Whenever I think about my purpose of life for researching my willingness in athletics or game so my head mingles with a batch of options. My pick swings between two games Football and Cricket. Therefore I workout on my pick profoundly and concluded that I truly want to see myself as a cricketer. I found that Cricket is the most favorite one for me. The great Bangladeshi Cricket player’s life manner already stating the narrative of large success and demoing the tallness of human stature in the universe society of celebrity. They have become the most wanted entertainer for non merely in Bangladesh but in other states besides. In BPL ( Bangladesh Premier League ) Australian and Bangladeshi participants have shown highest fan following in cricket loving states.

The participants of other states like Pakistan. India. England and Srilanka have besides exhibited their possible in BPL Cricket. BPL being the biggest platform and participant vacancy range supplier for Bangladesh childs ; intensified the competition degree of the game. The occasion of cricket and Dhaliwood. Bollywood stars engagement tapped the immense audience and hence provided the quality platform for legion quality patrons. All these moneymaking parametric quantities damningly forced me to take this bearer.

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If anyone ask ten Bangladeshi kids about their favourite game. they confidently reply with sounding words “Cricket” . Particularly in Bangladesh it has gained enormous popularity. Internationally it has tapped larger audience. It is because of these grounds ; bigger branded company shows high involvement to advance this game. I am non untasted with the extremely rewarding side and quickly increased celebrity of the Cricket.

When I was immature. so I used to play cricket in the street. I have broken many window spectacless of our neighbours. Because of me. my male parent had to digest many ailments against me. But I couldn’t do anything to aline my wont as per others limitation and subject. I couldn’t compromise it. Because of this ground my male parent had brought another Television for me. Many said that it is a really expensive game. But at that clip I ne’er get impacted by these words.