For much of the about 2,500 old ages since Plato wrote that “ any metropolis nevertheless little, is in fact divided into two, one the metropolis of the hapless, the other of the rich, ” urban bookmans have been struck by the singular sum of income inequality within heavy metropoliss ( Wheeler, 2005 ) . The unequal distributions of power along cultural and socioeconomic lines have a immense impact on the authorities ‘s ability of metropoliss to regulate and put policy. The inequality starts with the spread between the rich and the hapless. The economic divisions between the rich and the hapless, act uponing each group over the policy procedure, which impacts the policy picks those metropoliss make. To stop these divisions the authorities has come up policies that attempt to cut down poorness, the spread between the rich and hapless and offense rate.

When we look at it closely, the authorities policy itself is the cause of the unequal distribution of power along cultural and socioeconomic lines and doing for it to be even more hard to regulate the metropolis, particularly big metropoliss and the policies for the people to follow. When there is a monolithic inequality among the civil society, it makes it difficult for the authorities to regulate ; because people are unhappy with the manner the authorities is puting their policies, doing it hard for citizens to populate a nice equal quality of life. Every metropoliss authorities ‘s policies are set otherwise, some metropoliss authorities functionary policies are set to administer the power among cultural and socioeconomic in a manner that both the people are treated every bit where the authorities has the ability to regulate the metropolis consequently.

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What ‘s of import is that topographic point affairs in the quality and equality of people ‘s lives and where they reside ; the different conditions, entree to chances and disparate degree of political influence affects the people ‘s lives in a certain country of interior metropolis. The unequal distribution of power in some metropoliss is ensuing in economic segregation coercing people of different income categories to travel off from each other non in how much income they have, but where they live. Money and wealth peers power, giving us the position and ability to be treated every bit, where if we are a low in-between category citizen we do n’t acquire the same intervention.

The spread between the rich and hapless enables the rich to rule the hapless. This type of category statute law below the belt prefering the rich, such as unjust rate revenue enhancements, more terrible prison sentence for “ street ” offense compared with white-collar offense, weak workplace safety Torahs, and many others. This type of inequality raises the jeer of the democratic rules of one individual one ballot. If the spread between the rich and the hapless continues to widen, it would be impossible to salvage our political system from the perverting effects of concentrated wealth. The continuation of the spread will take people to migration, where some metropoliss will be empty without any citizens to be governed. The authorities policies are ever good to elites coercing people to travel to different provinces or different parts of the metropolis in order to happen a good quality of life and be treated every bit as everyone else ; the rich.

The policies that the authorities has in topographic point to turn to income inequality and assist hapless families are progressive income revenue enhancement, public aid, economic development plans, and pull offing the economic system, but these are all ensuing in profiting one group at the disbursal of another. A progressive income revenue enhancement revenue enhancements the higher incomes at higher rates ; wealthier people paying more in revenue enhancements even though they have larger portion of income. In 2001, the U.S. federal revenue enhancement rates started at 15 per centum traveling up to 39 per centum. All U.S. citizens receive the same basic federal services in footings of defence, nutrient, and drug ordinance. But in order for this plan to be effectual the wealthier citizens pay more for these services. Public aid plan helped with the federal unemployment insurance, Medicare, and federal public assistance plans ; nutrient casts, lodging, and societal security ; supplying fiscal aid to 1000000s of retired persons and people unable to work. The federal authorities is assisting finance the minority, turn toing the instabilities created by occupation favoritism in the yesteryear, promoting little concerns to use for the authorities contracts.

Taking everything into consideration one of the large focal points of the authorities constabularies are the efforts to cut down offense. Crime is increasing mundane and in order to diminish the figure of offenses, we need to guarantee the poorness life and assisting everybody lift their cognition. Therefore the two chief grounds for the high offense rates is the deficiency of instruction particularly amongst Hispanic and African Americans life in a certain country and the deficiency of poorness in life. To cut down these offenses authorities demands take certain actions in order for offense to worsen.

The authorities is implementing funding plans such as rehabilitation for captives that will be released, and more constabularies on the streets. An uneducated individual populating in the ghetto parts of the interior metropolis is likely to perpetrate a offense than person that is educated with some kind of a grade. The no kid left behind act is based on the belief that puting high criterions and set uping mensurable ends can better single results in instruction, hence bettering the quality of their life. Sing this act authorities should coerce the uneducated with any ethnicity to be enrolled in school and at least have a high school grade. Having a high school sheepskin is better than any instruction to acquire a nice occupation alternatively of life in the ghetto countries of the metropoliss.

Harmonizing to a kid protection foundation, 71 per centum of 4th graders are non at the instruction degree they ought to be. College tuition has grown faster than the addition of in-between category households ‘ income. The dropout rate among college pupils has risen to 37 per centum. Statisticss from the US Census Bureau show that the income of in-between category households increased merely 10 per centum from 1989 to 1999, while the college tuition increased 51 per centum during the same period. Since the tuition rates are traveling so high, go forthing the pupils hopeless and non encouraged to even calibrated high school, because they know they ca n’t afford to travel to college being from a in-between category household. The consequence of more dropout college pupils leads to offense. The younger coevals that does n’t hold anything positive to look frontward into doing a nice life for themselves, the lone manner they can gain that money to do a life is to look into offenses, such drug trafficking, larceny and much more. Although, the authorities is supplying fiscal assistance for the low income people, that seems to be non plenty.

The authorities is supplying many plans to make full in the spread between the rich and hapless and acquire rid of the unequal distribution of power along cultural and socioeconomic lines, yet it seems to be non plenty, due to the addition rate of poorness in the metropoliss and doing it hard for the authorities to put their policies. No affair how hard the authorities attempts to convey equality among the hapless and the rich, one group seems to profit more over another.

As president Roosevelt said “ There is nil cryptic about the foundation of a healthy and strong democracy. The basic things expected by our people of their political system are simple. They are: quality of chance ; occupations for all those who can work ; security for those who need it ; the stoping of particular privilege for the few. ” Roosevelt and many other presidents ‘ have spoken out against the caustic consequence of economic system inequality on democracy. His quotation mark is fundamentally what every citizen of a democratic state wants from the authorities. Every citizen wants to be treated just. Not everyone is born rich or meant to be rich, poorness and hapless people exists since ages. If the authorities tries to assist the hapless and destitute people so we would be a better, wealthier and strong democratic state as intended. However, the spread between the rich and hapless is non of import, but alternatively we need to concentrate on whether the hapless are materially better than they used to be. But the job is that they really live in a society where about everybody makes more than they do, and this makes a large difference. If they were populating at a 3rd universe state they would be considered good off.

In decision, no affair how hard the authorities tries to supply support plans to make full in the spread between the rich and the hapless, there is ever traveling to be a spread, either due to income degree or deficiency of instruction. In some metropoliss the authoritiess constabularies are the straight or indirectly the causation job of the spread between the rich and the hapless but the people are the 1s that make the pick. It is the populace ‘s pick ; we choose to populate where we want to. Because people tend to happen a comfort zone, therefore makes it difficult for them to travel to a new country. They have the pick to travel from the needy cultural countries to a metropolis where the authorities policies are good to their demands whether their rich or hapless.