1.3280According to the World Bank, Greece Gross Domestic Product is deserving 330 billion dollars of the universe economic system. Initially to the planetary fiscal crisis of 2008-2009, Greece had managed to achieve a swiftly economic system after the achievement of stabilisation schemes and policies in recent old ages. Greece has a preponderance service economic system, which sector for over 70 % of GDP. Here, based on the historical information and intelligence, we illuminate the Greece GDP Growth Rate chart.

From the tabular array, it indicates the GDP growing from the twelvemonth 2003 to 2010.

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GDP- existent growing rate


Percentage Change

Date of Information


3.50 %


2002 est.


4.70 %


34.29 %

2003 est.


3.70 %


-21.28 %

2004 est.


3.70 %


0.00 %

2005 est.


4.20 %


13.51 %

2006 est.


4.00 %


-4.76 %

2007 est.


2.90 %


-27.50 %

2008 est.


-2.50 %


-186.21 %

2009 est.

Beginning: CIA World Factbook

Data beginning: World Bank, World Development Indicators – Last updated July 27, 2010

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.google.com/publicdata? ds=wb-wdi & A ; met=ny_gdp_mktp_cd & A ; idim=country: GRC & A ; dl=en & A ; hl=en & A ; q=the+gdp+of+greece


Greece is a modern European state, with a powerful democratic authorities, and a developing economic system. Greece was the first state inA EuropeA which advanced anterior civilisations arise. Most of the population of Greece is centralize in a few major urban countries. The topography of the landgrave of Greece is largely cragged while its seas are sprinkled with more than 2000 islands.

2.1 Demographic

Greece ‘s entire populationA was 11,260,000 million and immigrants make up about 10 % of the population. Marriage rates kept falling and divorce rates have seen an addition. Almost two-thirds of theA Greek peopleA live in urban areas.A

Throughout the twentieth century, 1000000s of Greeks migrated to the US, Australia, Canada, UK and Germany, making a thrivingA Greek diaspora. The migration tendency nevertheless has now been reversed after the of import betterments of the Grecian economic system since the 80 ‘s.

2.2 Education

The compulsory instruction in Greece constitute fromA primary schoolsA andA gymnasiumA .A Nursery schoolsA are popular but non compulsory.A KindergartensA are now mandatory for any kid above 4 old ages of age. Children start primary school aged 6 and stay at that place for six old ages.

Average Salary in Greece – Sector Comparison.


Net Monthly IncomeA changeless 2005 US $ ( 1 )

Gross Monthly Average Income ( 2 )

Compulsory Deductions ( 3 )

Weekly Hours ( 4 )

Gas-Electricity-Water mean income

Mining-Quarrying mean income

Fiscal mean income

Transport-Communication mean income

Construction mean income

Manufacturing mean income

Real Estate mean income Hotels-Restaurants mean income

PPP $ 3,194 $ 2,079

PPP $ 2,735 $ 1,780

PPP $ 2,512 $ 1,635

PPP $ 2,089 $ 1,359

PPP $ 1,672 $ 1,088

PPP $ 1,657 $ 1,078

PPP $ 1,584 $ 1,031

PPP $ 1,116 $ 727

3,117 euros

2,514 euros

2,213 euros

1,743 euros

1,342 euros

1,330 euros

1,256 euros

853 euros

35 %

31 %

28 %

24 %

21 %

21 %

20 %

17 %









3.0 Economic Background

Economic Static

Business efficiency


Child poorness


Debt & gt ; External

$ 371,500,000,000.00

Distribution of household income & gt ; Gini index


Economic freedom



$ 23,910,000,000.00


$ 244,951,400,000.00

GDP & gt ; PPP

$ 243,130,000,000.00

GDP & gt ; Real growing rate

4 %

GDP per capita in 1950

$ 1,951.00

GDP per capita in 1973

$ 7,779.00

GINI index


Gross National Income

$ 121,000,000,000.00

Human Development Index


Income class

High income: OECD

Income distribution & gt ; Richest 10 %

25.3 %

Public debt

89.5 % of GDP

Technological accomplishment


Tourist reachings


Greece is a developed state, with a high criterion of life and Human Development Index. The chief industries in Greece are touristry, transportation, industrial merchandises, nutrient and baccy processing, fabrics, chemicals, excavation and crude oil.

The basic structural characteristics of the Grecian economic system have been altering since the mid-1970s. The extremum of Grecian economic system began in the late nineteenth century with the acceptance of societal and industrial statute law, protective duties, and comprises of industrial endeavors. At the bend of the twentieth century, industry was centralized on ship building, fabrication of fabric and simple consumer merchandises.

After World War II, the Grecian economic system grew clearly. However, the economic system declined gently in the 1970s, caused by the hapless economic scheme and policies executed by the national authorities. To decide the declined of economic system, Greece has spent much in the twentieth century and the early twenty-first century to retrace and strengthen the economic system. Therefore, Greece is the least economically developed state in European Union ( EU ) . Grecian authorities encourages the capitalistic system and free endeavor. It executes as a socialist state in some of the country.

In the late 1990s, the authorities implements economic policy to fall in the EU ‘s individual currency. Execution included cutting Greece ‘s budget shortage and escalation pecuniary policy.

In January 2002, Greece adopted the euro as its currency. Through utilizing of the euro, it can increase the competitory loan rates and a low rate of the Eurobond market. So that, it spurs the markedly addition in consumer and farther economic restructuring and led to the unemployment decrease.

After fall ining the European Union ( EU ) , Greece became the donee of many subsidies from the EU to hike its fraught agricultural and industrial sector and to raise public plants undertakings. However, although receive the European Union ‘s fiscal aid, Greece ‘s agricultural and industrial sectors are still fraught with low productiveness degrees.

But, Greek economic system besides affronts some obstruction. For illustration, the increasing unemploymentA degrees, big issue of political and economic corruptness and the inefficient authorities tyrannize and bureaucratism. By the terminal of 2009, due to a combination of international and local factors, the Grecian economic system affront itsA most gravity and stringency crisisA since 1993, with the 2nd highest budget shortage and the 2nd highest debt in the EU.

In 2009, Greece had the EU ‘s 2nd last Index of Economic Freedom, ranking 81st in the universe. The state suffers from high of corruptness and low planetary fight.

The Grecian authorities now affronts the challenges of economic system reform, prosecuting strong financial policy, incorporate with public adoption and the lowered the involvement rates to guarantee that its economic policies to increase Greece ‘s criterion of life and better the economic growing of Greece.

3.1 Economic Sectors


GDP/ Dollar


Servicess sector

73.3 %

The Greek service sector is the largest and most diverse component of the national economic system.

It provides the services like, touristry, transit, extremely automated communications, trade, banking and public disposal and sophisticated fiscal minutess.


21.3 %

In the sixtiess, Grecian fabrication and industrial motion underwent strong betterment and enlargement.

The processed nutrients, fabrics, places, electrical equipment, cement, crude oil merchandises, conveyance equipment, building, electrical power and chemical.


5.4 %

Agribusiness is the component of the primary sector of the economic system. Grecian agricultural productiveness is anticipated about half the norm for the EU agricultural sector.

For illustration wheat, tomatoes sugar Beta vulgariss, olives, olive oil, Prunus persicas, baccy, grapes, oranges, cotton, vino, dairy merchandises.

Trade: A A ImportsA

$ 64.27 billion

Basic industries nutrient and animate beings, rough oil, chemicals, machinery, conveyance equipment.A

Major providers are Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Russia.

Trade: Exports

$ 21.37 billion

Manufactured goods, nutrient and drinks, crude oil merchandises, cement, chemicals.

Major markets are Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, U.S. , U.K. , Romania.

Unemployment issue, public-sector debts and rising prices degree are above the euro-zone norm, but are decreasing. The Grecian Government seizes with cutting authorities disbursement, worsening the dimension of the populace sector, and reforming the labour and pension systems. While the judgement New Democracy authorities has had some achievement in progressing economic growing and droping the budget shortage, Athens faces long-phrase challenges in attempt of economic reconstruct, particularly denationalization and societal security reform.

3.2 Greece Economy Facts

Economy Facts

GDP per capita ( 2002 ) : a‚¬12 324 ( $ 16 757 )

GDP per capita ( 2004 estimation ) : $ 20 000

Unemployment rate ( 2001 ) : 10.2 %

Unemployment rate ( 2004 est. ) : 9.4 %

Youth Unemployment rate ( 2001 ) : 28 %

Exports of goods and services: 22.7 % of GDP

Imports of goods and services: 29.7 % of GDP

Trade balance: -7.0 % of GDP

Tourism income ( 2000 ) : 7.6 % of GDP

Grosss: $ 76.84 billion

Outgos: $ 79.48 billion

Public debt: 100.9 % of GDP

Labor force: 4.39 million ( services 60 % , industry 20 % , agriculture 20 % )

Energy Consumption: 68 % oil, 19 % electricity, 5 % coal, 2 % gas, 6 % other

**Sources: CIA Fact book

4.0 Cause of economic crisis in Greece

Greece ‘s bing economic jobs have been caused by a mix of domestic and international factors. Domestically, Greece ‘s cumulating of past decennary debts result from the inordinate authorities disbursement and lending, revenue enhancement slip, structural unchanging and political and economic corruptness.

Internationally, the acceptance of the euro and cursoriness enforcement of EU regulations aimed at restricting the accretion of debt is besides supposed to hold contributed to Greece ‘s bing crisis.

( A ) Domestic Factors

( 1 ) High Government Spending and Low Government Income

Greece ‘s GDP grew at an mean one-year rate of 4.3 % between 2001 and 2007. High economic growing rates were determined chiefly by additions in private disbursement or ingestion and public sector investing financed by the cardinal authorities and the EU.

Over the past six old ages, the cardinal authorities outgos increased by 87 % , but its grosss grew by merely 31 % . It means that there occurs the Greece ‘s shortage. Perceivers discover that the chief factors behind Greece ‘s shortage are the big and inefficient public disposal in Greece, health care systems, revenue enhancement slip, deficiency of fiscal chief and munificent pension.

Another factor of economic crisis is Greece ‘s weak gross aggregation. Many economic experts classify that the chief factors of shortages are the revenue enhancement slip and Greece ‘s unstable economic system. From the study, some surveies have anticipated the informal economic system in Greece to incarnate between 25 % -30 % of GDP.

( 2 ) Structural Policies and Declining International Competitiveness

The worsening international fight became the factor that Greece suffered. The chief ground is that high rewards and low productiveness. Harmonizing to one survey, since the state adopted the euro, the rewards in Greece have increased at a 5 % one-year rate. Besides that, Grecian exports to chief foreign states grew at 3.8 % per twelvemonth. Thus, some perceivers argue that if Greece intends to heighten its international fight, it should be increasing the national economy, more productiveness and cut rewards.

( B ) International Factors

( 1 ) Increased Access to Capital at Low Interest Ratess

Some seen that Greece ‘s acceptance of the euro as its national currency in 2001became the factor of shortages in Greece. Due to the euro rank, it allowed Greece and other Eurozone members to impart at favourable involvement rate others. So, it made easier to many states to finance the province financess for the bing debt.

These benefits have assist to Greece ‘s bing debt jobs. From the other custodies, this entree to have inexpensive recognition permitted Greece to conglomerate the high degrees of debts. Thus, some critics affirm that Greece would hold been curtailing with the demand for asceticism and reform if the state had discouraged extra adoption by doing debt funding.

( 2 ) Issues with EU Rules Enforcement

The deficiency of enforcement of the Stability and Growth Pact is besides seen as the consequence of Greece ‘s high degree of debt. If the member status is consider to hold inadequately abided with the disciplinary steps recommended by the European Commission and the Council of the European Union during the inordinate shortage process, the procedure might finally ensue in a mulct of every bit much as 0.5 % of GDP.

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.google.com.my/search? q=history+of+crisis+in+greece & A ; hl=en & A ; tbs=tl:1 & A ; tbo=u & A ; ei=ux92TPXGBo_uvQP3052fBg & A ; sa=X & A ; oi=timeline_result & A ; ct=title & A ; resnum=11 & A ; ved=0CDoQ5wIwCg

5.0 The Procedure of Crisis

During the decennary the planetary fiscal crisis that started in 2008, Greece ‘s authorities borrowed greatly from foreign to fund important authorities budget and economic shortages.

Even before the crisis, Greece cumulates the public debt. When the revenue enhancement grosss weakened at the terminal of 2008, require for borrowing became more pressure. Crisis tightened the recognition term so the debt funding more hard. Negative scenario could deteriorate net income outlooks and discourage investings. Due to its corrupting budgetary state of affairs, Greece could non keep in expansionary financial policy and elicit the economic system. The bad character of the Grecian economic system lays in the competitory losingss experienced during the decennary of growing.

For old ages, Greece has been passing money it does n’t hold. National debt, put at a‚¬300 billion, is bigger than the state ‘s economic system ; with some estimations expected it will achieve 120 per centum of gross domestic merchandise in 2010.

The Greece authorities gets the benefit from the economic good-times to borrow and pass money on pay-rises for public workers and undertakings. For case are the 2004 Olympics. Therefore, it began to run-up a bigger shortage that Greece did n’t realized. Furthermore, during the roar old ages, Greece enjoyed the high public disbursement.

Old ages of unrestricted disbursement, more inexpensive loaning and failure to put to death fiscal and structural reforms made Greece severely when the planetary economic descending.

As long clip, Bankss started to see Greece as a state that might non be able to command and pull off its money. They worried Greece might finally neglect to pay its debts, and even travel insolvent.

To cover the hazard, Bankss started bear downing Greece more to borrow money and do the job even worse. Finally the authorities there went looking for aid. It is now borrowing 110 billion euros ( ?95bn ) from other EU states and the International Monetary Fund.

6.0 Government Response to Economic Crisis

Reacting to the fiscal crisis, the authorities introduced a 28bn euro strategy. Scheme is to promote recognition establishments to impart more to families and battle them from storage hard currency. The authorities ‘s strategy provides capital add-on via the sale of preferable portions. It besides guarantees on debt issue by Bankss. Under the program and through the purchase of preferable portions, Greece will pass up to 5.0 billion euro ‘s to increase Bankss ‘ capital ratios.

Government has started executed badness steps and cut downing off at disbursement to take at droping the shortage. It has raised the revenue enhancements on fuel, baccy and intoxicant. Furthermore, authorities has raised the retirement age by two old ages.

Government has declared new strategies. For case the service preparation for the forces of little and average endeavors.

Government has provided the employment subsidies for certain groups. For illustration the new scientists and early school departers.

For those who suffered from dissenters to avoid public violences, authorities will declares stairss aimed at supplying fiscal alleviation.

7.0 Consequences

First, the victim can be consider as the Greek citizen. Escalating unemployment, flagging incomes, buying power, the diminution in the quality of life within debitor states, the political force are the effects of economic crisis in Greece.

Due to the debt crisis, the debt growing had the consequence of robbing society. On the other custodies, a political category highly ineffective when it comes to taking. From the crisis occurs, the work stoppage and others illegal action will emerge. It becomes the crisis of the universe capitalist system. What the Grecian people are sing is let go ofing of today ‘s capitalism..

Second, with the downgrade to a debris recognition evaluation, Greece ‘s debt became one ofA the most valuable in the universe for investors to see. Fears mounted that this will act upon other states adopt the individual European currency – the euro. So, investors have beenA scarred off seting their financeA into euro zone states with high debt such as Portugal, Spain and Italy.

As a consequence, GreeceA now has lessA money come into the economic system. It is intending thatA they are less possible be able to do payments for their ain debts. Due to the crisis, the euro has fallen to a annual depression against the USA dollar.

8.0 Impact on societal & amp ; political

Greece is really in major breach of eurozone regulations on shortage direction. Greece default on its debts in the fiscal markets. So, this reflects deficiently on the credibleness of the euro.

Social unrest

Social unrest turning in all states which are confronting autonomous debt crisis. The long-run fiscal crisis and associated badness steps could take to planetary societal agitation. This state of affairs will acquire worse and populations lose religion and forbearance in their authoritiess.

The shockwaves from the fiscal clang “ Today ‘s fiscal crisis will go tomorrow ‘s human crisis ” , means that if non handled suitably, could “ intensify other major menaces such as environment alteration, nutrient insecurity and the awful finding of terrible poorness.

For the clip being, the authorities ‘s badness steps are worsening further work stoppage action. Customss functionaries have taken work stoppage action against actions that would cut their rewards. Public retainers took portion in the large work stoppage against a wage freezing earlier this month.

Unemployment shoots up

This is in a state of a small over 11 million people. It would be like holding 3 million unemployed in a state the size. From 1999 through to 2008 unemployment degrees had been falling in Greece. Now we see a sudden crisp rise.

9.0 New Regulation & A ; Reform

From the remotion of regulative barriers to entree in the road-transport sector and industry, a reform has been legislated. It has been expected to increase the Greece ‘s GDP by 0.5 per cent. Related reforms are designed in other conveyance industries, energy, and many professions. Regulatory reform will travel up growing as good by pulling more investing. Greece has been one of the worst OECD performing artists in pulling foreign direct investing.

Large financial additions are likely by pension, health care and tax-collection reforms. While Greece ‘s revenue enhancement rates are faintly higher than the European Union norm, the revenue enhancements really collected are 7 per cent of GDP lower. Closing this spread by reconstruct the tax-collection system will about take the current major shortage.

Reform the boating industry: Greece is supposed to increase considerable public gross from yachting via a price-tagged system of ‘charter licences ‘ and particular licences.

Public health care is one of the most dysfunctional and corrupt sectors. A extremist reorganisation based on obligatory private confidence with subsidies for the hapless and on the executive of public infirmaries by the private sector. It will convey high-quality health care to all and eliminate an of import beginning of corruptness and revenue enhancement slip.

Large additions are besides possible by traveling to a pension system based on single nest eggs, doing educational establishments more autonomous and apt and introducing public presentation indexs for the public sector. The structural reforms, including the reform of the pension system, denationalization of province companies and alterations in labour market are besides on the right manner.

10.0 Recommendation

Renegociating and restructures debts

Greece presently has one of the highest debt degrees in the World. Grecian authorities should state foreign Bankss or local bank that it can non pay back the loans on clip and restructures its debt. Restructures debt does n’t intend that non pay for the debt but holding to pay creditors less than state owed. Through this, it can implement a more sustainable economic system.

Anti-Corruption Drive

Greece is non the lone state in the Euro zone which suffers from high degrees of corruptness. But a corruptness compel could please investors, and made Greece to clean-up its recent position.

Implement Work-Share Plans

Rather than allow the unemployed sit around, implement community work-share plans can help the local community to acquire the public assistance and of import preparation.

Encourage Free Enterprise and unfastened investing

Greece as a state faces a really tough short-run hereafter, and has to alter. Through the free endeavor, the unemployed could do their ain work, and lessen the emphasis from paying societal security. Greece could hold a sustainable and vibrant economic system if these schemes are implemented.