening and talked about the state of affairs of the 2nd supporter and the new place in which she lived. It was really amusing and introduced the chief character, to which all events were go oning, Winn-Dixie.

Q2b: Did the writer successfully pull you in?

A2b: Yes! Rebelliously.

Q2c: Why or why non?

A2c: Because I like books with hummer and feeling, both of which this book had in the really beginning.

Q3: What is the scene of this novel?

A3: Around the 1960 ‘s in Naomi, Florida, a rather small town were everybody thinks there person and everybody thinks they know everyone.

Reader Response Journal # 2 – Rebekah Plawman

Q1 & A ; 2: How did the different points of position affect your apprehension of each of the Stories? How was the first individual point of position of “ Beware the Ides of November ” different from the 3rd individual point of position from “ Fairy Tail ” ?

A1 & A ; 2: The first narrative was a small easier to “ hold on ” because of the First individual position. I knew how Nikki, ( “ Beware of Ides of November ” ) , felt about every small thing that happened to her and if that would hold been in a 3rd individual point of position, so it would hold been confounding. You would n’t truly be able to associate to the individual on what he/she is traveling through. With the other narrative, ( “ Fairy Tale ” ) , in 3rd individual position, it was difficult to state how the supporter, Cynthia truly felt inside. And portion of it I did n’t understand till I read it over twice! The points of position are really different.

Reader Response Journal # 3 – Rebekah Plawman

The 3rd book I am reading is “ Black Beauty ” by Anna Sewell. It ‘s a Two hundred 85 page, 49 chapter book about a Equus caballus, his life and the problems he goes through.

One of the chief struggles of this novel was the fact that adult male is non ever nice to Equus caballuss. Not that he should n’t have them, but that he should handle them better and utilize sort loving words alternatively of rough average words. Another was that Black Beauty ( the supporter, a Equus caballus ) was sold a many of times most of the proprietors good but he wanted to remain with his female parent and at his first place. At his 3rd place he did n’t lose the first so much because there were other Equus caballuss to play with and he rather enjoyed himself at that place. But he wished that he stayed in one topographic point for his whole life, but being a Equus caballus he could n’t command that and every bit long as he got a good place and caring maestro, he was all right. The declaration of that job was in the terminal of the narrative, one of the old groomers finds Black Beauty, buys him, and takes him place. This groom was his best manfully friend and had the other Equus caballuss that Beauty was fond of such as Ginger and Maryleggs.

Reader Response Journal # 4 – Rebekah Plawman

There truly is no manner to sum up what I read but I ‘ll seek.

Ginger is a gorgeous chestnut female horse in the narrative that I am reading. There are two chapters in the narrative all about Ginger and how she was broken. It was non pleasant so to state what she was traveling thorough I visualized what was go oning as I read on. She was being forcedly put into her bridle and spot and had a saddle slapped on her difficult and that ‘s how she learned. She ne’er had the right spot and it ever hurt. Many of times her maestro ‘s hard-headed boy would sit and seek to interrupt her while he was intoxicated and being that were non Equus caballuss I had no thought how much hurting that must be. Never being let to come over to my ledgeman and cooperate with him in seting tack on and being forced excessively! So visualising aid a great trade! !

Rebekah Plawman – Book Review # 1: Because of Winn-Dixie

The book I merely got done reading was called “ Because of Winn-Dixie ” by Kate DiCamillo. It ‘s non excessively long, merely one hundred and 82 pages long.

The narrative takes topographic point in a quite small town in Naomi, Florida. Everybody thinks there person and every individual thinks they know everybody and all about them.

That summer Opal and her male parent, the sermonizer, move to Naomi, Florida, Opal goes into the Winn-Dixie supermarket and comes out with a Canis familiaris. A large, ugly, enduring Canis familiaris with a greatest sense of wit. A Canis familiaris she dubs Winn-Dixie. Because of Winn-Dixie, the sermonizer tells Opal 10 things about her absent female parent, one for each twelvemonth Opal has been alive. Winn-Dixie is better at doing friends than anyone Opal has of all time known, and together they meet the local bibliothec, Miss Franny Block, who one time fought off a bear with a transcript of War and Peace. They meet Gloria Dump, who is about unsighted but sees with her bosom, and Otis, an ex-con who sets the animate beings in his pet store free after hours, so lulls them with his guitar. Opal spends all that sweet summer roll uping narratives about her new friends, and believing about her female parent. But because of Winn-Dixie or possibly because she has grown, Opal learns to allow travel, merely a small, and that friendship-and forgiveness-can sneak up on you like a sudden summer storm.

This book was genuinely a heartwarming narrative and I have recommended it to most of my friends ( the 1s who read like loony ) . I will love this narrative everlastingly and ever believe it to be a Suspensing, Dramatic, Action book with tonss of laughs.

In a few ways I am like Opal. She spends a batch of clip believing about her female parent, why she left and where she went. I besides think about a parent of mine from clip to clip. My existent pa and why he left us, on our ain and with merely one parent to raise a set of boisterous Twins. Some of my inquiries will ne’er be answered and some I could care less approximately, to be honest. Were besides different. Winn-Dixie, a Canis familiaris, is her life long friend where as I have a Equus caballus to love and would instead hold Greta than a Canis familiaris. But I besides have a Canis familiaris and even though I frequently pay war with him, I still love him! In all, this was a great book and I want everybody who has entree to books to read it! It ‘s a life modifier.

Some information was taken from katedicamillo.com

Rebekah Plawman – Book Review # 2: “ Number the Stars ” by Lois Lowry

The 2nd book I read was called “ Number the Stars ” by Lois Lowry. It ‘s a one hundred 37 page book about truth, bravery, and adversity. And it ‘s based on a true to life experience! It was great!

Number the Stars tells the narrative of Annemarie Johansen, a immature miss life in Denmark during World War II. The book opens in 1943, three old ages after German soldiers foremost arrived to busy the little state. After three old ages of populating anxiously with this busying force, the baseball mitts eventually come off as the German Nazis get down their run to “ relocate ” all the Jews of Denmark. The Danish Resistance, made up of ordinary citizens like the Johansen household, works steadily to smuggle the Jews out of Denmark and over the sea to nearby Sweden. Annemarie, merely ten old ages old, must happen bravery and adulthood beyond her old ages within herself in order to assist her best friend, Ellen Rosen, flight from the Nazis.

Mr. Johansen calls his brother-in-law, Henrik, and makes encoded agreements to convey Ellen to him. Subsequently, Annemarie, Ellen, Mrs. Johansen, and Kirsti leave by train for Uncle Henrik ‘s place in Gilleleje. One peaceable twenty-four hours goes by at Henrik ‘s, and so Mrs. Johansen tells the misss that Great-aunt Birte has died and they will be holding a funeral. However, Annemarie knows that Great-aunt Birte does n’t be, and confronts Uncle Henrik. He explains to her that she is right. But it is easier to be brave when you do n’t cognize the full truth.

Many aliens arrive at Uncle Henrik ‘s house for the funeral, among them a rabbi and several Judaic households. A group of Nazi soldiers arrive and disrupt the funeral, and Ellen ‘s parents and Peter Nielsen arrive shortly after. A soldier inquiries Annemarie about the funeral and asks her female parent to open the coffin. Her female parent told the soldier that she would love to make so, since state physicians were non dependable, ant it was merely the state physician who told them that opening the coffin would distribute sources because Great-aunt Birte had died from typhus. The soldier slaps her face and leaves, seting out the tapers with a gloved manus. Peter reads the beginning of Psalm 147 to the group from the Bible, telling the Lord God totaling the stars. Annemarie thinks that it is impossible to figure the stars in the sky, and that the universe is cold and really barbarous.

Peter opens the coffin and distributes warm vesture and covers to the Judaic households who so go, dividing up to be less conspicuous. Peter leads the first group, while Annemarie ‘s female parent leaves with the 2nd. Annemarie says adieu to Ellen and goes to kip for the dark. In the forenoon, she finds that her female parent has non returned. Annemarie looks out the window to see her lying on the grass below. She madly runs outside and finds, to her alleviation, that her female parent has merely broken her mortise joint. Her female parent realizes that a bundle of import to the Resistance was by chance dropped by Mr. Rosen when he tripped on a step. Mrs. Johansen, cognizing the importance of the bundle, gives Annemarie a basket filled with cheese, staff of life and an apple ( presumptively tiffin for her uncle ) and hides the bundle indoors. Annemarie runs off, onto a wooded way towards her uncle ‘s boat.

When she nears the seaport, she is stopped by German soldiers on patrol, and lies that she is simply presenting tiffin to her uncle. The soldiers toss some of the nutrient onto the land and finally make the bundle, which they tear unfastened, happening merely a hankie. The German soldiers laugh, toss the cheese and hankie to the land, and walk off. Annemarie continues forth to Uncle Henrik and gives him the bundle. He boards his fishing boat and leaves for Sweden.

Uncle Henrik returns to Denmark subsequently that flushing and while learning Annemarie how to milk a cow, explains that the Rosen ‘s were concealing in his boat and the hankie contained the sent of coney blood and cocaine, to pull the Canis familiariss so when they sniffed it it would temporarily blunt the German Canis familiariss ‘ sense of odor.

Two old ages subsequently, the war ends, and all of Denmark celebrates. Several disclosures are made: Peter was captured and executed by the Germans. The Jews who were forced to go forth Denmark return and happen that their friends and neighbours have kept up their flats in expectancy of their return. Before the Rosen ‘s semen back, Annemarie asks her male parent to mend Ellen ‘s Star of David necklace ( which had been broken off the dark the Nazis broke into the flat in order to hide her individuality ) , desiring to have on it herself in award of her.

I would wholly state my friends to read this book and I already have and one loved it the same that I did! ! It is a cliff-hanging book full of courage and bravery. And the fact that it is a true narrative makes it even better.

I am similar, in ways, to Annemarie. I have bravery to make what is needed and to assist when needed. Sing her fortunes and how immature she was, I am proud to be Danish! ! !

A batch of information was taken from wikipedia.com because I had no Idea how to explicate such a elaborate narrative in three pages! lol

Rebekah Plawman – Book Review # 3: “ Black Beauty ” by Anna Sewell ( My Most Favorite )

Black Beauty opens with its chief character depicting his first memory as that of a “ pleasant hayfield. ” The reader is told about his life as a colt, his female parent ‘s advice on how to act as a well-mannered Equus caballus, and his maestro ‘s sort attention. When Black Beauty is two, he witnesses the ferociousness of a Hunt for a hare and the calamity of one of the riders being killed in a autumn from his Equus caballus. At age four, Black Beauty is broken in to the usage of the saddle, bridle, and passenger car harness. He describes how bad the spot feels every bit good as acquiring his first places. Then he is sent to a neighbour ‘s grazing land near a railway to acquire used to the sounds he might hear when out on the route and is therefore prepared to get down work. He is sold to Squire Gordon and is named by Mrs. Gordon. Birtwick Hall becomes his pleasant place for more than three old ages. Here he meets the Equus caballuss Maryleggs, Ginger, and Sir Oliver, and the grooms James Howard and John Manly. He learns that Ginger got her crabbed nature from a difficult life with old proprietors, and that Sir Oliver got a shortened tail when a thoughtless manner dictated that it be cut. Sir Oliver besides reveals the painful patterns of bobbing dress suits and ears on Canis familiariss. Merry legs, a pony, are a sure playfellow of the Gordon and Blomefield kids. Squire Gordon and John Manly are both known to take issue with those who mistreat Equus caballuss. Stable manus James gets an chance for a better place elsewhere and leaves Birtwick, but before he goes, he drives the Gordon ‘s on a trip to see friends. At a halt on the manner, the stable gimmicks on fire, but James calmly and valorously manages to salvage Beauty and Ginger. Little Joe Green replaces James. Joe does non cognize how to decently set up the hot and tired Beauty after an exigency tally to acquire the physician for Mrs. Gordon, and as a consequence, Beauty becomes really ill. Joe grieves over his error and thenceforth devotes himself to larning Equus caballus attention. He even testifies against a adult male he sees welting two Equus caballuss. Life alterations, though, when the Gordon ‘s must travel to a heater clime for Mrs. Gordon ‘s wellness. Joe and Maryleggs go to the Vicar Blomefield ‘s, and Beauty and Ginger are sold to Earlshall Park.

Part 2

The kept woman at Earlshall insists on utilizing the bearing rein, which is really painful for the Equus caballuss, but the stable director, Mr. York can non object. One twenty-four hours Ginger Rebels and goes wild. She is so used as a huntsman. When the Earl and some of the household travel to London, the Lady Anne takes to siting Beauty, naming him Black Auster. When she tries another Equus caballus on one drive and is thrown, Beauty races for aid and is much praised. He thinks he has settled into a good place, but so the stable manus Reuben Smith gets intoxicated and takes Beauty on a unsafe drive that consequences in Smith ‘s decease and ruined articulatio genuss for Beauty. Ginger is besides ruined by difficult equitation, but is given a opportunity to retrieve. Beauty, nevertheless, is sold to a livery stable. As a occupation Equus caballus, Beauty is subjected to being hired by people with hapless driving accomplishments and small cognition of the attention of Equus caballuss. One client, though, recognizes Beauty ‘s value and arranges for him to be sold to Mr. Barry, a gentleman who hires a groom for Beauty. The groom steals Beauty ‘s provender and has to be arrested. The following groom is excessively lazy to take attention of Beauty and causes him to acquire thrush. Disgusted by all the problem of maintaining a Equus caballus, Mr. Barry sells Beauty.

Part 3

Beauty is sold at a Equus caballus carnival to Jerry Barker, a London cab driver, and is called Jack. His stable mate is Captain, a former horse Equus caballus. Beauty learns the ropes of drawing a cab in the busy streets of London. The difficult life is made endurable by Jerry ‘s adept and sort intervention. Jerry has a loving household with his married woman Polly and kids Harry and Dolly. He is a really ethical adult male who will non imbibe and will non work on Lord’s daies or take menus that will needlessly overwork his Equus caballuss. He will, nevertheless, take strivings to make a charitable act. One of Jerry ‘s friends is a reasonable and charitable cab driver called Governor Grant who serves as the senior adviser for the other drivers. While many clients are thoughtless, some are considerate of the Equus caballuss. Similarly, some cab drivers are negligent of their Equus caballuss because they do non have the Equus caballuss, but work for portions. For these work forces, life is about every bit difficult as it is for the Equus caballuss. By opportunity, one twenty-four hours Black Beauty sees Ginger, who has become one of these leased cab Equus caballuss and really abused. She is in such hurting that she yearns for decease. Later, Beauty happens to see Ginger ‘s organic structure being carted off. Shortly afterwards, Jerry and Captain are involved in a passenger car accident that causes Captain to be put down and replaced by Hotspur. At New Year ‘s, a twosome of clients keep Jerry waiting in the acrimonious cold while they party. As a consequence, Jerry becomes really sick with bronchitis and can non work. Grant helps out by giving the energetic Hotspur a half-day ‘s work each twenty-four hours and giving half the menus to Polly. When Jerry recovers, the physician says that he can no longer work as a cab driver. However, Mrs. Fowler, Polly ‘s former employer, hires Jerry to be her coachman in the state and provides a bungalow for the household. They go on to a fantastic new life, but the Equus caballuss have to be sold. Grant buys Hotspur, and promises Jerry to happen a good topographic point for Beauty.

Part 4

Beauty is sold to a maize trader who is good to him, but the trader ‘s chief, Jakes, overworks the Equus caballuss and uses the bearing rein. However, he takes the advice of a lady who advises that Beauty could work better if the bearing rein is removed. Jakes is so impressed by the lady ‘s concern that he is easier on Beauty after that. However, the dark stables about make Beauty blind, and he is sold to a cab concern once more. This clip his proprietor, Nicholas Skinner, has several shabby cabs and a group of overworked drivers who take out their defeat over their adversities by mistreating the Equus caballuss. When a client insists on the cab transporting a burden excessively heavy for Beauty, the Equus caballus collapses. He is saved from being put down by a horseshoer who finds that Beauty ‘s air current is non broken. Beauty is taken to auction where he is bought by Farmer Thorough good and his compassionate grandson who believe that they can rehabilitate Beauty in their state hayfield. They are successful and sell Beauty to Ellen and Lavonia Blomefield. Joe Green is still working for the Blomefield household and recognizes Black Beauty, who so settles into a long, happy life in his last place.

I have been urging this book to all my friends and I love it and the 1s who have seen the film are deceasing to read the book! It is full of action, love affair, play, and truth. It ‘s such a great book, I felt as if I was the character, Black Beauty!

I am really different from a Equus caballus because I am a human but we both have kindness and bravery. And I have a Equus caballus so I learned a batch from this book!

Some information was used from wikiawnsers.com