Appreciative Listening Dominic Busnelli 09/15/11 If I had to pick a band that improves my mood, I would have to choose Sublime. Sublime is an all American Rock band that joined together in 1988. There band consisted in three wonderful musical players that could play what ever music you put in front of them. The band broke up a few years later and then got started back with a few new musicians. I started listening to the band Sublime many years ago when I was in my brother’s car driving to Milwaukee. After listening to them for the ride, I got the CD from my brother.

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The band seemed very mellow and not to fast of a rhythm. I always liked slower bands because I am able to play my drums to there music to get better at beats and rhythm. I like how the songs are also related in several unique ways. When they are singing one song, they are mentioning the meaning of another that connects each song in the album together. I really enjoy listening to this music when I’m energized. I am able to listen to the lyrics and the rhythm to get into a real daydream. When going to bed, I always like listening to music that is quite but upbeat.

When listening, I am able to find the structure of the chorus compared to the verses. I like how every song is differently played. The music they write is from scratch and doesn’t copy any other music. Some other bands, you cant tell what song is what. Sublime, the music changes from one to the next and is easy to name the song by heart. The original band can be a lot different from a cover band. The original Sublime has there own techniques and personalities that can run a successful band. Their sound, their looks, and their style fits their music well.

Cover bands try to imitate a band but cant get the original feel of the band. I personally will listen the original music from sublime before listening to any cover bands. You are able to feel the difference in the rhythm and the sound of the lyrics that do not match the original Sublime sound. I have always likes sublime and always will. I feel that Sublime makes me calm and ready to work. I listen to Sublime while driving, playing or just sitting around. I feel that it is an “appreciative listening” because I listen to the music so much and that I appreciate every minute of listening to them.