The American Revolution is said to be one of the most wedged events that shaped America into what it is today. The American Revolution was besides known as the American War of Independence. which lasted for eight long awful old ages. There were many causes that caused the revolution which besides lead to awful events afterwards ( although some of the results were good ) . One of the causes was the Stamp and Sugar Acts. 1763–1766. The Stamp Act ( 1765 ) was “designed to raise gross from the American settler in the 13 settlements. ” ( landofthebrave. com ) The Sugar Act ( 1764 ) set a revenue enhancement on sugar and molasses that was imported into the settlements. and besides taxed other foreign trading goods. ( historyrocket. com ) Another cause of the American Revolution was the Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Party. 1770-1773. The Boston Massacre was a “protest against the revenue enhancement collector’s. authorities functionaries and merchandisers. ” British military personnels were called in to manage the crowds. but when they got at that place the crowd had grew.

When the crowd and military personnels fought. merely 5 civilians were killed. The Boston Tea Party happened on December 16. 1773. which was when the crowd in Boston dressed up disguised as American Indians. so they boarded ships which contained the tea. and so proceeded to dump 342 thoraxs of tea that belonged to the East India Company into the sea. Another cause of the war was that the American settlements had a turning demand of freedom. to acquire off from the British. One of the effects that came out of the American Revolution was the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of independency was written in July of 1776. by Thomas Jefferson. It “explained why the settlements have overthrown their swayer and chosen to take their topographic point as a separate state in the universe. ” ( sparknotes. com )

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The Declaration Independence was to show the manner that the settlements were now their ain. non under British regulation any longer. Peoples in the United States of America now celebrate this really particular vacation every twelvemonth on July 4. Another consequence of the American Revolution was the Bill of Rights. December 15. 1791. The first 10 amendments of the Constitution are known as the Bill of Rights. and are ten of the most of import amendments written in many peoples sentiment. After the war. trading with other states in the Mediterranean became even more hard. This was because there was a deficiency of protection by British naval forcess from all of the plagiarists out in the unfastened sea.