Thank you for conveying in your Mercedes-Benz C300. We greatly appreciate that you chose us to be given to your vehicle concerns and we to the full agree with you that vehicles of this criterion should non be sing jobs two old ages after the original purchase. In this respect Nelson Automotive Limited provide our clients with first-class after service for their pre-owned luxury vehicles and offer one twelvemonth guarantee on all vehicle parts.

The replacing of vehicle parts for your four twelvemonth old 2010 theoretical account would get down after a period of five old ages under normal fortunes. However. upon review our applied scientists discovered that the recommended brake fluid as stated in your vehicle manual was non used and as such shortened the life span of the portion which resulted in brake malfunction. Although your vehicle is past the one twelvemonth guarantee. we can and will assist you reconstruct your car to its original on the job status. Our company is certified to carry on fixs on your vehicle and our sanctioned mechanical applied scientists can beginning the needed portion in about three hebdomads.

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The cost of the portion and installing is three 1000 dollars ( $ 3. 000. 00 ) . The original portion will be sourced from its maker abroad to guarantee the safety and efficient operation of your vehicle and our company is dedicated to pay all transportation costs and offer a guarantee for a period of 30 yearss on fixs done. We besides invite you to see our salesroom at the terminal of the twelvemonth for our twelvemonth terminal upgrade sale. where you can see and merchandise in for a more recent Mercedes Benz theoretical account at the best industry monetary value. /…2

We will maintain in touch and will update you on the advancement of your vehicle fixs. For farther enquiries. delight contact Ms. Alice George. our client service representative of the Repairs Department at 662-2369.