Vladimir Nabokov ‘s fresh Lolita depicts the relationship between a immature miss and a much older3333 adult male. Humbert Humbert is in his late mid-thirtiess and mid-fortiess throughout the book and he talks the reader through how this relationship with Lolita made him experience and how it progressed as she got older and they moved around going nearer as the months went on. Humbert Humbert narrates the full book and he expresses to us how Lolita was in his words, but we ne’er hear how it was for her, her side of the narrative, and how she felt in world and non merely how Humber Humbert thought she felt and was. It can be seen as how he wanted to guarantee the reader believed him, approximately how he did n’t O.K. himself of the relationship he had and longed for with Lolita. It besides nevertheless, makes the reader admiration was Lolita in one sense a slave to Humbert in that she was trapped as his girl and lover because she had cipher else, the novel merely gives Humbert ‘s point of position so there is nil stating he is n’t doing up Lolita ‘s personality to do himself look better to the reader.

Humbert Humbert begins the book with a short chapter one his love for Lolita. He claims that his love for Lolita was merely so strong because he had one time loved a immature miss before her for one summer, Annabel. He ab initio comes to run into Lolita when in chapter 10 he moves to New England, to the house if Mrs Haze, 342 lawn street as she extended an invitation to him when he was stuck unsure of where he ‘d b traveling[ 1 ]. He sees Lolita for the first clip in the garden and he describes her as if she was the immature miss from his yesteryear, Annabel, and in making this he seems to of instantly fallen for Lolita. Sing Lolita was so much like Annabel, Humbert decides to accept Mrs. Haze ‘s invitation to remain on at the house. As the fresh progresses we learn hoe Humbert ‘s ‘fondness ‘ for Lolita grew. He describes how he used to look at her and watch her sometimes. The reader rapidly learns how hypnotized he was going with Lolita, he would travel into her sleeping room from clip to clip and touch her things to be near her, “ My bosom seemed everyplace at one time. Never in my life – non even when caressing my kid – love in France – ne’er ”[ 2 ]. Lolita it seems had no thought as to what Humbert was making. It is during this portion of the book that Humber first busss Lolita, it was merely on her eyelid but to him this created torment, when depicting it in the book Humbert says “ ne’er have I experienced such torment ”[ 3 ].

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Humbert becomes progressively close to Lolita and her female parent, chiefly so he can go on being around the “ hot small haze ” . Even though he continually tries to warrant his actions the reader still has no ground to swear him because he clearly tells of his fraudulence and the feelings he should non be holding. After Lolita leaves for cantonment, Humbert and Charlotte Haze acquire engaged, this is strictly from Humbert ‘s point of position merely another manner to remain in the house without inquiry. However while Lolita is still at cantonment her female parent gets run over by a auto sheering from a Canis familiaris and she is killed. Humbert now has to travel and acquire Lolita from cantonment and state her about her female parent. They go to remain in a hotel and on the manner she kisses him and once more in the hotel. Humbert realises he still loves her and idea of being a good male parent figure leaves him. Besides in the novel, towards the terminal or Part One, Humbert and Lolita ‘s relationship turns clearly sexual and it makes the reader inquiry him, and whether we can swear how he describes the matter and how he says the Lolita seduced him in the hotel and non the other manner around. Could Lolita of been excessively immature to understand what was traveling on, the initial progress she makes on Humbert while she was so immature is besides questionable, Humbert was the lone one she had at this point in her life, Humbert himself says how it was likely nil immense for her, merely researching and populating her adolescent life. And as Simone de Beauvoir says “ She is already free of her infantile yesteryear, and the present seems but a clip of passage ; it contains no valid purposes, merely businesss ”[ 4 ].He besides tells her at the terminal of Part One the truth about her female parent and this upsets Lolita, pulling her closer and closer to Humbert, “ in the center of the dark she came sobbing into mine, and we made it up really gently. You see, she had perfectly nowhere else to travel ”[ 5 ].

In the novel the reader learns easy realises the degree of green-eyed monster and power that Humbert has for Lolita. She becomes exiled from society and hence has this in common with Humbert. They are both expatriates, both separate from society, in confounding moral topographic points where it seems the regulations of life have changed. The difference between Humbert and Lolita is that he chose to be in expatriate, he comes of his ain agreement to America from Europe, whereas Lolita is forced into expatriate after the decease of her female parent. She is separated from her hometown and the people she knows, except of class for Humbert as she goes going around with him. They ne’er stay in the one topographic point for excessively long, invariably on the move. As they travel they live by new life regulations which they conjure themselves, where their relationship is n’t twisted or unusual as it would be seen in other topographic points. They become so separate from society that they do n’t look to gain what consequences their actions should hold or how bad the relationship between them is on moral land. Humbert invariably tries to reassure the reader that he is non a monster and it inquiries whether he believes this or is merely seeking to do the reader believe it. Lolita on the other manus does n’t demo excessively much consciousness that she is a victim of Humbert, but once more this is all through the words of Humbert and the reader demand to make up one’s mind whether to believe Humbert ‘s word or non. Lolita does n’t of all time talk throughout the book to the reader and this deficiency of self-representation in the book can be seen as her captivity to Humbert. Lolita is trapped with Humbert when he takes her from cantonment because she has nowhere else that she can travel. They accept this and populate in expatriate. Lolita was stuck with Humbert and he wanted to believe that she wanted to be at that place and blinded himself of her sadness, he believed she was in love or falling for him as more than a father figure but it can be said that “ The stripling miss wants at first to place herself with males ; when she gives that up, she so seeks to portion in their maleness by holding one of them in love with her ; it is non the individualism of this one or that on which attracts her ; she is in love with adult male in general ”[ 6 ].

As Lolita was turning and they stopped in topographic points Humbert ‘s control over her life ne’er lessened. She was non allowed to travel out and make things with other childs her age because Humbert was covetous and kept Lolita off from society ; she was his slave in one manner. He wanted Lolita to himself and her desire to mix with male childs her ain age puts a strain on her relationship with Humbert, he ca n’t bear this. Each of them by the terminal of the book undergoes more exile, from themselves. Humbert ends up in prison and Lolita with Dick Schiller, her new life without Humbert where the yesteryear was to be left in the yesteryear and he was merely her male parent, and she was a new individual, one he did n’t wholly recognize, because she was happy and free of his control. Her new life off from him ache Humbert and he had to accept that she was lost ; driving off from her he says “ I was driving through the mizzle of the deceasing twenty-four hours, with the windscreen wipers in full action but unable to get by with my cryings ”[ 7 ].

Nabokov writes Lolita in a first individual narrative, Humbert Humbert ‘s narrative. Nabokov writes it in such a manner that the reader is about compelled to oppugn the words of Humbert throughout the entireness of the book through wordplaies and word games. He besides urges the reader to make this when he, on legion occasions Humbert admits that he fakes parts of his history and his individuality to guarantee he gets what he wants. It makes the reader besides question his trustiness ; it makes the reader overlook portion of his prevarications and his true character. Humbert ‘s prevarications make the reader wonder whether everything he says about Lolita and how she acted was true or non. By reading it and non taking it account Humbert ‘s prevarications, the reader could easy bury that Humbert is really speaking about colza, slaying and pedophilia.

Humbert ‘s apprehension of Lolita even though we merely hear his side of it, can be examined and deemed incorrect. He does n’t look to be able to see Lolita ‘s unhappiness even though he says adequate to do the reader be able to see it. He seems to disregard anything that might wound his programs to remain with Lolita ; it leads the reader once more to inquiry Humbert relation of the narrative and his portraiture of Lolita. However Nabokov ne’er to the full reveals whether Humbert ‘s thought of Lolita is true, her mental and physical bondage to Humbert is apparent throughout the entireness of the novel.

In the narrative of Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, Humbert Humbert is uncontrollably in love with Lolita Haze, and the fresh expresses all of his feelings and actions, ideas and wants throughout his life centred on Lolita. However the inquiry of whether she was in love with him or non is non answered. The reader hears merely of Lolita and how she felt through the eyes of Humbert and the words of Nabokov, Lolita did move towards him as though she loved him but she was entirely in the universe other than Humbert, it ‘s easy confused to being a adult female in love or a adult female stuck. Lolita ‘s deficiency of self representation in the novel is grounds of her captivity to Humbert, he lets slip how Lolita wanted a life outside the life that they had together, when she wanted to be in the drama and hang out with people her ain age, the green-eyed monster and control Humbert Humbert had at this phase of her life meant she could n’t go forth and she was his enslaved to him. The reader of this novel is given the undertaking of construing the words of Humbert Humbert and make up one’s minding if they are true or non, they must make up one’s mind whether to believe his words and whether how he depicts Lolita is right. Lolita was a really immature miss for the most portion of the book and can non be held accountable for a batch of what happened, she was turning up and researching, whereas Humbert was a much older adult male and knew what was traveling on was n’t right. Humbert was Lolita ‘s lone household so to talk, and he clearly took complete advantage of this in their relationship. His captivity of Lolita and the manner some critics feel he misrepresented her can be seen as many things, such as pedophilias, child-manipulation and maltreatment. Lolita, it can be said, was really much made out to be different than what a batch of readers come to the decision of and this is because Lolita does n’t acquire to set across her ain position of the old ages with Humbert, the old ages she was lumbered with him as her lone comrade.