School life is one of the most important parts of our life. I t is a place where we achieve knowledge about the whole world. Not only that, we also learn how to socialize with all sorts of people, know how to speak for ones right, distinguish about manners and learn to be the part of a certain group. Therefore, belonging to a superior school is really important. The site for an ideal school must be close to nature. It should be delimited by trees, have a big garden and a field where the students can play.

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It should have lockers so that students don’t have to carry their heavy school bags. It should have different rooms for different kinds of extra curriculums. Beside nature the students should also be introduced with science and new technology. Each class should contain small number of students; about 20-25, so that the teachers can give more attention to each student. The students should have more project works so that they can enlarge their creativity.

There should be a specific period where the teachers and the students can share new ideas and knowledge about different and innovative things. The students must be allowed to the extra curriculums, as some students might like singing and dancing and others might have interest in sports. Study tours should be organized each year to allow students swell their knowledge about certain things. The students should also have idea about their culture and society.

The teachers are the most important part, because an ideal school must have ideal teachers. The students will learn from their teachers just like a new born baby learns from his parents. The teachers must be well trained and adequate enough. Besides having the ability to teach the teacher should also know how to motivate the students. . Our whole life depends on how we grow up just like a building depends on its foundation. Thus, in my opinion, being part of an ideal school means having a bright future