The age of enlightenment “ classicalism ” which ran from 17th to 18th century had the undermentioned values: In classicalism, both nature and human nature are governed by ground merely because ground is valued over mere imaginativenesss. Peoples are fundamentally good and with freedom, they are capable of doing a perfect society that non merely guarantees freedom but besides values societal over single or personal. Thingss are done in aggregation as a society and non at an single footing. In footings of twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life, everything is done in order, balance and harmoniousness with a tradition consideration. Classicism really influenced classical period in classical music.

Talk of classicalism, we have a period called romanticism. This period follows classicalism and it is thought as a rebellious to socio-cultural and aesthetics manner of behavior that was being practiced by so. Idealization and reason are extremely rejected with valuing of emotions and intuition over ground. Thingss are done in emotions and prefer the senses over the mind. Here, personal or single is valued over the society. The beauty every bit good as enigma of nature is greatly appreciated. Therefore, the focal point is on the human nature taking into considerations the personality, the tempers, passions every bit good as interior battles. This period influenced romantic period in classical music.

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Get downing with aesthetic/theatrical issue, I will see music. Music of the classical period was characterized by the undermentioned characteristics. The music sounded light with clear textures to the ears and this was a major factor that kept people listening to the classical and neoclassical anthem. The music was composed of short tunes with clear cut pleasances. The rimes and the construction of the music ever kept attending to the balance, order and proportion every bit good as the importance of the construction. Sonata signifier development was besides greatly adhered to. Examples in this context include: Mozart ‘s Sonata No. 7 in C, K. 309 and Mozart ‘s Concerto

Nr. 17 in G major.

Talk of music, music of the romantic period had the undermentioned characteristics. The music emphasized on the powerful look of emotions that non merely involved love but besides other types of emotions like decease or hatred. There is besides rise of the consummate performing artist with larger orchestra, larger scope of pitch every bit good as volume of the music. The music besides entrenches rich harmoniousnesss every bit good as more usage of chromaticism. Sing the music subjects, the music gives involvement in subjects that relates to far off lands, nature, dreams and more so the occult or the cryptic. Examples of music of the romantic period include Beethoven ‘s Moonlight Sonata and Rachmaninov ‘s Piano Concerto No. 2 in C child, Op. 18.

Sing the social-cultural facet, classicalism culminated several old ages of western civilization including political relations and doctrine that were stated by Romans and Greeks that led to broad western democracy. Socially, classicalism considered work forces and adult females as socially equal with same right to life, autonomy and to chase of felicity. Precedence was given to the usage of ground in work outing societal issues with cosmopolitan thoughts and rules put into consideration to make a common land while still giving room for the persons, faiths and civilizations.

Talking of social-cultural organisation, Romanticism reacted to the facet practiced in classicalism in a rebellious mode. The civilization of ground and universal became disused since the war and societal unfairnesss were on a lifting border and many societies were still oppressed. Therefore, romanticism replaced universalism with individuality ( uniqueness of every civilization ) and ground with passion and battle. This was now the new attack and solution to jobs that occurred during classicalism.

Political Analysis: Tartufe

Letter of a Contemporary Performance

At the clip I entered the theater, all the seats were about full. Audience from different political and societal categories had already arrived and set for the drama. Bing a male in-between category individual working as a journalist, I had to happen myself a place in forepart in an country created for the general populace to be able to concentrate on the event and at the same clip gather some studies about the public presentation and other reactions. Of class the VIPs had their particular agreement set for them with a different monetary value from the remainder. In the theater, present were audience from different societal categories. I merely managed to place two categories being the high category and the general populace. The high category person had seats reserved for them in a separate compartment of the theater from the general populace. The manner of dressing could state everything. As an audience, I went to hold merriment, laugh, bask the public presentation and larn some few lessons from the drama. Before the event kicked off, the director of the theater welcomed all the audience with specific accent on the powerful creative persons and politicians who were present. This is the clip I realized that even the sovereign was present at the event.

As the public presentation kicked off, people could non state precisely what the subject of the drama was to be until some two performing artists came on phase to remind us that this was a drama and non a existent life state of affairs. Normally, events that take topographic point in a theatre represent existent life state of affairs and this was the outlook of most of the audience nowadays. However, Moliere broke this convention to do the audiences believe that a theater is simply an constitution and that whatever that was traveling on was a drama and non a existent life event.

The facet of the public presentation that made a great impact on me and besides to the audience was the subject of the public presentation. Concentrating on the subject of the public presentation which was “ this is a drama and non existent life ” , the audiences were frequently reminded that this was a drama and non a existent life. This thought gathered support from other things including the presence of two work forces who were have oning masks and histrion ‘s public presentation dressed in black frocks and nesss. They acted a function of dividing the drama scenes by sometimes concealing performing artists and besides moving as a door to divide the public presentation. Personally, I think there presence on phase was to give support to the thought that this was a drama and non a existent life event. The thought was besides supported by assorted gestures and mummers which sounded overdone. What I did non like about the drama was really the topic which was related to the present society. Despite being in its originality, it sounded ordinary and did non do me retrieve it and believe of it after the drama. However, there was wholly no ennui among the audience and I could state this from the sounds, heartening and the facial look from the audience. This was because of the pacing which was kept changeless and took the attending of the audience at all times me included. Other things that kept the audience off from bored were the illuming up system during the public presentation which kept on altering and the background music whose velocity was directed as the moving went on. The dressing manner of the histrions was besides another appealing characteristic of the twenty-four hours.

By and large, I enjoyed the public presentation, laughed a batch and from the facial look, heartening and reaction of other witnesss, I believe they besides enjoyed the drama. It was fantastic.

Psychological Analysis: Fictional character “ Subtext ” or Motivation for Passion

Life is a dream

Life is a dream is a Spanish age drama set during the fabulous version of the Poland ‘s land. The drama reveals the narrative of Basilio who decides to direct his boy, Segismundo to prison at birth with a ground that the astrological surveies he has been set abouting has given him a fright that this boy might turn up and go rebellious or be a autocrat to his authorization. Calderon gives a first manus consideration to two forces of free will and determinism which appears to contrast each other in this fable as the forces responsible and required to determine human character every bit good as fate. Sing the subplot, we find Rosaura who seeks to look for Astolfo for disgracing her after the matrimony promise. The jobs examined by Calderon are largely related to retribution and award.

In this paper, I will contract down to the psychological science of one character in this drama called Segismundo and his battle for his passions. The issue I will be concentrating on is his battle to turn over his fate and autonomy. Segismundo being the boy of the male monarch of Poland, Basilio, lived a life of non even cognizing his individuality due to his male parent ‘s fright that he might turn his dorsum on him following the astrological surveies. At birth, he was imprisoned after his male parent ‘s charting with his horoscope which revealed to him that his boy will turn up and be a unreliable boy every bit good as a barbarian swayer. After some clip, his male parent devised regulations that finally freed his boy from prison and gave him the power of a male monarch merely for a twenty-four hours. But because of the ferociousness and the cruelty of his boy, the male parent eventually confirmed his fright and ordered him to be returned back to the prison.

However, after his release from the tower for the 2nd clip, he struggles a batch and overcomes his ferociousness every bit good as his earlier predestined individuality. This is what we call battle for passion. The civilization of the Hispania at that peculiar clip lied in the horoscopes uncovering. But we see Segismundo fighting to turn over his fate and his foreordained individuality. Harmonizing to how he describes himself and besides how other people describes him, Segismundo is really a animal or merely force of nature. He is usually clothed with things like animate being teguments and he is fond of contrasting himself with fish and other animate beings like serpents, watercourses every bit good as vents. Merely before he is taken to tribunal, Clotaldo comes in and make full his head to go an image of an bird of Jove. Sing the significance of his name, it stands contrary to the predatory imagination and the occurrences that are environing him and mean his victory for his unchangeable destiny that is written in the stars. His name Segismundo which means triumph and defender harmonizing to the Germans justifies his stoping when Rosaura comes in his image and awakens new perceptual experience in him. Through her, Segismundo gets to understand the significance of award. Rosaura wholly parallels Segismundo ‘s actions and serves as his usher finally wining in change overing him. Therefore, Segismundo finally succeeds in carry throughing his battle for passion and autonomy with transition into a loyal individual unlike the Hispania ‘s horoscope predetermined his fate. Personally, I consider this as a battle and battle for passion and upset of nature.

Video Report – “ Script Coverage ”

Title of the movie: The New World

Director: Publius terentius afer Malick

Screenwriter: Publius terentius afer Malick

Stars: Colin Farrell, Q’orianka Kilcher and Christopher Plummer

“ Log Line: ” a one or two line sum-up of the movie

A movie or a play having an adventurer called John Smith and the seventeenth century clang that existed between English colonists and the Native Americans

Plot Outline

The seventeenth century adventurer John Smith and some other few work forces goes up the river to prosecute in trade with the Indian opposite numbers where he falls in love on mere befriending of the princess Pocahontas. At this clip he was in love, Smith was to still execute his functions and duties as the nowadays of the Jamestown every bit good as face the challenges that befall him on which way to take between remaining with the fallen apart settlement or make up one’s mind to travel up the river in the universe to love Pocahontas. With clip, the Indians come to recognize that the English does non intend to go forth and hence, they decide to establish some onslaughts against them. However, some of the English work forces at the garrison decides to capture Pocahontas and makes her their surety to protect them from being attacked by the Indians. The male monarch of Jamestown orders immediate eviction of Smith from the town and at the same town a wealth baccy plantation owner comes in to settle in the town. While populating at that place, Pocahontas adopts the English civilization and once more falls in love with this baccy plantation owner called John Rolfe. Finally she finds herself falling apart in doing a determination on who between the two to dedicated to.


The major subjects that were apparent in the movie were love and decease. The subject of love becomes apparent when Smith goes up the river to run into indigens and carry out trade for their necessities like nutrient. Alternatively, Smith survives entirely out of the whole brigade and meets a beautiful lady called Pocahontas whom he falls in love with. But because the two are from different cultural backgrounds one being English and another being native American, their true love is hindered from being ideal. Although there are some scenes of familiarity between the two, gender is non emphasized but the Acts of the Apostless of speaking and gazing at each other are given precedence. Because the male parent of Pocahontas was the male monarch of the Jamestown in which Smith had gone, he becomes so disquieted with his girl for falling in love with an English adult male. Bing capable ( king ) of making anything to Smith, Pocahontas decides to put on the line her life and protect Smith from being killed. She does this until Smith is eventually evicted out of the town safely. She risks her life to protect Smith and others from being attacked by the Asians by being their surety.

The issues that evolve in this movie are about religion. Towards the terminal of the movie, we find the long held traditions of the Indian ne’er to be converted into Christianity are broken when Pocahontas decides to acquire baptized and be converted into a Christian. She is quoted praying to the Godhead to assist her be low. This is non normal as the Indian culls Christianity and at no clip will you happen one of them being converted to a Christian.

The point of connexion that is apparent in the movie between historical civilization, clip period and theatrical tradition comes towards the terminal when all the traditional ties are broken and assorted civilizations merged including alteration of faith. Pocahontas eventually marries Rolfe who adopted the English civilization.

The audience that will happen this film interesting and appealing are the adult ups who are 18 old ages and supra. This is because they understand emotions, faith and love. Young people may happen it non good due to some scenes of long caressing and others that suggest nakedness.

Personally, the subjects were good and the characters demonstrated the subjects in a perfect mode. The way and ocular narrative stating was of high quality and appealing and the general narrative was fluxing. However, the lone thing that I dint like about this movie is the manner Christianity was portrayed. The English were portrayed as cruel and barbarian people while the Indians portrayed as low, civilised and welcoming people. To me, Christianity is about declaration that everyone is a evildoer by nature and needs to atone.