Analysis of “Under the Influence” by Scott Russell Sanders Scott Russell Sanders’ narrative essay “Under the Influence” is a piece about his experiences with his alcoholic male parent. To depict these experiences. Drum sanders uses animalistic enunciation. asyndeton. and explains how his father’s disease creates insecurities in himself. Sanders’ intent is to depict life with an alky in order to show the effects and desolation in correlativity with the “disease” . Using negative intension. Drum sanders creates animal-like features when composing about this father’s unwellness. Drum sanders reminisces about this childhood when he would “tiptoe past [ his male parent ] . as past a snore dragon” ( 59 ) ; he is portraying his male parent as a animal known for being a giant. angry. fire external respiration monster. While drunk. people are frequently referred to as holding “dragon’s breath” . which is why Sanders chooses a firedrake over any other monster or animal.

When Sanders’ father argues with his female parent. “he snarls back. she yells. he growls” ( 59 ) ; this gives the male parent traits of an carnal screening that his disease is dehumanising and turning him into a monster when he drinks. In add-on. Sanders’ gives his male parent animalistic qualities in contrast to his female parent. His female parent would on a regular basis turn to the fathers’ intoxicant job which would take to an statement in which the male parent would “grunt” and “snarl” while the female parent “yells” . This implies the male parent is an animate being while the female parent still has human qualities. The disease of alcohol addiction non merely destroys the male parent. but besides places several insecurities inside Sanders himself. Drum sanders feels that possibly if he “ [ earned ] A’s in school. [ won ] baseball games. [ or fixed ] the broken washer” ( 59 ) . it would take away the “ache that gnaws” at this male parent. Sing his male parent drink as a kid. Sanders feels that it is his mistake that his male parent drinks every bit much as he does. because he is non the great boy every male parent dreams of holding.

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Drum sanders besides recognizes that he is more likely to go an alcoholic and shies off from “nightclubs. from bars. from parties where the dissolver is alcohol” ( 68 ) . He is loath to imbibe intoxicant because he is insecure about his ability to defy geting the “illness” ( “…a glass of vino. a can of beer. nil stronger. nil more. I listen for the turning of a key in my encephalon. ” ) ; since statistics show that since his male parent is an alcoholic. the disease is contagious. Using asyndeton. Drum sanders shows how certain memories are stronger than others. When utilizing the asyndeton. ( “our male parent prowls the house. beating into furniture. rummaging in the kitchen. banging doors…” ) ( 59 ) . it gives the consequence that these memories are frequently repeated over a long period of clip and he remembers vividly. this technique gives a tone that Sanders is annoyed and slightly down with the effects of his father’s imbibing.

If these memories were often go oning. Drum sanders likely became irritated of seeing his male parent under the influence and traveling through the same everyday everyday. and going down knowing that there is something incorrect with his male parent and that he is aching from his unwellness. These schemes give us a deeper apprehension of the life of an alcoholic and how it non merely destroys the 1 with the disease. but the people around them. If you were Drum sanders. how good should your reflecting armour base against the firedrake of alcohol addiction?