Some parts that Sigmund Freud has brought to the psychological community is the psychodynamic theory. Psychodynamic theory is the behaviour of psychological forces within the person. frequently outside witting consciousness. ( Chapter 11. p. 418 ) . Freud believed that a person’s personality begins to develop in childhood. and the experiences that an person goes through affects their personality development. Sigmund Freud believed that there were three parts to a person’s personality. there is Id. which involves the aggregation of unconscious impulses and desires that continually seek look. ( Chapter 11. p. 419 ) .

The 2nd is ego. the self-importance is the psychic mechanism that controls all thought and logical thinking activities ( Chapter 11. p. 420 ) . The concluding personality is superego. this self-importance provides moral criterions that a individual has developed from their parents and societal influences. Carl Jung believed that the function of the unconscious determines human behaviour and believed that the ego’s beginning of strength and verve came from the unconscious. ( Chapter 11. p. 424 ) .

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One of Jung’s most original thoughts about the human mind is the belief of corporate unconscious. this theory comprises the memories and behaviour forms were inherited from past coevalss and hence are shared by all worlds. ( Chapter 11. p. 425 ) . These thought forms were known as originals. these are mental images or representations of other people associated with a person’s position of an person. Past figures were associated with others who hold similar places in society or have features of that personality type.

Jung believed that people wore a mask or character to others in order to protect their true personality from others. Another part that Jung brought to the psychological community was the belief that both work forces and adult females showed personality traits from both sexes and he referred to them as anima and animosity. Anima was the feminine original that was expressed in males such as nurturing. and animosity was the male original that is presented in a female personality such as aggressiveness. Jung besides believed that people were divided into two general attitude types known as introverts and extraverts.

Extroverts describes persons who focus their attendings on others societal lives alternatively of his or her ain personal lives. Introverts are the exact antonym. these persons tend to be more focused on their ain experiences. Carl Rogers was considered the most outstanding psychologists on humanistic theories. Rogers believed that people developed their personalities from positive experiences. He believed that every individual was born with a familial design and that everyone is able to develop their personality based on what they were predisposed to cognize. this is called realizing inclination.

Realizing inclination can depict the features of all types of life including workss. animate beings. and human development. Rogers believed that worlds developed their ain self-image to carry through their ain potency of their congenital biological potency. in order to calculate out that they want to make with their lives. He besides believed that a person’s self-concept is closely aligned with their congenital capacities of what they were most likely to go. he called this a to the full working individual.

A to the full working individual is autonomous and dedicated to their ideal self-actualization and strives to accomplish it. even when their determinations are non made with the best judgement. Another theory that Rogers contributed was that people tend to be a more to the full working single if they were raised with unconditioned positive respect from their parents. this is when parents treat them with heat. regard. credence. and love. ( Chapter 11. p. 432 ) . References Axia College of University of Phoenix. ( 2009 ) .

Chapter 11. Personality. Retrieved September 23. 2009. from Axia College. Week 5 reading. aXcess. PSY265-Psychology and Human Sexuality Course Materials Website. Part II Choose three of your favourite telecasting characters ; past or present. Complete the undermentioned matrix depicting the characters’ personalities from the point of position of the three theoreticians. Jung. Freud. and Rogers. |TV Character |Jung |Rogers |Freud | |1. Tobias Funke |This character is an extravert |This character shows |I think that this character uses| | |person.

He is excessively interested in |unconditional positive respect |denial to debar from the | | |others and takes an involvement in |because he accepts everyone and |implications that he is | | |others activities even if he was|shows a batch of love for everyone|homosexual because his married woman and | | |not invited to make so. |though he is to self absorbed to|family ever suspect that his | | | |notice when people are ignored |is.

He merely laughs it off and | | | |but he feels that he is a good |goes through a long confusing | | | |person. |speech why that is pathetic | | | | |while utilizing words that | | | | |contradict the point of what he | | | | |is seeking to state. | |2. Stanley Hudson |This character is an introverted|This character shows |I think that this character uses| | |person at least at work so the |self-actualizing inclination |defense mechanisms in order to | | |majority of the show because he |because he feels that his |not allow his pique and hatred | | |does non wish to hold an active |self-concepts is higher so |for his foreman come out.

He | | |relationship with anyone in the |what phase he is presently at. |deflects his emotions in | | |show and is more interested in |He believes that he deserves a |situations that are | | |his ain involvements such as his |better place in the company |significantly nerve-racking by | | |crossword puzzles. |with better wage and a more |ignoring his occupation and making | | | |productive work environment. |crossword mystifiers. | |3. Buster Bluth |This character is an introvert |This character was raised in a |I believe that this character | | |person.

He is more in his ain |conditional positive respect |uses the supplanting defence | | |little universe and is non really |because his parents did non |mechanism because all the | | |interested in run intoing people |really treat him with regard |problems in his life he blames | | |that he is non comfy with |and still treat him as if he is |on his female parent for non allowing | | |such as aliens. |a child and does non cognize how to|him populate his life. though he | | | |make determinations for himself. |only complains when he is huffy. | | | | |usually when his female parent does not| | | | |let him have a girlfriend. |