cAxia College Material Appendix B Use the matrix to complete the information. Write 3-4 sentences for each item. • What are some audience characteristics you need to consider? • What communication channels would be appropriate and why? • What would you do to ensure your message is effective? • What are some considerations you must keep in mind given the diversity of the audience? Audience-Focused Communication | |Audience |Audience Characteristics |Channels of Communication |Strategies to Ensure Effective |Audience Diversity Considerations | | | | |Messages | | |Managers |The managers hold all the knowledge |All meetings are in person, so there is |The meeting will not take up much time|While speaking to the audience it is a must | | |about the profession. The managers |oral communication. Not only is their oral|it will only be about an hour.

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The |that I realize that each person will carry | | |have the ability to prevent information|communication their will be written |information provided will be for the |with the different parts of the meetings | | |from being relayed. The managers also |communication that will be provided, |managers to make decisions. Graphs, |specifically when it comes to their roles at| | |will monitor how the information they |because handouts will be given out. |charts will be utilized to present |the company. When dealing with an audience | | |relay is being sent out. |sales information |you can be dealing with different | | | | | |backgrounds and different educational | | | | | |backgrounds. So the meeting and terms used | | | | | |should be kept simple and understandable. | | | | |So no one will forget anything everyone will| | | | | |be given information to take with them | |Salespeople |The salesperson is the target audience,|All meetings are in person, so there is |The meeting will not take up much time| | | |they will sail the information. It is |oral communication. Not only is their oral|it will only be about an hour. The | | | |very important for the sales persons to|communication their will be written |sales information provided will answer| | | |receive the information so that sales |communication that will be provided, |important questions for sales people. | | |can be made. The sales person goes out |because handouts will be given out. |Graphs, charts will be utilized to | | | |and brings money into the company. | |present sales information | | |Customers |The customer holds the ability to build|The type of communication will come orally |The commercials to promote the | | | |the company.

The customer can either |and visually. The oral communication comes|products to the customers will not | | | |put out good information about the |by promoting information to the customers. |last long. The commercial will show | | | |company or bad information. |The visual communication comes by showing |how the products work. It will also | | | | |the customers the products |show the benefits of the products. | |All |Each characteristic of each group is |Having the right communication or wrong |In each area the way the information | | | |very important and key to any company. |communication can make or break a company. |is presented and how long important. | | | |Each group would have to do their job |Oral and written and face to face |Having the right strategy and giving | | | |to build successful business. |communication is very important. |the right information is important. | |