Throughout the fresh Outsider and Perfume you may hold picked up that Mersault and Grenouille behaved like psychopaths. What drove them to go psychopaths? Was it their background or the society they lived in? Most psychopaths are consecutive slayers. For illustration in the 70 ‘s Ted Bundy the American who committed offenses against adult females even when he was locked up and ne’er showed compunction for these offenses, and Charles Manson from the Manson Family who are one of the most ill-famed n cruel liquidators in American history.

Mersault is the chief character in the foreigner who committed slaying and got sent to gaol. He does n’t hold many friends and he does n’t interacts with others so he can likely be considered a societal monster. The grounds that I think that Mersault is a psychopath is because first he isolated himself from his household members. Mersault sent his ma to some retirement place. In the book it ne’er mentions anything about his pa or brothers or unless he was the lone kid. He does n’t experience remorse at all because in the first paragraph he said ”Maman died today. Or yesterday possibly ” , I do n’t cognize. He does n’t even cognize when his ma died that shows that he truly does n’t care about anyone including his ain household members.

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The writer besides added this to demo his deficiency of compunction and guilt ”does n’t intend anything ” . Albert Camus used this repeatedly throughout the novel. While sing the retirement place where his female parent ‘s organic structure was located he did n’t even desire to see his ain female parent. When they went to look at the casket and the old adult male asks Mersault if he wants to take a expression at his female parent and that ‘s when he said no. It looks like he truly does n’t care about his female parent He did province that he was n’t excessively close to his female parent since they lived far off from each other and he did n’t see her frequently because he was busy with work. “ It occurredA to meA that anyhow one more Sunday was over thatA MamanA was buried now, that I was traveling back to work, and that, truly, nil had changed. ” After the funeral he went back to his usual life like nil had happened and instantly went to the beach with Marie Cardona. If a normal individual ‘s parents died they would of went through a long grieving procedure. I noticed that he ever says that does n’t intend anything. He does n’t even care about the matrimony proposal. This shows that nil has a significance in his life so that ‘s a ground why he killed the Arab in the group. When a normal human being shoots person one time they feel it in their bosom that they merely killed person but Mersault shot 3 more times. During his test he said that he killed the Arab because the sunshine was reflecting on his eyes so he could n’t see what was traveling on. At the beginning of the book foreigner Mersault did n’t care about anything including his life. Before his executing Mersault was believing about his actions.

Grenouille is the chief character in aroma who was an orphan raised by Madame Gaillard. He does n’t hold a aroma but he has the best sense of odor in his town. He does n’t waver to kill adult females and take their odor. He wanted to happen the perfect odor. He thinks by happening the perfect odor he will command the universe. He ‘s non merely unusual but besides a psychopath due to his behaviours. He did n’t experience any compunction after killing the misss. He does n’t make anything to lend to the universe. He had power to pull strings others. This is a trait sociopaths carry. He manipulated Baldini so he can remain and work with him. He besides manipulated the populace and the authorities to excuse his offenses and Laure ‘s male parent pardoned him even after he killed his girl by utilizing the aroma he had created. He ‘s ever looking for the aroma of immature adult females. He besides did n’t hold a societal life if person saw him they would believe he was a societal monster like Mersault. At the terminal he was accepted by everyone including the priest. After killing all those adult females he did n’t experience remorse he merely wanted to kill more misss so he can obtain his perfect odor. After he stayed with Madame Galliard she gets killed by criminals, Baldini ‘s house crumbles down on him and all his aroma went to blow, Druot gets hanged for Grenouille ‘s offense.

This shows he does n’t care about anyone he ‘s selfish because everyplace he stayed person would decease and he would ne’er hold understanding to travel and mourn or apologise for the loss. He isolated himself from everything when he went to travel unrecorded in the cave. He merely learnt that he did n’t hold a sense of odor while he was in the cave for a twosome of old ages. All the misss that Grenouille killed were virgins and he made a aroma that made the crowd have a monolithic binge. We can infer from this that he has high sexual desires. At the terminal he put on a aroma that made people eat him alive. Since Grenouille does n’t hold a organic structure olfactory property, no 1 knows who he truly is. No organic structure odor means identityless. Our organic structure olfactory property is an grounds of our individuality. The intent of aroma is to let the user to be a wholly different individual. So I think that Grenouille is decidedly a psychopath.

These two characters are psychopaths due to their isolation of the societal universe and the barbarous offenses they have committed. The ground they are psychopaths are because they did n’t hold anyone to steer them, attention for them or even love them. There are two things that make people psychopaths. If some people grew up around psychopaths they might besides go psychopaths. This is an illustration of how one ‘s background can do them a psychopath.

In Grenouille and Mersault ‘s instance it ‘s the society that ‘s playing a cardinal function in doing them psychopaths. After Mersault left the orphanhood he was fundamentally stateless. They were both abandoned by the society. Grenouille for illustration was fundamentally unknown. Without an olfactory property you are fundamentally cryptic and unidentified. So since the society did n’t see him as a regular homo being they made him an out caste him. While being abandoned by the society he had no 1 to steer him and to state him the difference from right and incorrect. As they were perpetrating their offenses they did n’t demo any feeling of compunction but after the offenses while they were being judged they felt bad for their actions particularly Mersault. While Mersault was being prosecuted the Judgess largely concentrated on his feeling and attitude towards his female parent ‘s decease.