Delegating Evaluation and Management ( E/M ) Codes

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1. Initial audience for a 78-year-old adult female with unexplained weight loss. abdominal hurting. and rectal hemorrhage. Comprehensive history and scrutiny performed.


This history and scrutiny were comprehensive and dealt with several organic structure systems. so 99205 is the better E/M codification to utilize. 2. 30-year-old patient nowadayss kicking of flu-like symptoms characterized by unremitting cough. fistula hurting. and thick nasal discharge. Examination reveals bronchitis and sinus infection. Patient is prescribed a five-day class of Zithromax.


The instance does non separate whether the patient was a new or an established patient. Without this cognition. I would utilize the codification 99202. 3. Established patient on Lithium nowadayss for everyday blood work to supervise curative degrees and kidney map. Nurse reviews the consequences and advises the patient that trials are normal and no alteration in dose is indicated.


This patient is an bing patient with an established history. so 99211 is the proper E/M codification to utilize. 4. 62-year-old diabetic female nowadayss for check-up and dressing alteration of lesion on left pes. Examination reveals that the lesion is mending. Nurse applied new dressing and patient will return for check-up in one hebdomad.


I have selected 99212 because the patient has diabetes and is at that place for a everyday check-up and dressing alteration. Because the lesion is mending and the patient will return for another check-up. 99212 is the best/M codification.

5. A female parent brings in her six-month-old male kid for everyday health cheque. Examination reveals the kid to be in good wellness and doing equal advancement.


This is a everyday health cheque. which is an extended visit to guarantee the babe is making good and continues developing on agenda.