Are Diet Pills The Answer To Losing Weight? There are a wide variety of diet pills on the market. It’s the knowledge based on the awareness that matters because some can lead to death or long term health problems. With today’s society both men and women are so influenced to be at a perfect weight and if you’re not than you are considered to be overweight. So many people are worried about how they look and if they are skinny enough to blend into society. When women or men think that they cannot succeed at losing weight they often turn to popular diet pills on the market to do the work for them.

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With society all we see is size zero women, with a perfect physique and men with six pack abs everywhere we look, in magazines, on TV and over the internet. The image that top brand diet pills give people is that they can lose the weight without proper diet or exercise. This has been a controversy for many years. According to the Associated Content, during the nineteenth and twentieth century tapeworm was the first so called “diet pill” discovered. A tapeworm stopped the sensation to eat and was extremely helpful with the weight loss process eventually causing abdominal pain, mal- nutrition and eventually death. (Daniel de Borbon, D. 2008). The history of diet pills. Associated Content) This method is still used today by many women around the world desperate to lose weight. After they have reached their weight loss goal, large doses of antibiotics are consumed to rid themselves of the deathly tapeworm. This method of weight loss has been banned from the United States. (Dietsinreview. com. (n. d). Tapeworm Diet) Amphetamines and Ephedra are two well-known supplements on the market that always claim to drop the pounds in just a matter of days but can cause serious health problems or even death. People do not consider the risks they take when consuming diet pills.

With all the brands on the market and with companies claiming that the ingredients are all natural, consumers believe that they are safe to use. The FDA has had reports of many side effects in using Ephedrine based diet pills such as nervousness, heart attacks, hepatitis, stroke, seizures and psychosis. Barbara Michael founded” Halt Ephedrine Abuse Today” after her son died of using Ephedrine based products. Barbra Michaels states “Ephedrine is nothing more than speed, “It is a powerful cardiovascular and central nervous system stimulant and is as rewarding as cocaine. ” (Robyn Melamed, R. (2011).

Health controversy surrounds diet pills. ) Even though all the Ephedrine based diet pills have been banned from the United States the industry is now replacing this popular ingredient with Bitter Orange Extract and Yohimbine HCL also known as Yohimbe. Bitter Orange Extract has been used for aromatherapy, cosmetics, culinary and weight loss purposes. Yohimbe comes from the bark of the evergreen tree and has been used in Chinese medicine for things such as, sexual dysfunction in men and women, athletic performance and weight loss. These two herbs can have the same side effects as the popular Ephedrine product.

Individuals do not have to use supplements to reach their weight loss goals but there are some supplements on the market that can accelerate your exercise program if that’s what one chooses to do but, they will not work unless you put in the effort to make them work. Before a person can incorporate certain supplements in their diet and exercise program it is vital to know how to achieve weight loss naturally. The only problem with supplements on the market to assist in weight loss is once you begin taking these supplement you have to continue taking them to maintain the goal that you have reached. Nelson, D. (2009). Diet and Excercise. ) There are so many things an individual can do to lose weight and be healthy without risking their health and getting sucked into the diet pill trap. The number one thing is nutrition, if people do not have a well-balanced diet with a complete variety of healthy foods than it makes it more difficult for them to lose weight and be healthy. Most people believe that if they do not eat at all or eat one meal a day than they will shed those unwanted pounds faster.

It is actually healthier for our bodies and our metabolism to consume six small meals a day instead of the three traditional meals that we are accustomed too. Some might think that eating that frequently each day will make them gain weight but in fact it keeps our metabolism at its highest. When your body goes too long without food it reverts to eating muscle mass rather than fat and that is why people who starve themselves to lose weight are more likely to gain it back at a faster pace once they cannot sustain starvation.

Although diet is extremely important, exercise is also a key component to a healthy body and mind. There is a misconception with exercise that you have to work out for hours a day to achieve results, which is far from the truth. Even for the most inexperienced person who wants to incorporate an exercise regimen into their life thirty to forty minutes of activity a day will help you in your goals to a healthier you. You will feel energized, confident and healthier without the negative side effects of all these so called “Natural Diet Pills” on the market. So instead of focusing on how fast you can lose weight, focus on being healthy, eating right and do what your body will allow, always remember that each and every one of us are shaped differently. If we allow ourselves to get sucked in to all the fad diet pills then we are doing our bodies more harm than good. So love yourself and you will achieve greater health in mind, body and soul. Motivational speaker Jim Rohn says “Take care of your body; It’s the only place you have to live”.