Date of submission: Wednesday, June 6, 2007 Subject: Submission of Report on Banking Activities. Sir, This is a great pleasure for us to submit this assignment in this International Business course of BBA program. We had our survey on Banking Activities, which serves in the market. During our survey program we went through various areas of those companies. In this connection, we therefore, hope that you would be as kind as to accepting our report and oblige thereby. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT At first we would like to thank our Allah and our Parents because for those today we are here. Secondly we also thank to our honorable Lecturer Mr.

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Tanvirul Islam Chowdhury for his valuable suggestion, inspiration and heartiest co-operation. Whose guidance and advice was very helpful towards successful completion of this assignment. We also like to thank our friends Razib and Jashim for his valuable co-operation, and all of our class fellows. We would particularly thank Mr. Md. Ebrahim (Branch Manager, EBL) and Mrs. Munira Siddiqua (Executive, Sales Wealth Management). We are respectful to many for prepare us inciting and support during the time that we were writing this report of many other who have been help us for this report on Banking Activities.

We are particularly thankful to our teacher, friends, our class fellows and many others. PREFACE There are many governments, private and multinational Bank in Bangladesh. They provide few same and sometimes few different type of services in this country. Here we discuss the activities of the two best performance bank such as one local private bank as Eastern Bank Ltd. (EBL) and other one is multinational bank such as Standard Chartered Bank (SCB). EBL provides their services locally. EBL is the bank which provides the first online banking services for their consumer and for their all branches activities than any other local bank.

They have all the general banking system consistent with other banks. They recently provide money remittance from abroad, debit card system, balance inquiry system for consumer through online. Their performance and activities are varying rapidly growing and also adopting all the new technologies related to banking system and compacting with the other private bank and also the foreign bank. They have 22 branches and all the branches very consistently communicated through online system. Consumers are varying pleased by their performance. SCB is a multinational bank and one of the leading banks of the world in banking sector.

They basically provide both corporate and consumer services. They provide their services in 55 countries throughout the world in Asia. SCB provide service in 13 countries. Although SCB provides service in both consumer level and corporate level but basically SCB give priority to consumer level for providing service. SCB is a supporting Bank for providing variety of services of students, businessman. For student SCB provide- Student loan, visa processing, money transfer system, student saving scheme. In Bangladesh SCB is the blessing for customer service because SCB provide quick service for consumers, as a result consumer save their time.

In Bangladesh SCB fast introduce Debit Card and Credit Card. As a result consumer with draw money any where with the help of those card by using ATM Card. Network of EBL in Bangladesh: INTRODUCTION The leading private sector bank in Bangladesh offering full range of Personal, Corporate, International Trade, Foreign Exchange, Lease Finance and Capital Market services. Eastern Bank Limited is the preferred choice in banking for friendly and personalized services, cutting edge technology, tailored solutions for business needs, global reach in trade and commerce and high yield on investments, assuring Excellence in Banking Services.

HISTORY OF EBL In 16 August 1992 EBL establish from the foreign bank BCCI and in 2003 were enter to the fully online based organization. MISSION OF EBL To become the bank of choice by transforming the way we do business and developing a truly unique financial institution that delivers superior growth and financial performance and be the most recognizable brand in the financial services in Bangladesh VISION OF EBL •Deliver service excellence to all our customers, both internal and external. Constantly challenge our systems, procedures and training to maintain a cohesive and professional team in order to achieve service excellence. •Create an enabling environment. •Ensure to maximize shareholder’s value. THE MANAGEMENT TEAM OF EBL The EBL Management Team consist of nine people and each of them comes with an international working background and they are committed to provide their experience to being EBL in a prime position in Bangladesh provide as service, as greater value & also collected maximum revenue for the bank.

This Management Team is unique in being able to predict the need of the business by bringing advanced technology solutions know-how and the organizational make- up for maximum profitability. TRANSFORMATION TO NEW PLATFORM: EBL started its journey from insufficient information technology platform. The branches were operating in a decentralized environment using local software where limitations were in abundance. It was limited from the delivery channels perspective for providing the customers with maximum benefits in terms of banking products and services.

Now EBL go to a latest platform. Now EBL passed through from the limitation and now it’s so much wider. Lot of resources is available like Internet Banking facility, high performance software and every types of technology which are provided by using MIS & IT. THE SUCCESS STORY EBL management consisting of dynamic bankers from foreign banks working environment could assess the benefits out of Information Technology [IT] in utilizing it to the maximum through their experience.

Their guideline and streamlined decision making has played an essential role in the implementation process of FLEX CUBE software in the branches. EBL is the pioneer Bank in laying foundation to the world class banking software in Bangladesh. No other private Banks in Bangladesh could implement foreign banking software with success in the past. The concerned IT resources worked over the months played a significant role behind the successful implementation of FLEX CUBE banking software in EBL branches. EBL WITH NEW ICT INFRASTRUCTURE FEATURES: EBL is now connected with the branches all around Bangladesh.

Here is a breakdown of what the data communication infrastructure looks like today: • High Speed DDN and Radio Link connectivity between Branches and the Head Office • Local Area Network (LAN) – providing data network connectivity at the Head Office and the Branches • Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) – connecting the DHAKA branches with Head Office, CTG branches with Agrabad and SHYLHAT branches with Chouhatta • Wide Area Network (WAN) – enabling the data network circle between Head Office and the Branches. BENEFITS FROM CHANGES: EBL wanted to stand up in the crowd.

EBL management under the dynamic leadership of the honorable Directors of the Board switched over to a centralized platform using world famous banking software which was the 1 most popular software in the world for the year 2003. The result has been incredible. We list a few of the benefits of centralization here. •Standalone systems = ; Centralized system •Branch Banking = ; Anywhere Banking •Telegraphic Transfers = ; Online Inter-branch transfer •Hold accounts = ; Online Inter-branch transfer •Produce MIS at Branch = ; Centralized MIS Poor ‘Control’ reports = ; Improved ‘Control’ reports •Audit needs branch visit = ; MIS available at Head Office •Information on paper = ; Information in CIF •On Card Signature = ; Digital Signature •No Funds Management = ; Automatic EBL BANKING BENEFITS: FLEX CUBE banking software automated in all branches of EBL has the adaptability for delivery channels like, Internet Banking, Tele-Banking, ATM, Home Banking, Wireless Access Protocol, Call Centre are all services which a customer can enjoy all of the system. EBL’s range of hardware is highly sophisticated as no other banks in Bangladesh has availed this in recent times.

BANKING @ EBL: •Consumer Banking •Corporate Banking •SME banking THE DEPARTMENT OF EBL: •Consumer Banking •Corporate Banking •Credit •Finance •Human Resources •Information Technology •Operations SERVICES PROVIDE BY EBL: •Anywhere 24 hours x 7 days banking •Internet banking, Tele banking and ATM •One Stop Shop for all your banking need •Significantly reduced time in banking transactions •Sophisticated Customer Information at the fingertips and can be provided anytime •Online Inter-branch Transfer •Any Branch Pay Order System •Digital Signature/Photo image while transacting Display Customers Balance, Transactions, Statements online •Locker Service Availability •EBL 5 to 9 Extended Service •Bill payment Utility Services Bill Tuition Fees Mobile Phone Bills •Flexible Products availability •Fast Cash •Fast Loan •Auto Loan •Consumer Loans •High Performance Account •Savings Insurance Account •Monthly Income Plan •Monthly Deposit Plan PRODUCTS OF EBL: •Current Account •Savings Account •Fixed deposit Account •Savings Insurance Account •High Performance Account •Monthly Income Plan •Monthly Deposit Plan •Executive Loan •Auto Loan INTERNET BANKING:

EBL Internet banking application addresses the needs of small, individual and corporate account holders of the bank. This application provides a complete range of banking services that enable the customer to meet most of their banking requirements over the Net. CONSUMER BANKING: General public are included to this sector. CD acc, SB acc, FDR, High Performance acc, monthly income plan, Monthly deposit plan and other general account. The person who gets up to 50lacks they are under the CONSUMER BANKING. But there are special product provided by consumer banking. These are: EXECUTIVE LOAN:

EBL Loan for Professionals is meant for the development of your professional life. If you are a self-employed Doctor, Engineer, Architect, Lawyer, Computer Professional or a Chartered Account, you can buy or import equipment, tools, customized products for use in your chamber. The purchase of the item is expected to directly contribute to the advancement of your professional/ business solution. You need to be a Bangladeshi national between the age of 25-60 working in the above mentioned field for at least five years. AUTO LOAN: EBL Auto Loan is here to help you purchase your dream car. It’s easy and flexible repayment .

EBL Auto loan Scheme will allow you to avail credit up to 75% of the car value. You need to be a Bangladeshi national between the age of 25-55, working in a reputed multinational/ local firm or involved in a reputed business. The maximum repayment period for EBL Auto Loan is 5 years. You can choose 12, 24, 36 or 48 equated monthly installments (EMI) to repay the loan. CONSUMER LOAN: EBL Consumer Loan is aimed at solving your personal financial needs. It’s flexible nature allow you to improve your home, office and life style. Our Consumer loan Scheme will allow you to avail credit up to 75% of the price of the item you want to buy.

As a loan customer you get to use our online banking services as well. The maximum repayment period for EBL Consumer Loan is 3 years. You can choose 12, 24 or 36 equated monthly installments (EMI) to repay the loan. Our interest rates are competitive in the market. CORPORATE BANKING: The person or organization that gets above 3 corers they are the CORPORATE CONSUMER. Local and Foreign Business Houses (Public and Private Limited Companies), NGO’s , Associations , Not for profit Organizations , Sole Proprietorship Concerns and Various Government Bodies/Corporations etc are considered to be our Corporate Customers .

Services provided by Corporate Banking are as follows: •Structuring of Facilities for Corporate Customers. •Advisory Services/ Financial Consultancy •Developing Relationship between the Clients and the Bank •Processing credit facility requirements and arranging approvals for credit facilities. •Coordinating service delivery of all EBL distribution channels viz. •Sales and Service centers, Trade Services, Treasury, Credit issues as required for the customer. •Provides a one stop service for Credit facilities. •Ensures Corporate customer’s complaints and Service issues are promptly addressed. •Addresses Credit related issues.. Coordinates activities of operating departments in obtaining Central Bank approvals where necessary. SME BANKING: Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in Bangladesh contributed 25% of gross domestic product (GDP) and 80% of the industrial jobs of the country in 2004. According to ADB, the country’s estimated 6 million SMEs and micro enterprises firms of less than 100 employees have a significant role in generating growth and jobs. This is a sector that has its own distinct needs and requires specialized focus. Eastern Bank Ltd. (EBL) has launched SME Banking in early 2005 with this view in mind.

ACCOUNT OPERATIONS AND INQUIRIES: •Account details •Float inquiry •Account Activity •Cheque Book Request •Stop Cheque Request •Cheque Status Inquiry •Statement download in ASCII format Account details The customer can choose a particular account (Savings, Current account, Term Deposit or Loan account) and see the account details depending on the type of the account. The details show different balances (collected, uncollected, available etc) and information relating to interest and charges. Float inquiry The customer can view the details of uncollected balances, with day-wise break-up. Cheque Book Request

The customer can make a request for a cheque book for an account choosing the number of leaves desired from the set that the Bank offers Stop Cheque Request The customer can choose an Account and enter the cheque number/range of cheque numbers for which the cheque encashment should be stopped. He can also specify the reason for stopping the encashment. This is an online transaction only. Cheque Status Inquiry The customer can choose an Account and enter the cheque number for which the status should be viewed. In case the cheque is returned or stopped the reason for rejection will also be shown.

Statement Download The user can download his account statement for his current accounts, savings accounts and loans accounts. Investor Relations: EBL welcomes you to the investor relation site to answer your questions or any inquiries that you might have about investing in Bangladesh and specifically in EBL. We want to acquire and develop high quality relationship in the market through our clients not only in Bangladesh but else where in the world. With our experience and resources, combined with your co-operation, we can help you invest with the feeling of security and trust.

EBL promises you, to deliver excellent service with the confidence of handling any challenges that comes along. Career with EBL: To build up an employer image by being able to attract , recruit and retain high potential candidates who will be the current and future leaders of EBL. This will lead the bank to become the “Employer of Choice. ” Recruitment and selection is a key HR platform for organizational success and sustenance. It brings in talent while help the internal bright staff to move forward, through the career path recruitment takes place when there is New position arising out of new business direction

Vacancy arising because of resignation/retirement Annual Planned Recruitment of fresh graduates The Bank follows the best practice of 80/20 ratio, meaning that 80 % of management population shall be home grown while 20% may be recruited externally in order to infuse new skills and new thinking. Other than the relevant academic qualifications and experiences EBL emphasizes on the following attributes in a candidate: •Positive •People oriented •Inquisitive •Analytical •Numeric •Computer literate •Tenacious Strength ?Highly qualified personal – Better competence, efficiency and professionalism ?

Higher deposit base – Higher average deposit ?Company reputation – As a local bank it has a great reputation among the customer ? Service quality – They are maintaining very good standard of service ? Sales force – It has very effective and efficient sales people ? Introducing new technology – They introduced ATM, Internet banking, Online banking ? Loan recovery record – Loan-loss record is very good, it has a very good loan-recovery practice ? Good management system – As a local bank they have good management system through out the organization Weakness Size of bank – EBL is operating in Bangladesh with a limited number of branches. These inadequate number of branches some time acts as a potential problem in the operation of banking business ? Strategic weakness – EBL used to focuses mainly with corporate banking but not in consumer banking ? Inherent limitation – Operation of EBL’s is limited only within Divisional Area. Due to limited coverage area, EBL has always failed to provide service to the other part of Bangladesh ? Higher account charge – EBL usually claim higher bank charge for their services to the clients, that’s why small traders are not always interested about EBL ?

Participation in corporate banking – It has no attraction on consumer banking business HISTORY History of Grindlays Bank Captain Grindlays established Grindlays & Co. with a partner in 1928. The name was changed to Grindlays Christian & Mathew’s in 1839, which again changed to Grindlays & Co. in 1853. The first branch opened in India, at Church Lane, Calcutta in 1854 and in 1864 Grindlays & Co. opened Indian branches autonomous from London. They were acquired by National Provincial Bank Limited in 1924. National Bank of India absorbed Grindlays & Co. n 1958 and began to operate as National & Grindlays Bank Ltd. History of Standard & Chartered Bank Standard Chartered Bank has a history about 150 years. The name “Standard stems from the two original banks from which it was founded – the “Chartered Bank” of India, Australia and China and the “Standard Bank” of British and South Africa. The “Chartered Bank” was established in 1853 by a Royal Charter granted by Queen Victoria of England. The main person behind the Chartered Bank was a Scot, James Wilson who had also started “The Economist” still one of the most eminent publications today.

He foresaw the advantage of financing the working trade links with the areas in the east, which no other financial in was doing at that time. The “Standard Bank” was found by another Scot, John Peterson in 1862. He immigrated to Cap Province in South Africa and became a successful merchant before founding “The Eastern Province Herald” which is still published today. Coming from a similar background as Wilson, he also saw great trading possibilities between Europe and his adopted country, and together with local business interest he founded the bank. The two banks expanded and proposed with time and decided to merge in 1969. n January 30, 1970 the new shares of the Standard and Chartered Banking Group Limited were listed in the London Stock Exchange. The original building of the Chartered Bank at 38 Bishop Gate was demolished in June 1980 and new headquarters of the Standard Chartered Bank PLC was opened on the same city by Queen Elizabeth II on March 20, 1986. Becoming stronger after the merger, Standard Chartered Bank embarked upon serious expansion in Europe and United States. The Standard Chartered Merchant Bank was built up from a number of acquisitions made during the 1990s.

In the last thirty years, Standard Chartered Bank has experienced continuous growth, which led to its becoming one of the top 100 listed banks in the world. It was also judged the best bank in the Asia-Pacific region in 1993 and 1994 for its rate and excellent service. Standard Chartered Grindlays Bank: The Acquisition Standard Chartered Bank has taken advantage of the expansion opportunities. Buying Grindlays from ANZ now propels it from number five to number one among international banks in India, with some choice extra footholds in the Middle East. At 1. 3 billion U. S. ollars, it is hard to complaint that Standard Chartered has overpaid. The financial ease is less compelling for ANZ shareholders, as there are advantages to getting out of a strategically peripheral business. This acquisition of Grindlays Bank has added 6000 employees and 4 countries to Standard Chartered’s existing network of 27000 employees and 570 offices in 50 countries. The end result is that Standard Chartered, which went into the 1997 Asian Crisis with strong business in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, emerges with additional core markets in India and Thailand.

The deal has made Standard Chartered the largest foreign bank by assets in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and the second largest in Sri Lanka and the United Arab Emirates. The bank has been seeking to expand in the region since the end of the Asian economic crisis, and has finally become successful in its expansion. The primary goal of the integration is to combine the best of both companies, and put right people in the right jobs on the basis of fairness and equitability. Standard Chartered Bank in Bangladesh The Chartered Bank started operating in Bangladesh in 1948, opening a branch in Chittagong.

The branch wads opened mainly to facilitate the post-war reestablishment and expansion of South and Southeast Asia. The Chartered bank opened another branch in Dhaka in 1966, where it is still headquartered. After the merger of the Chartered Bank with the Standard Bank in 1969, the Standard Chartered Bank took up a program of expansion. It increasingly invested in people; technology and premises as its business grew in relation to the country’s economy. In 1993, there was an organizational re-structuring, which les to a substantial expansion of the bank’s business.

Today the bank has in total four branches in Dhaka apart from the Chittagong branch, including an offshore branch at the Savar Export Processing Zone. Bangladesh is under the Middle East and South Asia (MESA) region, with the controlling office in Dubai. Its correspondent relationship with Sonali Bank, the largest bank in Bangladesh, gives its customers access to all major centers in the country. Standard Chartered Bank’s worldwide network facilitates convenient connections with foreign trade and remittance business.

Standard Chartered Bank’s branch banking license in Bangladesh allows it to offer a full range of banking services. Extensive knowledge of the market and essential expertise in a wide range of financial services underline our strength to build business opportunities for corporate and institutional clients at home and abroad. Continuous upgrading of technology and control systems has enabled the bank of offer new services, which include unique ATMs and Phone banking. Standard Chartered’s services in Bangladesh, ranges from Personal & Corporate Banking to Institutional Banking, Treasury and Custodial services.

Since the organizational restructuring in 1993, the amount of deposits and loans in 1997 has increased by more than five times. There is an overall increasing trend of Standard Chartered Bank’s market share in terms of deposits and advances. In the case of deposits, the market share of Standard Chartered Bank increase 16% in 1995 to 18% in 1996, and increased by another 2% in 1997. In terms of profit before taxes, there is a rise from eight million BDT in 1990 to its highest amount of 750 million BDT in 1998. The largest increase of 438% took place in 1991.

Although the growth rate began to decline gradually from 1993 (from a 170% to 5% in 1998) the overall increase reflects a substantial positive trend. Standard Chartered Bank’s growth in terms of profit and market share depicts an overall positive trend. OVERVIEW Through our network of over 500 offices in more than 50 countries, Standard Chartered offers personal financial solutions relevant to you as an individual. We treasure building a relationship with you, developing an understanding of your changing financial needs at different stages of your life. Our offer includes: •Personal Finance •Credit Cards Priority Banking •Investment Advisory Services •Personal Investments •Insurance •Deposits and Retail Services •Retail FX Products International Banking Offshore banking provides you with a confidential banking platform and enhanced investment options. Having one international base for managing your wealth affords you greater ease and efficiency to plan your financial future. If you are interested in greater international investment opportunities and have USD 125,000 or more to invest, we can help you take advantage of these opportunities with our comprehensive International banking service.

Our International banking centers are located in Dubai, Hong Kong, Jersey and Singapore. Making International Banking Easier Offshore banking at your command. Based in your time zone and region, and staffed with dedicated teams who are able to communicate in the language of your choice, we make it easier for you to manage your money. However simple or complex your needs may be, we have the right solution for you. We offer: •Personal service via a dedicated relationship manager and team of experienced bankers. •Assistance with complex investments and financial solutions as well as your daily banking needs. A choice of jurisdictions, banking services and investment products in a range of currencies. •Specifically tailored financial advice that matches your risk profile and investment goals. •The convenience of on-line banking. PRODUCTS AND FEATURES: Standard Chartered’s Corporate Executive Pack (CEP) is a custom designed comprehensive banking product and service offer to meet salaried employees financial needs. They are offering this hybrid product suit only to the managers and executives of large multinational and large local organizations.

In order to provide you seamless professional services in a convenient manner, we have designed CEP with exclusive features and special discounted rate and charges; on top of that, being a CEP customer you will in joy the following privileged services. A personal Financial Consultant assigned to your account as Relationship Manager and dedicated Sales Executive for your organization who will visit your office premises on regular frequency to meet your banking needs. Executive Pack offers the following product: ?Savings Account ?Credit Cards ?Personal Loans ?Auto Loan ?Mortgage – the Home Loan

ACCOUNTS: Current Account A frequent transaction account that provides you both convenience and flexibility. Put an end to your worries about carrying large sums of money when you need it. Standard Chartered Bank Current account is an efficient and convenient way of handling your daily finances. ?Minimum account opening balance BDT 50,000 ?Free Cheque Book ?24-hours ATM facility across the country ?Any branch banking Other value added services, i. e. Evening Banking, 24-hours call center facility, Internet Banking, SMS Banking, e-statements, Bills pay services Savings Account

Standard Chartered Savings Account is a convenient way to manage your money Exclusive features of Savings Account for CEP customers only: ? Interest bearing account ?Can be opened with 0 balance ?No ledger fees ?No average Balance Fees ?Free ATM withdrawal limit up to BDT 40,000 per day ?Countrywide account access from any of the Standard Chartered branches or ATMs ? No fee on salary disbursement ?Other banking facilities are also available on request Additional benefits that Standard Chartered Bank offer: ?Standing order instruction ?Instant fund transfers between Standard Chartered brunches ? Locker services (subject to availability) Remittance Services Standard Chartered Savings Account is a convenient and right way to manage your money. We work hard to give you the best return on your investment. Education Savings Scheme Responsive These days’ parents are finding themselves financially hard-pressed to bear the educational expenses of their children. Education expenses, along with other ancillary costs are soaring up as parents are desperately searching for quality education. To relieve you from this scourge, Standard Chartered has come up with an innovative product that would enable you to save a portion of your monthly income in “Education Saving Scheme?

Innovative The scheme is an innovative way to finance ever-bulging education costs that parents have to incur as a result of competitive nature of the situation. The “Education Savings Scheme”? Gives you the opportunity to create long-term wealth for your children. Through this scheme you can invest part of your monthly income in equal monthly installments and at maturity you will be rewarded with a handsome amount that you will be able to use to defray any expenses that you may have to incur.

Now, you can rest assured that your wards will not be required to shelve any quality education opportunity due to the inadequacy of funds. Convenient Unlike the other banks in Standard Chartered you do not require to come to the bank or send someone to deposit the installments. You installments will be deducted automatically from any transaction accounts(s) that you will be required to maintain with us. Notable features of the scheme are: •This is a fixed term savings scheme to be sold in units •Customer can buy any number of units The scheme requires an initial deposit BDT 10,000, which will be followed by monthly installment of BDT 1000 per unit •It will be a non-transactional account where interest will accrue on daily basis and will be credited on monthly basis •The sign-up fee for the scheme will be BDT 250 per unit, with a minimum of BDT 500 and maximum of BDT 10,000 •If any customer desires to discontinue the scheme prior to maturity, a penal fee @ BDT 250 per unit (with a minimum of BDT 500 and maximum of BDT 5000) will be deducted from the account and the balance proceeds (calculated on the amount incorporating the last interest credit amount, the fraction days will not be onsidered) will be credited to his/her transaction amount •Failure to make three consecutive installments will result in immediate closure of the scheme and a penal fee @ BDT 500 per unit will be charged •In case of forced closure (nonpayment of three consecutive installments) before 1 year, a penal charge @ BDT 2000 per unit will be charged •The interest rate applied on the collection account will be 3% higher than the rate offered on the scheme account •If there is any tax payable under the scheme, it will be deducted from the amount payable to the account holder •In case of death of Education Savings Scheme holder the account will cease and the amount deposited till the time of death and accrued interest will be paid to the nominee Schedule of Tenure & Terminal Values for 1 unit Tenure Initial DepositMonthly DepositTotal PaymentMaturity ValueProfit 3 years 10,0001,00046,00052,3106,310 10 years 10,0001,000130,000206,51076,510 15 years 10,0001,000190,000400,227210,2270 Schedule of Tenure & Terminal Values for 10 units

Tenure Initial DepositMonthly DepositTotal PaymentMaturity ValueProfit 3 years 100,00010,000460,000533,33473,334 10 years 10o,00010,0001,300,0002,196,630896,630 15 years 100,00010,0001,900,0004,407,5642,507,564 N. B. 1. These are indicative figures only 2. Tax is payable as per government rules Monthly Savings Scheme Insurance Coverage Facility is an added feature of Education Savings Scheme, Rainy Day Savings Scheme and Marriage Savings Scheme. Under this facility your nominee(s) will receive the Maturity Amount in case of your untimely death. The facility is available in any of the above mentioned three schemes for 3-year, 5-year or 10-year term only. All of these Savings Schemes are for fixed term and sold in units.

To buy one unit of any of these schemes you need to deposit BDT 10,000 at the beginning and a monthly deposit of BDT 1000 till the maturity of the scheme. Secured With the addition of this facility, our Monthly Savings Schemes now offer you an alternative to eliminate the uncertainties from your beloved children’s life in case of your untimely death. If you feel worries about their education related expenses, marriage or other contingency needs in your absence, our Monthly Savings Schemes offer you the perfect solution. With our Monthly Savings Scheme your children’s future will be in safe hands. Features: •Nominee(s) will receive the Target Savings Amount in the event of untimely death of the primary account holder, i. e. eath before maturity of the selected Monthly Savings Scheme •These are non-transactional account where interest accrues on a daily basis and is credited on a monthly basis •The sign-up free for the schemes is BDT 250 per unit, with a minimum of BDT 500 and maximum of BDT 10,000 •If any customer desires to discontinue any scheme prior to maturity, a penal fee of BDT 250 per unit (with a minimum of BDT 500 and maximum of BDT 5000) will be deducted from the account •Failure to make three consecutive installments will result in immediate closure and a penal fee of BDT 500 per unit will be charged •In case of forced closure (non-payment of three consecutive installments) before 1 year, a penal charge of BDT 2000 per unit will be charged •If there is any tax payable under the scheme, it will be deducted from the amount payable to the account holder Calculation of one unit of Monthly Savings Scheme: Tenor Initial Deposit Monthly Deposit Total Payment Value at Maturity Profit Tenor Initial DepositMonthly DepositTotal PaymentMaturity ValueProfit 3 years 10,0001,00046,00051,7515,751 5 years 10,0001,00070,00083,07013,070 10 years 10,0001,0001,30,0001,78,74548,745 N. B. 1. These are indicative figures only 2. Tax is payable as per government rules 3. Terms and conditions apply Safe Deposit Locker Our safe deposit locker service offered from selected branches gives you a modern facility for safekeeping of precious items, confidential documents and other valuables.

Other features: •Personalized service from a dedicated locker officer •Available to any customers (for an annual fee which depends on locker size) Cash line A product that offers you the best of both worlds, permitting ready access to cash without disrupting interest-earnings on fixed investments. It provides ready access to cash against quasi-cash investment papers like Terms Deposits, Savings Certificates, Wage Earners’ Development Bonds, ICB Units certificates etc. ). Other features: •Both Revolving & terminating options •High utilization Limit (based on security value) •Quarterly payment of Interest (only on the outstanding amount) •No commitment fee (on unused limit) Fixed Deposit

Standard Chartered Fixed Deposits make your money work for you. With the advantage of Standard Chartered’s expertise, resources and experience, you can assure of maximizing the growth potential of your savings safely. Key features: •Deposit can be made in foreign currency only (cash, TC or Drafts or transfer from other Fcy account) •Cash withdrawal from the account is in local currency o •Fund Remittance (in both Lcy and Fcy) to any place in and out of the country (without restriction) •Fund can be used to make investment in Wage Earners’ Development Bond Affordable Opening Balance The minimum opening balance and to earn interest on Fixed Deposit account is only BDT 100,000.

Graduate Account Introducing Graduate Account, specialized banking solution for the students. At Standard Chartered, we believe success is deep rooted the way one grooms up. We are introducing Graduate Account? A first of its kind in the country to let you enjoy the convenience and benefits of modern banking. Graduate Account is a customized Savings Account for ongoing graduate and post-graduate university / college students, who are at least 18 years old. Interest bearing Savings Account Watch your money grows with competitive interest rates that give you regular returns. Interest is accrued on daily basis and credited to the account on half-yearly basis.

Graduate Account – Tuition Protection Accidental Death Insurance plan It is taken into consideration that in most situations, the parents or the legal guardian (stated in the passport or the letter of introduction provided by university) will be the source of the fund for a Graduate Accountholder. Considering the chances of sudden death of parents or the legal guardian, the Graduate Account will have coverage for ‘Tuition Protection Accidental Death Insurance plan? Depending on the unfinished tenure of education of the student, actual Graduate Accountholder, the insurance company will provide the financial-security to complete the graduation. Special lifestyle offers

Special discounts or lifestyle benefits at selected partner outlets will be offered to the students time to time. Graduate Account Debit Card You can now have the convenience of VISA Debit Card. It is the easiest and the most secured way of utilizing your money for retail purchases as well as paying the utility bills. ATM Network in Bangladesh – Open round the clock With our ATM network including non-branch ATM across the country you have the privilege of round the clock deposit, withdrawal, bill payment and other account services at your convenience. Products that suit your needs With our wide range of fixed deposits products, you have the option to earn a very high interest. Perfect combination of liquidity and returns

Standard Chartered wide range fixed deposit products are the perfect combination of liquidity and returns. You have the freedom to choose from the desired period from one month to Five year. If you need cash before the end of your fixed deposit term, Overdraft/Loan facilities is obtainable against security of FD without losing the interest earning & the FD. Premature encashment will result in forfeiture of interest. Millionaire Scheme Start with BDT 100,000 and deposit 10,000 per month and be a millionaire in 5 years 9 months & 10 years Forced Saving is instrumental for future. Standard Chartered offers you an excellent opportunity to save for your rainy days.

Start with BDT 100,000 and deposit BDT 10,000 per month and become a millionaire in just 5 years 9 months. Tenor Initial DepositMonthly DepositTotal Payment by CustomerProfit Value at Maturity 5 years / 9 months 100,00010,000790,000229,4291,019,429 10 years 100,00010,0001,300,000896,6312,196,631 N. B. 1. These are indicative figures only 2. Tax is payable as per government rule. Terms and Conditions: •This is a fixed term saving scheme. Customer can buy any number of Millionaire Scheme. •The scheme requires an initial deposit of BDT 100,000, which will be followed by monthly installment of BDT 10,000 till maturity. •The scheme is for 5 years 6 month and 10 years. It will be a non-transactional account where interest will accrue on daily basis and will be credited on? The sign-up fee for the scheme will be BDT 2,500. The sign-up fee for the scheme will be BDT 250 per unit, with a minimum of BDT 500 and maximum of BDT 10,000 •If any customer desires to discontinue the scheme prior to maturity, a penal fee @ BDT 5000 will be deducted from his account and the balance proceeds (calculated on the amount, incorporating the last interest credit amount, the fraction days will not be considered) will be credited. •Failure to make three consecutive installments will result in immediate closure and a penal fee @ BDT 5000 will be charged. •In case of forced losure (non-payment of three consecutive installments) before 1 year, a penal charge @ BDT 7,500 will be charged. •The interest rate applied on the collection unit will be 3% higher than the rate offered on the scheme account. •If there is any income tax payable under the scheme, it will be deducted from the amount payable to the account holder. •The rates of interest payable on the scheme are subject to change without any prior notice & this may affect the matured value of the scheme. •In the event of the death of scheme holder, the account will cease and the amount deposited till the time of death and accrued interest will be paid to the nominee. LOANS: Personal Loans:

Standard Chartered Bank helps you to be in control of your own finances. Personal Loans, without any guarantees or collaterals, are available to you to meet your specific credit needs. Choose our Installment Loan or Revolving Loan, whatever suits you best. Whether you’re planning a vacation, re-decorating your home, paying for your child’s college education, or simply wish to have a standby line of credit for unforeseen expenses, Standard Chartered Bank’s Personal Loans can help you fulfill your dreams. Personal Loans from Standard Chartered are the most flexible of their king in the market. At Standard Chartered you do not need to provide any cash security for personal loan.

Loan amount may range from BDT 60,000 to BDT 1,200,000 depending on your monthly income. A very flexible personal loan to meet your assorted needs like: ? Travel Loan ?Medical Loan ?Married Loan ?Education Loan for Children ?Home or Office Renovation Loan A very flexible Personal Loan – to meet your assorted needs like: •Purchase of miscellaneous household appliances •Purchase of personal computers •Purchase of refrigerator •Purchase of audio-video equipment •Purchase of furniture •Hospitalization or other emergency medical needs •House renovation •Purchase of office equipment / accessories •Office renovation •Marriages in family •Advance rent payment •Overseas trips No cash Security:

The great news is no cash collateral is required to obtain this loan. This means no requirement of submitting your fixed deposits to the Bank for the period of the loan as security. Some documents from your employer or the guarantee of a reputed person (as defined by the Bank) will suffice. Tailored Repayment Period: Monthly installments can be tailored to meet your convenience and budget. You can choose to repay the loan in 12 to 60 equal monthly installments depending on the loan amount. Competitive Cost: Personal Loans from Standard Chartered offer you some of the most competitive interest rates available in the market. Depending on your job criteria our interest rate varies from 13% to 15%. Processing Fee: % or BDT1,000/- whichever is higher. Preferential facilities for CEP customers: ?Minimum income is required BDT 10,000 ?Maximum loan amount 10 to 15 times of net monthly salary ? Flexible loan tenor ranging from 12 to 60 months depending on loan amount ? Quicker turnaround time (three working days) ?Preferential interest rates varied from 12% to 15% per annum ? No guarantee or cash security required ?Preferential processing fees ?1-hour loan approval on principal ?No loan repayment up to 2 months of availing the loan (on request) ? Auto debit facility from salary account ?No additional interest related charges for early settlement of the loan Flexi Loan – Tailored

Flexi Loan from Standard Chartered is a loan facility that has been custom designed to fit your needs. Highest Loan amount is BDT 1200K depending on income assessment. Flexi Repayment: Loan amount: 100K – 499K Max Tenor Allowed: max 36 Months Loan amount: 500K- 999K Max Tenor Allowed: max 48 Months Loan amount: 1000K- 1200K Max Tenor Allowed: max 60 Months Flexi Security: Flexi Loan offers you the option of choosing the amount of security that you wish to provide to the bank as collateral for your loan. The security amount may range from 30% to 100% of the amount. Flexi Cost: Flexi loans offer you some of the most competitive and flexible interest rates available in the market. 13% per annum when 100% or more secured by readily encashable securities acceptable to the bank. •14% per annum when 50% to 99% secured by readily encashable securities acceptable to the bank. •15% per annum when 30% to 49% secured by readily encashable securities acceptable to the bank. Processing Fee: 1% or BDT1000 whichever is higher. A very Flexible Loan: Purpose: House renovation, furniture or other household items for personal/family use, electrical and electronics including computer and accessories for personal use, marriage for primary family members, office renovation, medical treatment, higher education and purchase of office equipment/ accessories and travel abroad. Auto Loan:

With Standard Chartered Auto Loan, it is easier than ever to buy the car of your dream. It offers you a flexible and affordable loan with easy repayment options, all wrapped in a very convenient package. We finance a maximum of 75% of the car value. The loan amount may range from BDT 200,000 to BDT 5,000,000 for new / reconditioned cars and from 200,000 to BDT 1,000,000 for used cars. Exclusive features of Standard Chartered Auto Loan for CEP customers: ? Minimum monthly income: BDT 25,000 ?Loan amount up to 80%-90% of car value for service holders ? Interest Rate @12% P. A. (1% less from regular customers) ? Maximum Tenor 72 months for new car and 60 months for reconditioned car ? Repayment by Equal Monthly Installments Loan Processing Fee: 50% fee discounted for CEP customers ? No personal or corporate guarantee customers required ?Used car (maximum 8 years from manufacturing date) can also be purchased. Easy conditions to realize your dream car: •Salaried Executives / Self-employed Individuals •Minimum Age: 23 years (for salaried executives) and 25 years (for self-employed individuals) •Maximum Age: 65 years •Work Experience: Minimum 1-year service experience for salaried executives & 3 years for self-employed individuals. •Nationality: Bangladeshi •Minimum net income: BDT 25,000 for both salaried individuals and self employed persons per month. Wide range vehicle types and brands to choose from: New Vehicle: Car, Station Wagon, Jeep, 4-Wheeler Jeep, Microbus (Pick up or any vehicle for commercial use is not included in this scheme) Selected Brands for new vehicles: BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Maruti, Hyundai, Opel, Rover, Fiat, Tata, Daihatsu, Daewoo, Mahindra •Reconditioned Vehicle: Car, Station Wagon, Jeep, 4 Wheeler Jeep, Microbus (Pick up or any vehicle for commercial use is not included in this scheme) Selected Brands for reconditioned vehicles: Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi •Used Vehicle: Car, Station Wagon, Jeep, 4 Wheeler Jeep, Microbus Selected Brand for used vehicles: Toyota only Vehicle Age specifications: New Vehicle: Never used and ready for first time registration •Reconditioned Vehicle: Ready for first time registration and maximum age of the vehicle at the end of the loan must not be more than 10 years. •Used Vehicle: Ready for second time registration and maximum age of the vehicle at the end of the loan must not be more than 10 years. Tailored Repayment Period: Auto Loan from Standard Chartered has been custom designed, which lets you drive your dream car while providing you the convenience of repaying. Maximum Repayment period Brand New cars: 60 months Reconditioned cars: 60 months for Toyota, 48 months for others Used cars: 36 months Competitive Cost:

We offer you one of the most competitive rates in the market. Our interest rate is only 13% per annum. However, you can enjoy lower interest rate if you prefer to deposit some security. Processing Fee: For loan amount from BDT 200,000 to BDT 399,000: BDT 5,000. For loan amount from BDT 400,000 to BDT 999,000: BDT 7,500. For loan amount 1,000,000 and more: 1% of loan amount. Mortgage – the Home Loan Standard Chartered Mortgage Home Loan? To realize your dream home •Loan amount includes registration cost •No cash security •No personal guarantee from third party •Interest calculated on Monthly Reducing Balance Everyone dreams of a sweet home. And this dream comes true with a little effort.

Standard Chartered is ready to help you in this effort so that your dream comes true. Be it your first home or renovating/refinancing your existing one, or a second one, you can avail our Mortgage Home Loan ? the best home loan in town. Standard Chartered Mortgage offers you •Simple & easy documentation •Refinancing •Financing includes registration cost •Loan approval within the shortest possible time •Flexible loan amount that includes registration cost •Interest calculated on a monthly reducing balance, saving your hard-earned money from unnecessary interest expenses •No personal guarantee from third party •No additional cash security •Partial or full prepayment options Competitive interest rate with no hidden cost Flexible Loan Amount Maximum Loan: BDT 7,500,000 Maximum 70% of the property value (including registration cost) Minimum Loan: BDT 1,000,000 Easy Terms and Repayment Option •Maximum loan term up to 15 years •Repayment: Loan will be repaid by equal monthly installment (EMI) and the installment is calculated on monthly reducing method with no additional hidden interest or charges •Convenient Security •Registered mortgage of the property or any other equivalent property in favor of Standard Chartered Bank. Accessible At Standard Chartered, we believe in delivering our services to customers? Doorsteps.

Simply call our 24-hour Call Centre and our highly-trained representatives will visit you at your convenience. In many of the markets where we operate, especially in our key markets of Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, we are reported to be the market leader for mortgages. Our experienced and dedicated teams will guide you in every single step to enable you a smooth and hassle-free experience, offering you rates and repayment packages most suitable to you. Start by trying our “instant approval” service. For CEP customers are offering a competitive interest rate of 13% p. a. (0. 5% less from regular customers) Flexible loan portion ?Maximum Loan: BDT 7,500,000 or maximum 70% of the property value (including registration cost) ?

Minimum Loan: BDT 1,000,000 ?Maximum loan term up to 15 years ?Bank helps in registration process ?Bank can guide customers finding a suitable apartment from reputed developers ? Registered mortgage of the property or any other equivalent property in favor of Standard Chartered Bank Processing fees: ?Loan processing fees: 0. 25% of loan amount ?Documentation fees: 0. 5% of loan amount (50% fees discounted for CEP customers) CARDS: Standard Chartered Credit Card Product Range: Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) issues both VISA and MasterCard Credit Cards, the two renowned Credit Card brands. Our product range includes: Local Card •Visa Silver Credit Card •Visa Mini Card MasterCard Silver Credit Card •MasterCard Gold Credit Card •MasterCard Platinum Credit Card •Cricket Card (MasterCard Silver Credit Card) & •Caste Card Cold Credit Card Standard Chartered is also offering following international Credit Cards: ? VISA Gold Credit Card ?VISA Classic Credit Card ?Visa Silver Credit Card Key advantages of Standard Chartered Credit Cards: ?Meeting emergency needs without worrying about cash ?Interest free credit period up to 45 days ?Security of not carrying cash ?Wide acceptance at more then 4000 outlets across the country ? Easy credit-convenience to pay as little as 5% of outstanding on the card account every month ?

Instant Cash Advances-access to cash up to 52% of the credit limit through ATMs or from branches ? Air accident insurance ?Safety Net-Insurance facility ?0% interest facility on InstaBuys Schemes ?Supplementary Card ?Rewards Scheme to earn attractive gifts ?Card Cheque Unique Features of Standard Chartered Credit Card InstaBuys – Installment Loan Facility This exclusive feature allows the cardholders to convert any purchase over 5000/- into an installment loan at a flat interest rate of 16. 95% and repay in 6. 12. 18. 24. or 36 monthly installments as chosen by the cardholder. Special promotions are run with specific merchants where customers can avail InstaBuys facility at 0% interest. Rewards Programme

Under this plan, SCB Taka cardholders can accumulate treasure points for their purchases and redeem the points for a wide variety of gifts offered by Standard Chartered Bank. For every Tk. 50 spend on the card, cardholders earn 1 treasure point. Card Cheque SCB Taka credit cardholders can avail a cheque book against their credit card and use the Card Cheque for payment to any person or establishment. Card cheque is especially useful where credit card acceptance facility is not available (e. g. house rent, school fees etc. ) Free All Accident Insurance coverage SCB Taka (both primary & supplementary) Credit Cardholders are automatically enrolled into All Accident Insurance Coverage free of any charge. Auto Bills Pay facility

This exclusive feature allows Credit Cardholders to pay their monthly mobile phone bills (Aktel, City Cell, GP & Sheba), Internet Bills (Agni, BOL & Accestel), Cable TV Bill (Prisma Digital) and electricity bills (DESA) through a standing instruction on their credit card. Safety Net Insurance Scheme Under this insurance scheme, the bank waives the total outstanding balance on the card in case of Death or ‘Total Permanent Disability (PTD) of the primary cardholder. Cardholders are automatically enrolled into the program and are charged a nominal fee of 0. 35% on their monthly balance. SMS Banking Facility This feature provides cardholders an easy 24-hour direct access to their Credit Card balance information on their GP or City Cell mobile. Cardholders availing this service will also receive a monthly mini-statement through SMS, absolutely free. E-Statements

This is a secure and prompt way to receive Credit Card’s monthly statement at e-mail address instead of receiving a paper statement. Cardholders can choose a maximum of 3 e-mail addresses for receiving their statements. In case of delivery failure (for any reason), a paper statement will be sent to the cardholder’s mailing address. Money link Card Standard Chartered Bank launched Money link ATM in 1994, the first bank to offer this service in Bangladesh. Money link ATM service is free of charge, offering the following features: •Cash Withdrawal & deposit •Cheque deposit •Cheque book request •Change of PIN •Printing of mini-statement •Payment of utility bills. SOME EXTRAS:

At Standard Chartered, always work hard to manage financial needs. To address requirements further, have many more products and services to offer, that includes: ? STD Account ?RFCD Account ?Millionaire Scheme ?Insurance Covered Monthly Saving Schemes ?Education Savings Scheme ?Marriage Savings Scheme ?Rainy Day Savings Scheme ?Flexi Loan STD Account Standard Chartered Short Term Deposits or call account offers the convenient way to save, as well as enjoying easy access to money ? Interest on daily basis ?Minimum balance to earn interest on STD Account is BDT 250,000 ? Interest rate up to 3. 75% p. a. ?Any branch banking and ATM/Debit Card facility ?Standing order instructions Instant fund transfers between Standard Chartered branches in Bangladesh Earn Interest on Daily Basis Standard Chartered Call account enables you to earn profit on your daily balances, which is paid to your account on a half-yearly basis at existing rate of interest. Affordable Minimum Balance The minimum opening balance and to earn interest on STD account is only BDT 250,000. Reliability Standard Chartered gives you the peace of mind that comes with banking with one of the world’s largest and most experienced banks in the world. Resident Foreign Currency Deposit (RFCD) Resident Foreign Currency Deposit Account is allowed for Bangladeshi residence only.

RFCD Account offers you the convenience and flexibility of managing your foreign currency related issues to some extent: •Interest bearing foreign currency account •Multi-currency deposit facility: USD, EUR, GBP •International Credit Card issuance facility against RFCD account Documents you need to open an RFCD Account with us: •Passport within return of 30 days from aboard •TIN certificate •FMJ declaration form (for a deposit of above USD 5,000) Non-Resident Foreign Currency Deposit A short-term foreign currency deposit account suitable for Bangladeshis living abroad, offering competitive interest rates available in both local and international markets. Features include: Interest paid in foreign currency •Can be opened for a term of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months •Interest rates are tiered (based on amount and term) •Interest payable on maturity •Automatically renewable (with or without interest) •Can be used as security against personal/ commercial loan •Remittance in both local and foreign currency to any place in and out of the country Insurance coverage facility: Insurance coverage facility is an added feature of education saving scheme, Rainy day saving scheme and marriage saving scheme. Under this facility nominees will receive the maturity amount in case of untimely death of scheme owner.

The facility is available in any of the above mentioned three schemes for 3 years, 5 years and 10 years. All of these savings schemes are for fixed term and sold in units. To buy one unit of any of these schemes need to deposit BDT 10,000 at the beginning and monthly deposit of BDT 1,000 till the maturity of the scheme. Sure return! Insurance Facility of our Savings Scheme offers sure return to your children or anyone selected by you as the nominee in case of your unfortunate death before the maturity of the scheme. Your nominee will receive the total amount (equal to the proposed Maturity Value for any particular scheme) no matter how much you have paid. •Minimum account opening balance BDT 10,000 •No Average Balance and Relationship Fees Maximum ATM withdrawal limit BDT 5,000 per day No cheque book? Transactions are done electronically Foreign Currency Current Account Applicable to Bangladeshis working abroad, it can be opened in USD, GBP and Yen without restriction on transaction frequency. Can be operated through nominees in absence of the accountholder. Fund remains in foreign currency and is freely remittable. SME Banking Our Business Financial Services (BFS) is now SME Banking. SME Banking supports the banking needs of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This is a one-stop solution for all sorts of banking requirements. SME Banking offers the following products: •Business Loan Overdraft facility •Trade Finance & Working Capital Overdraft Facility Overdraft facility can be offered up to 95% of the fixed deposit maintained with Standard Chartered Bank. Interest rate on overdraft would be within the range from 10% – 13% p. a. Business Loan Business Loan (partially secured) is for asset financing such as Machinery, vehicles, long-term working capital needs. Features of Business Installment Loan: •Maximum & minimum loan amount is BDT 1. 2 M and BDT 5M respectively. •Maximum Tenor: 5 Years •Interest rate: Loan Amount TenorInterest Rate BDT 1. 2M to 2M 36 Months14. 00% P. A. BDT 2M to 5M 60 Months15. 00% P. A. •Requirements: years of operational experience in business (Evidence through Trade License, Certificate of Incorporation) Trade Finance & Working Capital It is our continuous endeavors to promote & support SME business, Standard Chartered Bank, Bangladesh is now offering full range of product suits through introduction of Trade Finance & Working capital to SME Customers. A complete business solution for SMEs. Under this program, SME owners having 3 years of business establishment or more, and cash profits in 2 out of last 3 years can apply. The product ranges are: Briefly, the non-funded facilities will include: •Letters of credit? Sight & Usance •Guarantees ? performance, advance payments, financial and shipping •Forex forward Funded facilities will include: Loans (including Import loans & Loans against Trust Receipts) •Overdrafts (including revolving credits and short term advances) •Purchase / discount / negotiation of inward and outward bills •Pre shipment financing Other trade products that include: •Confirmed export LC •Transferable LC •Discounting of bank accepted bills (Both Local & foreign) •LC Advising and amendments Managing Your Needs: Standard Chartered offers premium retail banking services to individual customers with a large variety of deposit and loan products. Our Consumer Banking business continuously meets the challenges of developing new products and services to match the specific requirements of customers. At Standard Chartered, we believe your convenience is our priority.

Offer you a greater banking convenience; we have many modern banking facilities that include: ? Evening Banking ?24-hours ATM services ?Debit Card ?24-hour call center ?Phone Banking Services ?Internet Banking ?E-Statements ?SMS Banking ?Auto Bills Pay ?24-hours Bills pay center iBanking Standard Chartered’s Internet Banking service is the fast and easy answer to all your financial management needs, allowing you to bank from wherever you are, whenever you desire, in total security and confidentiality. SMS Banking and e-Statements Through our SMS banking and e-statement facility, you have privilege to access your account from any place, anytime. 24-hour Banking convenience

With our large ATM network including non-branch ATM across the country you have the privilege of round the clock deposit, withdrawal and other account services at your convenience. You will feel secure, as you don’t have to retain your cash any longer than you want. Debit Card You can now avail the convenience of VISA Debit Card. It is the easiest and the most secured way of utilizing your money for retail purchases as well as paying the utility bills. Paying your Bills is as easy as pressing a button Our auto bills pay service or round the clock open bills pay centre offer you the ease of utility bill payment at your convenience. (Currently for selected service providers) Reliability

Standard Chartered gives you the peace of mind that comes with banking with one of the world’s largest and most experienced banks in the world. Earn attractive Interest Watch your money grow with competitive interest rates that give you regular returns. Interest is paid on the minimum balance of a particular month and applied to the account on half yearly basis. To get interest, all you have to do is to: •Maintain a minimum balance of BDT 1 lack above at all times during a month. •Can not withdraw through any one debit of more than BDT 25,000 or 10% of available balance, whichever is lower in a particular month. •Number of debits permissible in a week must not exceed two transactions. Any Branch Banking

With our large ATM network including non-branch ATM across the country you have the privilege of round the clock deposit, withdrawal and other account services at your convenience. You will feel secure, as you don’t have to retain your cash any longer than you want. Any branch banking gives you the privilege to operate from any of our branches in Bangladesh. All our 18 branches are conveniently located across important cities throughout the country. State-of-the-art 24-Hour Call Centre Just connect to our 24-Hour Call Centre and satisfy your banking needs anytime of a day – a real convenience at your fingertips. Check your account balance or inquire about your last transactions, transfer funds, pay your utility bills or even talk to one of our agents for any query that you might have.

Our agents are available round the clock on 365 days to offer assistance for you. Additional benefits: •Evening Banking with withdrawals as well as deposits and extended banking hours (6 p. m. to 8 p. m. ) facility at selected branches (Gulshan, Dhanmondi? Rd. 2 & 5, Uttara) in Dhaka and (Nasirabad) in Chittagong. •Standing order instruction •Transfer funds between Standard Chartered branches in Bangladesh instantaneously. •Locker services (Subject to availability) SERVICES: Our Approach – Governance The governance structure we have set up for Sustainability provides strategic direction for the Bank and ensures we continue to make progress with our approach to sustainable development.

The Corporate Responsibility and Community Committee sit at the top of this structure alongside the Remuneration, Audit and Risk, and Nomination Committees of our Board. It is supported by a Group Sustai