INTRODUCTION OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY This study aims to elevate the service level of Northway Hotel to make it the leading accommodations provider in San Francisco, Agusan del Sur and neighboring towns. This study also aims to address the following issues and concerns: 1. Identify the major problems and concerns of guests and correct them. 2. Identify the competitive advantage of Northway Hotel and capitalize on them to increase number of new and repeat customers SCOPE AND LIMITATION This study is the result of family feedback, and the researchers own opinions and observations of Northway Hotel.

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Take note that the researcher is not formally educated in hotel and restaurant management, and have no professional background on interior design, although she does have unusually high standards when it comes to creature comforts. No formal study has been made. BACKGROUND OF THE COMPANY Northway Hotel is a family owned inn in San Francisco, Agusan del Sur. It was started a few years ago, stemming from the idea of ______________________. Nature of Service Organization The company currently has an unfocused strategy for its services. They offer a wide variety of services (breadth) to many numbers of customers (depth).

Simply speaking, they offer everything for everyone. Existing Organizational Structure Vision – Mission – Goals *pending Credo *none Quality Service Philosophy *pending ENVIRONMENTAL TRENDS With the upsurge of the OFW population, and the continuous liaisons of locals with foreign partners, and the ever weary traveler (be it for leisure or for business), there is a great opportunity to provide top quality accommodations and services that is second to none locally. Demographic Trends *population of OFW’s in Phils, and in Agusan *population of marriages to foreigners population of traveling salesmen *current demographical characteristics of existing customers Socio Economic Trends The growth of OFW’s and foreign partners providing additional disposable income for prospective guests Competitive Trends Political Trends MARKETING BACKGROUND Target Market Demographic Profile Psychographic Profile Socio-Economic Characteristics Behavioral Characteristics SERVICES OFFERED Core Services Hotel rooms. Basic accommodation for travellers and tourists. Supplementary Services Cafeteria. Security. 24 hour check in and check out. Flower of Service