This research survey investigated the increasing figure of force related apprehensions of stripling misss which have become a societal concern as it appears that misss today are going more violent as compared to male childs. which besides meant that the gender spread between force is besides shuting. The concern over the addition of force in miss has gathered much attending socially and in the academic circles. However. the information as presented by the Uniform Crime Reports is uncomplete as it merely identified force which have resulted to patrol apprehensions. the incidence of force and how it is construed by the misss have non been investigated.

The research workers hypothesized that the addition in violent misss is brought approximately by the altering societal policies of the state every bit good as a alteration in how force is defined. In order to mensurate the incidence of force and the perceptual experience of the misss towards force. this survey made usage of the National Crime Victimization Survey ( NCVM ) to place the sex of the wrongdoer and the usage of the Monitoring the Future study and the National Risk Youth Behavior wherein self-reported force are identified.

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The information gathered extended over several yeas doing the survey longitudinal in design. this was done to set up whether was so an increasing tendency of female force and apprehensions. The UCR information was examined and the figure of misss below 18 old ages old who have been arrested for violent assault was gathered for comparing intents. Female striplings who have completed the NCVM and the MFS and the NRYB most late were besides included in the analysis of the information. The survey used the normative attack in the analysis of the societal issue of increasing misss with juvenile records.

Using the Dickey-Fuller clip series and secret plan shows. the research workers determined that the addition in force in misss is non really supported by the records in the UCR. The research workers found out that there a figure of grounds why more and more misss are going violent as reflected in the recent studies in the UCR. The consequences of the survey indicated that the definition of force have become more across-the-board and which have included behaviours that misss normally do non see as violent. therefore. more and more kids are being labeled as a job kid.

Second. the policies about force have besides been extended and have become more disposed to specify behaviours common to girls as violent. The survey has found that the phenomena of force in misss are really a societal concept and that it is non supported by empirical grounds. The instruments used to find violent behaviour in misss had the same findings that there is truly no such thing as an addition in juvenile misss but instead the alterations in how force is defined consequences to the said addition.

Furthermore. it was besides found that there is far less increasing tendencies in the figure of violent misss as compared to boys. this farther proves that the informations as presented by the UCR is non accurate. The research workers conclude that force in misss have risen because the policies toward force have changed and it has contributed to the increasing figure of ways in which misss can be arrested due to violent behaviour which in the yesteryear was normative to the general population. The squad recommends that the justness system expression at the deductions of the findings and that more and more misss are turning bad is a myth.