Amul Kool – Refreshing Drink In today’s time most of the people are moving towards a healthier lifestyle. And food patterns top this list. Keeping in mind this growing consumer trend, most of the successful companies are fast evolving their product portfolios to satisfy these needs. Flavoured milk is one such healthy product filled with nutrients that make it nutritionally superior to soft drinks. Amul’s Kool brand of flavoured milk has been in the market for several years. Amul Kool is surviving successfully in the Indian market in spite of tough competition from Beverage giants like Pepsi & Coke.

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It is flavoured & nutritious healthy drink of all seasons comes in many flavours like Strawberry, Kesar, Elaichi, Rose, Chocolate, badam etc. Priced at Rs 13 for 200 ml bottle. Most of the flavours are tasty. Personally I like strawberry flavour, a very refreshing drink especially during the hot summers. My kid was an avid milk hater. Now he too enjoys the kool flavoured milk. They are light, and capture the great taste of many nice flavours without being heavy or too filling. I suggest the company to come out with 500 ml, 1 & 2 Liter family pack bottles.

Further they have to improve their distribution network, in many shops unlike Pepsi or Coca-Cola the flavour milk is not available in many shops. They should promote & come up with many milk bars, cool corners or centers to make this health drink more popular & easily available. Beverage choices can play an important role in the overall quality of our diet. The Flavored Cool Milk is the healthy option against carbonated soft drinks. Flavored Milk provides calcium, protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins for a healthy growth.

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) with calcium and eight other essential nutrients, flavored milk offers the same great nutrient-rich package as white milk and can help improve overall diets. Kids are in a calcium crisis, with more than half of children ages 2-8 and three-quarters of children ages 9-19 not getting the recommended daily servings of low-fat or fat-free milk or milk products. Flavored milk can help close the gap because children prefer it and will drink more milk when it’s flavored.

Many organizations have issued statements that support and recommend children drink flavored milk, especially in light of the childhood obesity epidemic and the paradox of being overweight yet undernourished. Milk seems to be a marker for a better diet. Over and over again, children who are regular milk consumers have overall better diets,” says Dr Johnson. Research study shows that flavored milk drinkers had no higher overall sugar intake than non milk drinkers. Many experts think the flavored milks help prevent kids from turning to sodas.