As a immature male child. every clip my male parent took me to Port Dickson. a coastal town in Negeri Sembilan. I would pass the clip watching the ships sailed by. I would conceive of myself voyaging the ship across the oceans. The sight of gigantic-sized ships ne’er fail to excite me and the odor of the ocean fueled my captivation with the sea. That was when I set my bosom on going a mariner. When I was in Form Three. my school held a calling twenty-four hours. The school invited several higher acquisition establishments to put up booths and gave negotiations. One of them was the Malaysia Maritime Academy ( ALAM ) .

The officer gave a bracing talk on the classs offered and occupation chances. That spurred my aspiration and I became more focussed on my surveies because I had to stand out in the scrutinies in order to be accepted into the academy. After the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia’s ( tantamount to O degree ) consequences were announced. I rapidly applied for ALAM. Traversing my fingers. I spent my yearss uneasily waiting for the consequences. The twenty-four hours did come eventually. I was over the Moon when I received the missive from ALAM. My supplications had been answered. I chose to undergo Diploma in Nautical Studies.

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The three-year class had exposed me to immense cognition and information about maritime industry and engineering. In add-on. my developing onboard a VLCC had introduced me to the engineering involved in maintaining the safe operation of oil transportation around the universe. It truly caught my attending in seeing how technology engineering helps in day-to-day operation of a vas. The preparation besides fulfilled my dream of going abroad. I had the opportunity to detect new topographic points and new civilizations. My sailing experience had taught me that carelessness is among the causes of nautical accidents.

I have seen oil spills. vass turn overing upside down due to incorrect stableness computation which cost transportation companies up to 1000000s. non to advert the judicial proceeding filed to counterbalance the harm caused to the environment. For that. it has to come to my attending that I need to fit myself on countries of expertness and to blend with research workers around the universe with the purpose of constructing up the maritime industry to its highest possible criterion. Thus. I have decided to prosecute naval architecture and ocean technology in the University of Strathclyde.

The topics offered in the class will assist to better my cognition on ship stableness and ship building. My experience with drydocking had opened my eyes to a whole new degree of ship building and technology that farther ignited my involvement in the topics. The presence of the university’s province –of- the- art research lab and hydrodynamic installations will enable me to plan a paradigm of a vas. The information obtained will let me to analyze the behaviour of a vas in assorted conditions. Bing able to sail on a oiler had provided me with the chance to see assorted offshore constructions.

I was besides impressed with the engineering used for subsea constructions. oil and gas operations. . Therefore. by inscribing myself in the naval architecture and ocean technology class would enable me to derive deeper cognition on assorted Fieldss of building and design of seaward constructions. Consequently. I would be able to prosecute a calling in offshore and gas field. A grade in naval technology is non offered in Malaysia. Therefore. by inscribing myself in the university will give me the chance to go a member of renowned. esteemed organic structures like Naval Architects ( UK ) and The Institute of Marine Engineering. Science & A ; Technology ( IMarEST ) .

This would strengthen my occupation portfolio and unfastened doors to worldwide employment chances. Finally. I chose to analyze in the university because the presence of province –of- the -art technology research installations and extremely -trained and qualified professionals as lectors would assist me to recognize my dream. my aspiration. I would besides be able to interchange cognition and experience with undergraduates and professionals with different backgrounds from all over the universe. My stay in the university would besides widen my circle of friends and assist me to brush up my English.