Many researches in UAE have shown that this is lone part in the whole universe which is largely dependent upon the non-national labor i.e. labor from other states. The chief ground for this is considered to be the demographic instability in the part. These non-national labors are besides called as impermanent labor. On one manus, these relationships are good for the state, while on the 2nd portion, it has given rise to many issues as good. Indeed, this is considered to be one of major challenges both for authorities and the citizens as good. The ratio of non-national labor to national labor is really easy noticeable. The labor markets are extremely partitioned and ingestion of productive engineerings is really limited. The labor assigned is really inexpensive and elastic. Sometimes, demographic instability and state ‘s national demographic profile are considered to be two different issues, but straight or indirectly they are linked with each other, affect each other. Talking or discoursing about one will somehow point to other. Research workers have shown that the policy shapers are non concerned about cut downing the figure of such non-national labor which is no less than like aliens in the state.

This issue is a major concern for one more ground as good. The ground is the response of the higher governments which are governing the provinces. The responses of all the provinces have added to the demographic instability in one manner or the other. Some of them have increased the wage of the authorities employees, even by 100 per centum without caring about the virtues. As a consequence, the freshly alumnuss will be inclined more towards the authorities sector or public-sector occupations, and the private sector will go on to necessitate more non-national staff to attach to them.

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During the Arab Spring, the protestors who called for the reformation in the GCC were the subjects merely and they demanded for more authorities occupations. With this we can see that demographic instability is an emotional issue, but the chief growth concern is that it affects the employment of subjects.


Now we study the demographic instability in the state. The entire population has been increased by a considerable rate within half a century. In 1950, the overall population was 40 million and by 2005 it was increased to 40 million, which is well a really frequent population addition in all over the universe in that period. Even in five old ages, the population has merely doubled in UAE i.e. from 2005 to 2010. It is estimated that by 2020, the population will turn another 3rd. Particularly with the work force, the demographic instability is noticeable in all the provinces. It is most in Qatar and UAE. Both these economic systems are richest across all natural-resource-wealth states every bit good as have huge economic variegation undertakings traveling on in the states. So, both the economic systems will go on to necessitate big figure of impermanent non-national labor because these states have a really little sum of work force and unequal figure of good skilled labor. ( Labour Law in Dubai UAE, 2012 )

We can non state that there is a good sum of employment provided by these states. It is said that unemployment is predominating in the immature states at a high rate. The public sector is non able to set the immature, yet to be employed people, to employment and this applies to a bulk of the people. Unemployment is the biggest issue across the gulf. In Saudi Arabia, the authorities provided many installations in the populace sector and increased rewards, someplace to 100 per centum. But all these pieces of bates were non plenty to contend the unemployment. This led to many unexpected effects. Many employees of private sector left their houses and companies in order to take advantage of the installations provided in the authorities sectors. This resulted in per capita resource to be lowest in the states like Oman, Saudi Arabia and the three GCC states.

Issue of demographic instability has become a subject of treatment among the citizens. It has besides become an issue of serious concern. In a study in 2007, 600 Emirates were surveyed and the demographic instability in UAE was ranked the top most unbalanced state sing its human ecology and besides as a large and serious hereafter challenge for the citizens every bit good as the authorities. After so many remarks by the media and the public statements, many authorities bureaus are now seeking to take the steps to cut down the hazard and effects of the issue.

Due to extraction of hydrocarbons on big graduated table, no colonial power showed involvement in acquiring involved in the personal businesss of the state which was semi-nomadic in its population. Even under the regulations of Dutch British and Portuguese etc. There was no noticeable alteration in the migration. The life remained unchanged for centuries and no colonial regulation for long clip.

In early 1970ss, the state developed with a rapid rate hence figure of foreign occupants besides grew at a frequent rate. Peoples wanted work from demand every bit good as from supply side. There is a immense influx of migration in the GCC because there are really few regulations which exist to modulate the aliens in the state. The aliens will ever be considered as impermanent migrators merely, non the immigrants. In other states, there are some legal formalities and regulations and ordinances for naturalisation. But GCC is rule fee. ( Is UAE still attractive for exile workers? , 2011 )

The Arab swayers had great aspirations and development programs at the clip of independency. At that clip new state provinces were emerging out and they required manpower and skilled work force in a great measure and quality, which were unequal at that clip. This led to migration influx of foreign and unskilled labor in the state. At that clip there was a deficiency of strategic planning for migration and the focal point was merely on the development of the substructure in the state and services. This developed an economic development theoretical account, which emphasized on the deployment of non-national workers. This created an effectual system in which income was drawn from the citizens non from the virtues. This ability to shelter labor and purchase engineering and cognition revealed that human-capital is non the cardinal precedence every clip.

There were some more positive effects of unregulated migration. It created a really high and good criterion of life. The domestic employees in the gulf are more than the household members in many families. 96 per centum of people employ domestic aid to turn their kids and these workers have to execute 80 per centum of the undertaking done by the parents and carry out their duties. This shows that people in these states are dependent upon the foreign and non-national labor and they impact them straight in one manner or the other.

There are some political impacts of demographic instability every bit good, which must non be ignored. In 1950s and 1960s, the migrators besides brought political thoughts with them which proved to be challenges before the opinion powers of the gulf. The migrators like Egyptians and Yemenis, spread thoughts of socialism, Nasserism etc. These challenges were faced and defeated by the new emerging provinces, after 1970. These provinces brought development and new leaders among public who brought up local conservative patriotism. They besides gave rise to neoliberalism. Due to this, the political invasion of non-nationals was decreased during the period of 1970s and 2000s. The migrators became merely the impermanent properties and non of so much importance and were no more a challenge to the governing powers of the state at that clip. This strengthened the political powers of the monarchies of the gulf and at present they are rather powerful than they were in the earlier clip. The migrators now play a important function in the economic system, authorities proviso services and in contracts between the common people and the swayers. They are profiting the by their inexpensive employment and domestic staff.

Depending upon the foreign labor has besides become important to cardinal substructure as good. Today, the population is more from the Indian subcontinent. This may farther set an impact on the foreign every bit good as domestic policies of UAE as in India, the economic and military will go on to turn. ( Traveling to The United Arab Emirates, 2012 )

If there is a big migration, so there is some cost of migration as good. The cost of migration can be measured in footings of-

Remittance escapes.

Labour-market rigidnesss.

Infrastructure costs and

Low productiveness degrees.

There is some hazard to the society which is hard to mensurate but it may include losingss like civilization, their values and norms and their linguistic communication. It may impact other factors like increase in offense, hatred, may impact civil agitation and may besides go forth an impact on foreign policies of the state.

It is clear that non-nationals are required, but it would be good for any state, including UAE, to halt depending on them wholly as a beginning of rent. However, on the other manus, the demographic instability is a necessity, both in footings of economic system and life manner.

There are some policy options and responses, which are every bit of import to be considered. These policy responses can be featured in three ways-

Labour- market nationalization in the state.

Educational reforms in the state.

Change in the sponsorship system which is traveling on.

The nationalisation policies seem to be failed today. These policies may be considered as uncomplete successes or compete failures. The demographic instability needs considerable reforms at two levels- regulative and social degrees. These can be realised merely if there are major alterations in the economic theoretical account every bit good as in the opinion deal. These passages are good, but this is besides known that every passage does non profit each and everyone. Some might hold left behind due to skill sets which are non plenty. Yet, there are no such solutions which can be put frontward. Those solutions which were rather considerable were non agreed upon by the private sector. One of the attack which emerged out as a solution was to let the non-nationals to remain maximal for 6 old ages. This was a dearly-won attack and would merely replace one group of non-nationals with other. ( UAE Government Announces Changes in Expat Work Visas )

The human ecology is affected by assorted factors like birth rate, decease rate and migration. These factors are besides responsible for demographic alteration. In some of the GCC states, the frequent bead in birth rates may be reduced by pro-nationalist policies. The rate may even be accelerated, like in Oman, where there are many runs to advance birth. But the instability can be addressed by pull offing the migration decently and more closely and modulating migration in different ways. This state of affairs is really alone and hence demands alone solutions. There are many things which are taken attention in human ecology instead than merely taking at cut downing the figure of aliens or modulating them or diminishing their rate of turning. It must besides guarantee safety to the citizens by extenuating the hazard factors and by increasing their criterion of life. It is ever a inquiry that modulating the aliens and doing the citizens risk free can work together for long term or non.

One of the attacks in labour market is professionalisation and development of accomplishments in the work force. These alterations will certainly hold positive effects on the GCC states to stand internationally and on world on the land every bit good. The engineerings for labor salvaging would cut down the demand for the unskilled manual labor and would enable the private sector to pay good wages. Any policy which consequences in net incomes and credence of private sector among the jobseekers would diminish the figure of the foreign non-nationals required. Many states which are developed provide vocational preparation and follow rigorous criterions for profession, have blue-collar work map, which enhance the repute of the craftsmen. They besides provide sheepskin plans and short-run certification classs, which besides really of import.

In publicly available policy paperss, one purpose is mentioned once more and once more is to increase the work force in the citizens so that they can go more selective in the choice of foreign work force.

Advantages of expatriate labor in the UAE-

Everything has some or the other advantage of it and there are many advantage for the expatriate labor in the UAE. The chief ground that why tonss of people are attracted to work in UAE is that tonss of chances are at that place in UAE. Many astonishing occupation chances are available for the people and with a better life style for them. There are seven provinces in UAE and all are considered as really good topographic point for the people for occupation, harmonizing to some informations it has been found that about 50 % of the population in Dubai consists of exiles ‘ population and this informations clearly tell us that how people from different states are attracted to work in UAE. Dubai has besides showed a great growing rate and due to this more occupation chances are being created for the people and non merely occupation chance but besides many concern chances are increasing in Dubai. One of the most of import factor in the attractive force of the people towards this part is that no revenue enhancement is taken from the employees who come from different states, this is the most of import factor that why people are so much attracted to work in UAE. This can be good imagined that if people do n’t hold to pay any revenue enhancement so their earning will be more and their living criterion will automatically better. Besides there are many free zones created in Dubai so these free zones pull more and more planetary companies are attracted towards Dubai and therefore more and more occupation chances are being created. So it can be seen that tonss of advantage are at that place for those who are populating in Dubai so many people are migrating towards UAE and therefore here we have community with multi-racial people and all lives in harmoniousness with each other. Besides the household of the people who are coming from other states will non experience homesick because there are many musca volitanss to see which will non do them experience that they are off from place. There are beautiful societal scenes ; there are nines for athleticss, bars, restraint and many such things. There are tonss of good schools ; besides the offense rate is really low so people will experience comfy in life at that place and as everyone knows that there is no income revenue enhancement which is the chief factor which attracts people towards UAE. As we know that there is low revenue enhancement and due to this it has a positive impact on the cost of the figure of points. The points include vehicles, electronic goods and many local merchandises. The public-service corporations are besides much cheaper than many states because authorities provide the installations of subsidy on many merchandises like electricity, gas and H2O. So people get dual benefit as they do n’t hold to pay the revenue enhancement so they have greater nest eggs and since the merchandises are less dearly-won so they can purchase more things and still can salvage tonss of money. Besides English is widely used in UAE so people coming from other states do n’t hold jobs related with linguistic communication as about everyone can talk and understands English so no job related to communicating is at that place. So these were some of the advantages which attract people to work in UAE and therefore many people are migrating to UAE.

If any exile wants employment so he has to carry through some pre-requisite like for employment the exile employee have to do an application to give to the labour ministry in the UAE, the application must be approved by the labour ministry in front of the employee enters the UAE. The cogency is for three old ages and this can be renewed for the same clip period.

An employment contract is necessary which include the employment day of the month, day of the month of contract, nature of the contract, footings and conditions. Contracts may be of two types, limited and limitless employment contracts. In the limited one the contract is for some limited period of clip and tells the start and terminal day of the month, it can be renewed. In limitless type, there will be merely start day of the month but no terminal day of the month. The contract will merely be terminated if any party wants to end it, for this they have to give a 30 twenty-four hours notice to the opposite party.

There is an article related to the trial period of the employee in the jurisprudence. The trial period can merely be for six months and during this period the employer or the employee can end the employment contract at any clip without any compensation.

The jurisprudence besides province many safety steps for the employee ‘s wellness. The jurisprudence says that every employer has to supply every safety step for his employees and a first assistance kit should ever be available if some incident happens. The employer besides needs to supply the installations like nutrient, transit, means of amusement and many such things are been provided by the employer.

The jurisprudence says that the contract can be terminated in many state of affairss where both the parties want to call off the contracts by common apprehensions. All this has to be done harmonizing to the regulations given in the jurisprudence. Every method and ground for expiration is given and the related regulations are provided which can be followed to end the contract.

Disadvantages or the incommodiousness for the expatriate labour in the UAE:

Above were the advantages for the expatriate labor who are populating in UAE, but with advantages everything besides have some disadvantage besides and here it will be discussed about the disadvantages related to the exile people populating in UAE. We have seen many advantages which are pulling people towards UAE but late it has been found that there has been a good addition in the life disbursals for the people, which is a large disadvantage for the expatriate people in UAE. The rate of hosieries has gone to touch the skies and the lodging installations have become really expensive. It can be said that the cost of lodging has increased so much that it can be compared with the cost of house in the cardinal London ; this is the major drawback for the people populating here. The ground for the addition in the cost of life for the past two to three old ages is due to high rate of rising prices in UAE in this clip period. With the aid of a some informations collected it can be verified that there is tonss of addition in the rising prices and the information show that the rising prices rate has gone from 9 % to 15 % which is really much addition in the rising prices rate. So it can be easy said that the overall cost of life of the people is increasing which is a large disadvantage for the exile in UAE. These jobs chiefly exist in Dubai but Abu Dhabi the neighbouring topographic point of Dubai has less modernisation but here besides many jobs exists for the exiles. The chief job is that people from outside ca n’t purchase topographic points that is they can non hold topographic points of their ain so that they can construct their ain house. Due to this job all the people have to populate on rents and the leases in Abu Dhabi are really high and harmonizing to informations it has been found that the rent is about 15 % higher than Dubai. Besides a revenue enhancement called VAT is implemented in this part. VAT stands for value added revenue enhancement and it is implemented on the points which are used by the consumer on day-to-day footing and this revenue enhancement is applicable on about everything. Some more disadvantages for exile life in UAE are that the overall cost of life in recent old ages can be comparable to major metropoliss like London and New York, the single twosomes ca n’t populate together, no free schooling for the expatriate kids is provided, the worker ca n’t populate for everlastingly in UAE, the workers ca n’t alter their occupations as often and every bit freely as they do in their place state, tonss of regulations and ordinance are their if any employee wants to alter his occupation. The on the job hours may be longer than the hours people are used to work besides there may be some miss-match related to civilization in or outside the workplace. So these were the disadvantages which suppress the advantage of working in UAE and people who want to work here will hold to properly analyse all the disadvantages over the advantages. ( Disadvantages of Working in Dubai )


Here is the decision and it will incorporate the sum-up about the labor jurisprudence in UAE and what are its effects. The Labour jurisprudence is valid to all emirates of the UAE ; it is a federal statute law and is imposed by the ministry of labor and societal matter. In this jurisprudence some judicial proceeding are adjudicated by the federal and local tribunals of the UAE. The labour jurisprudence is applicable on all the staff and the employees who are working in the UAE and it does non depend that they are UAE subjects or exiles.

This jurisprudence covers all aspect related to the relationship of employer and employee, besides includes the contracts of the employment, limitation on the employment of adult females, care of the files and records, regulations related to go forth, figure of working hours, attention related to medical, safety of the employee, expiration of the contract and many other facets are covered in the jurisprudence.

The jurisprudence says that the work done by the employee should derive him some benefits, that is he should be given rewards for his service and the rewards can be any signifier like hard currency or they can be per twelvemonth, hebdomadally, on monthly footing or hourly or any other method. If some inducement and other benefits are mentioned in the contract so these are besides given other than the rewards. The basic pay means the sum specified in the contract and this sum was specified by both the parties and both the parties agreed for the specified basic pay. The UAE jurisprudence does non stipulate any minimal pay for the employees and the rewards can be paid in any currency as specified in the contract.

The labor jurisprudence besides has some guidelines for the portion clip workers, the pupils from college and university are allowed to work portion clip with certain conditions given by the labour ministry. The expatriate worker who is of 18 old ages or above can take a license for short term like he can take license for 60 yearss and this is a new regulation by the UAE labor ministry.

The employment of the young person under the age of 15 is a offense and is banned in UAE, but the people in the age group of 15 to 18 can work by taking permission from the labor ministry, but there are many limitations on their employment. The adult females ca n’t work from 10 autopsy to 7 am, working in this clip period is banned for adult females ‘s.

The jurisprudence clearly defines the figure of working hours for the employee, the working hours vary harmonizing to the class of the employee. The grownup employee can work for a upper limit of 8 hours per twenty-four hours or we can state 48 hr a hebdomad but this can be increased to 9 hours a twenty-four hours for some specific occupations like occupations related to hotels, guards, cafeteria and trade. If the employee demands to work on a weekend so he should be given off during the hebdomad clip as a permutation.

So we have seen many advantages, disadvantages and many facets of the labour jurisprudence and it can be said that despite of many advantages the 1 who wants to migrate to UAE must guarantee to analyse the disadvantage and besides have a proper survey of the labour jurisprudence and all the points under it should be decently studied, analysed, and so it should be decided that he need to migrate or non. Different people have different demands and living conditions and so some people will happen it good to migrate to UAE and some of them instead will prefer to work in their ain state and make up one’s minding non to migrate to UAE.