Meaning “formative feedback that is done merely to happen out what and how good people are larning what we teach. without any purpose to give a class. ” Classroom Assessment Classroom Assessment Techniques ( CATs ) In-class. anon. . short. nongraded exercisings that provide feedback for both instructor and scholar about the teaching/learning procedure Advantages of utilizing CAT 1. Deriving insight into students/clients larning while there is still clip to do alterations 2. Showing to scholars that the instructor truly cares if they are wining 3. Constructing resonance with scholars 4. Spending merely short sums of clip to derive valuable information 5.

Using flexibleness of CATs to accommodate to the demands of the single 6. Helping scholars to supervise their ain acquisition 7. Deriving insight into your ain instruction. One-Minute Paper * Most common. used in the last 2-3min of category * Ask: 1 ) What was the most of import thing you learned today? 2 ) What of import point remains ill-defined to you? * Many fluctuations. Ex-husband: * How did the engineering better your apprehension of the subject. or how did it confound you? Muddiest Point * First used Mosteller ( 1989 ) at Harvard University * Ask: 1 ) What was the muddiest point in today’s category? * There’s normally non more than 2-3

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* This CAT is particularly utile for introductory-level class or for new content Directed Paraphrasing * Requires scholars to set into their ain words something they have merely learned. * Can be used in schoolroom. out-of category or with patient learning * Especially of import for nursing Have to interpret medical information into layman’s footings Translation for a specific group ( Ex: Person with a low literacy or to a six twelvemonth old kid ) Application Cards * After holding taught an indispensable rule. theory or organic structure of information. Ask: “Write on an index card at least one possible application of the content.

” * Responses can be shared * Helps use theoretical affair and see immediate relevancy of stuff being taught. Background Knowledge Probe * Used to happen out what learners already cognize * Ungraded pre-test * Emphasize: This is non an effort to abash anyone. but a utile tool for directing the remainder of your instruction. Misconception/Preconception Check * People come to a subject with wrong prepossession or misconception that could impede larning * Best to get down by what you’ve heard and so inquiring a few inquiry. Afterwards. portion and discuss.

Self-Confidence Surveys * Allows reader to show their possible deficiency of assurance in larning certain content or skill * Ask: How confident do you experience in… ( reply picks can be: really confident. slightly confident. non really confident. and non confident at all ) Additional Classroom Assessment Techniques * Empty Outlines Fill in lineation. Helps scholars recall the chief points of the category * One Sentence Summary Ask: Who does what to whom. when. where. how. and why? It assesses cognition and ability to sum up cardinal points * Student- Generated Test Questions.

Have scholars write ( at place ) and answer trial inquiries to inquire the category. Gives insight into what the pupil thinks is of import. their cognition and what they consider just inquiries. * Group Work Evaluation Questionnaire to obtain students’ reactions to group work. Helps pupils & A ; teacher place early jobs in the group procedure and program intercessions * Assignment Appraisals After assignment completion. ask scholars to measure the value. and booby traps of the assignments. and how they can be improved as learning devices. * How am I making?

Early on in class. inquire scholars how good you are learning and run intoing their demands. Same inquiry can be used at the terminal of the class. but making so earlier gives you clip to do alterations. Keep in Mind when utilizing CAT 1. If a published Cat doesn’t entreaty to you or suit with your manner. don’t usage it. 2. Don’t make the usage of CATs a load. Use them merely when they can heighten the acquisition procedure. 3. Don’t use a CAT in category until you have tried it on yourself 4. Let a little more clip than you really think you will necessitate to administrate a CAT. 5. Be certain to give scholar feedback on the Cat consequences.