1. A major significance is identifiable between the control group and the intervention group with the F value at 5 % degree of significance. The p value of 0. 005 is less than 0. 05 bespeaking that the control group and the intervention group are so different. Based on this fact. the void hypothesis is to be rejected.

2. Null hypothesis: The average mobility tonss for the control group and the intervention group are equal. The void hypothesis is to be rejected because the p value of 0. 005 is less than 0. 05. Therefore. the average trouble with mobility mark for both groups is different.

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3. The research workers stated that the participants in the intercession group reported a decrease in mobility trouble at hebdomad 12. Based on the information provided by the text. this consequence was decidedly statistically important at a chance of P & lt ; 0. 001.

4. If the research workers had set at the degree of significance or a= 0. 01. the consequence of P = 0. 001 would still be statistically important because P of 0. 001 is less than 0. 01. The void hypothesis would be accepted. 5. If F ( 3. 60 ) = 4. 13. p= 0. 04 and a= 0. 001. the consequence non will non be statistically important because the P of 0. 04 is greater than 0. 001. Therefore the void hypothesis would be accepted and conclude that there is genuinely no difference between the groups.

6. An ANOVA trial can non be used to prove proposed relationships or predict correlativities between the variables in the individual group. ANOVA trial is non applicable because an ANOVA trial is used to place differences in relationship within groups non merely a individual group.

7. If a survey had a consequence of F ( 2. 147 ) = 4. 56. p= 0. 003. there would be 2 groups with a sample size of 149.

8. The research workers province the sample for their survey was 28 adult females with a diagnosing of OA. and that 18 were indiscriminately assigned to the intercession group and 10 were indiscriminately assigned to the control group. The survey had both strengths and failings. Using an experimental and a control group was a good scheme in footings of comparing informations and the consequences. However. the sample size should hold been larger to do the survey more believable.

9. Based on the consequences of the survey. it can be concluded guided imagination caused a important betterment in hurting mark of adult females. The void hypothesis which stated that experimental and the control groups are equal was already rejected. The consequences of the survey already proved that the experimental group and control group are significantly unequal.

10. The research workers stated that this was a 12 hebdomad longitudinal. randomized clinical test pilot survey with 28 adult females over 65 old ages of age with the diagnosing of OA. Restrictions or jobs that may happen with this type of survey is length of the survey ; longitudinal surveies follows the topics for a really long period of clip. sometimes decennaries. At this point. topics may desire to even drop out of the survey. As in the old survey. the sample size used is besides limited. The best survey to hold used for this type of survey would hold been a cross sectional survey because it compares topics with similar characteristics—in this instance a diagnosing of OA.