1. Introduction

In the age of economic association and integrating, transnational endeavors ( MNEs ) take the portion of of import function for the host economic system. They affects to activities of local houses on many facets. Harmonizing to the paper “ MNEs perpendicular linkages: The experience of Vietnam after Malaysia ” ( 2007 ) , Axele Giroud demonstrated that MNEs impact on development of local houses in Vietnam and Maylaysia upon the peculiar instance of each state.

2. Analysis:

2.1 Project Rationale

The research described activities of MNEs which influence on the host economic systems every bit good as graduated table of exchange cognition between foreign houses and local houses in both Malaysia and Vietnam. This conducts perceiving of reassigning cognition from MNEs to local houses. Furthermore, the linkages of foreign purchasers and local providers have impacted on the possible supporting industry, specifically on the upgrading of providers through related engineering transportation. They besides have brought attending of policy shapers due to of import function of them in host states.

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Throughout research principles including purposes, aims and hypothesis, the perusal of paper showed relevant issues. In the debut subdivision, the principles are manifested in fortunes, e.g. “ the impacts of MNEs on host economic systems have been studied carefully in the literature since the 1960s, but one facet that still needs better apprehension is the manner foreign houses influence the development of local houses ( Moran, 2005 ) , notably through their local buying behavior ” . Together with the survey of transnational corporations, the research focuses on chiefly concern Fieldss is electronics sector or fabrics and garment sector. These are two industries considered as pillars in the economic systems of states in the Southeast Asia. Malaysia and Vietnam are states that they have had recipient to a significant portion of foreign direct investing in these Fieldss. In add-on, the writer gives out the purposes of this research with “ research purpose is to measure the being and circumstance behind the transportation of cognition and engineering from transnational houses to their providers in Malaysia and Vietnam ” . Next, this is “ to compare the experience of the two states ” between Malaysia and Vietnam at the “ firm-level information collected ” . Furthermore, another intent of the research is to “ hold drawn upon lessons that can be learnt for two states in the footings of economic development ” . This makes good chances for local houses in which determines the possible acquisition and consciousness and contributes heightening the positive result of MNEs ‘ activities in host development economic systems. From linkages of MNEs-suppliers, the paper mentioned on the Vietnamese experience as a state has passage after Malayan instance. It will be bring benefits for Vietnam in sing the Malayan reformation instance as lessons for economic passage. Differences in the extent of cognition transportation were connected to the type of industry field, FDI experience of the host state, schemes of MNEs, subordinate features and province of local providers.

Furthermore, the aims of the survey include two major elements. Harmonizing to writer, foremost “ to show the possible for cognition transportation between transnational and their providers in both Malaysia and Vietnam ” ; secondly, it is “ to construct upon this treatment to propose avenues for Vietnam to maximise good linkages from MNEs ” .

Based on the hypothesis of the bing theoretical theoretical accounts, the research references integrating engineering transportation to a two tier production construction. Simultaneously, it is reckoned that the paper foremost assumes the impression that “ multinationals have positive effects on the development of autochthonal houses through the creative activity of perpendicular linkages and sourcing of intermediate merchandises locally ( other effects notwithstanding ) ” ( P.160 ) , and the following 1 besides depicts that “ the transnational engineering is superior to that of its rivals ” . It conducts enhancement the technological capablenesss every bit good as specialisation of the local houses in productiveness, trading and human resources development. Hence, analyzing literature reappraisal in more inside informations enabled writer to breakdown two hypotheses above into four another sub-hypothesis, which are:

– Sub-hypothesis 1: “ There is possible for cognition and engineering transportation from foreign affiliates based in Malaysia and Vietnam to their local providers ”

– Sub-hypothesis 2: “ The nature of the relationship between foreign affiliates and their providers alterations over clip ”

– Sub-hypothesis 3: “ Because Vietnam is a passage economic system, there is difference in the degree of cognition and engineering transportation from MNEs depending on whether they are located in Vietnam or in Malaysia ”

– Sub-hypothesis 4: “ MNEs ‘ cognition and engineering transportation to local providers contribute to the betterment of local providers ‘ capablenesss ”

2.2 Literature Review:

The survey of the influence of foreign direct investing houses in a passage economic system such as Vietnam, which has received mensurable flows of these houses since the mid-1990s, provides utile penetrations into foreign houses ‘ dealingss with local providers. First, it analyses firm-level informations in Malaysia and Vietnam and assesses the being of engineering and cognition transportation from MNEs to local providers and, following to compare the experience between the two states.

The literature reappraisal provides opportune subjects and theoretical models as old surveies used in this research are largely in past 6 old ages since, taken from the twelvemonth this research was carried out. The literature reappraisal in this diary is in deepness as legion of old surveies were conducted.

Review of old surveies and theories is relevant to the cardinal issues, i.e. research hypothesis, purposes and aims. A figure of literatures have been provided in this subdivision in order to back up the research objectivities that there is the possible of cognition and engineering transportations between foreign affiliates and local providers. The literature reappraisal identifies similar findings among surveies. Number of old surveies conducted by the writer even went beyond this aims, it besides indicated that the MNEs linkages besides provide informational, fiscal, organisational and managerial transportations which mentioned in recent surveies of Crone & A ; Roper, 2001 ; Ivarsson & A ; Alvstam, 2005 ; Lim & A ; Fong, 1982 ; UNCTAD, 2001.

Pulling from the literature reappraisal, many sub-hypothesis could be founded in this subdivision which indicates the jobs to be investigated and perchance solved. Some statistical informations were provided to turn out that Vietnam is a passage economic system and economic differences between Vietnam and Malaysia, accordingly to come up with the sub-hypothesis 3 that “ there is a difference in the degree of cognition and engineering transportation from MNEs depending on whether they are located in Malaysia and Vietnam ” ( p. 163 ) .

The reappraisal identifies the issue non antecedently considered in old surveies. Those are MNEs-suppliers dealingss in Vietnam will differ from those in Malaysia ; and Vietnam economic system is in passage. In his reappraisal, the writer utilizes the official statistic informations of FDI in Vietnam and Malaysia, and Vietnam economic environment which reflects the passage from a centrally planned economic system to a market economic system to show those two points above.

The reappraisal of other surveies and theoretical accounts go from the board construct to specific issues which needed to be studied, specifically look at the instance of Vietnam and Malaysia. The research goes from general construct of linkages, perpendicular and horizontal linkage in old surveies to the surveies on Malaysia and Vietnam. And once more, the intent of the survey derived from literature reappraisal is to reply the sub-hypotheses founded during writer ‘s literature reappraisal procedure.

Author besides indicates the methods used in old surveies to assist us grok the quality of old researches which can besides include the cogency, dependability, reflexiveness, transferability and the recent instance survey for cognition transportation. In this 2nd hypothesis of engineering transportation, the writer examine empirical surveies concentrating on instance surveies and firm-level informations to demo that “ with clip, linkages assist in upgrading domestic providers, through increased technological and other capablenesss and subsequent spillover effects on the remainder of the economic system ( Giroud, 2000 ; Kelegama & A ; Foley, 1999 ; Scott – Kennel, 2004 ; UNCTAD, 2001 ) ” .

However, writer confirms that the construction of perpendicular linkages has no good understood. The survey of linkages is good founded in the turning of economic system has non been synthesized adequately within the relevant theory of transnational houses ‘ activities. Furthermore, there has been no probe of the potentially active impact of MNEs on local providers through transferring of cognition and engineering, peculiarly, in the instance of Vietnam.

2.3 Paradigm and Design

The research used semi-structure questionnaire as the facts that is frequently related to qualitative interviewing. Method seems toward positivism paradigm, which most of the informations presented in tabular arraies and analyzed by “ quantising qualitative informations ” ( Hesse-Biber, N. S. , 2010, p.92 ) . In common with roll uping the point of views, remarks of directors, research integrates deductive method onto the semi-structure interviewing in order to back up the appropriate recognition in quantitative research. This makes the research going more likely to be epistemic doctrine.

Employing of the semi-structure questionnaire, one of the two major types in qualitative interviewing makes standing out the typical specialness of the research. Bryman & A ; Bell ( 2007 ) claimed that the research worker will hold a list of inquiries through utilizing a semi-structure interview on reasonably specific subjects. It frequently related to an interview direction in which the interview has a great trade of leeway in how to answer. However, inquiry may non follow on precisely in the manner lineation on the agenda. The inquiries that are non included in the usher possibly asked as the interviewers pick up on things said by interviewees. This indicates research workers can increase their comprehensive issues from sentiment of directors on how cognition is transferred and its impacts to local companies.

The design of this research is comparative design that is formed of transverse national research. It manifests to compare the graduated table of economic system, MNEs ‘ perpendicular linkages, invention of economic policies, reassigning of cognition and engineering from MNEs to local providers in each host state, Vietnam and Malaysia.

In add-on, the sample of research focal points on two industrial Fieldss including electronics sector and/or fabric & A ; garment sector. It represents for of import industry of each state, in which transnational houses have runing in two industries. Simultaneously, those two industries contribute a important portion of FDI in both Vietnam and Malaysia. Each state besides has moderate degrees of local sourcing of MNEs have different features “ 34 % of entire direct input purchased in Malaysia and 20 % in Vietnam ” ( p.166 ) .

In this research, factors indicate the difference of linkages in Vietnam and Malaysia. First, both states joined in the plans of economic liberalisation in 1986 with the New Development Policy in Malaysia and the Doi Moi policy in Vietnam. “ Malaysia had encouraged FDI since the late sixtiess and its success in pulling foreign investing is reflected in inward flows. Over 1986-91, the one-year mean FDI influxs were of US $ 1605 million in Malaysia, compared to US $ 68 million in Vietnam ( UNCTAD, 1998, p. 364 ) . In contrast, Vietnam became attractive for FDI in the 1990s. By 2004, FDI inward stock in the state reached US $ 29,115 million, up from US $ 20,596 in 2000 and US $ 1650 million in 1990 ( UNCTAD, 2005, p. 311 ) . Nevertheless, Malaysia has retained its differential advantage with FDI inward stocks of US $ 46,291 million in 2004, compared to US $ 10,318 in 1990. Malaysia ‘s experience with FDI pre-dates that of Vietnam, and its authorities has devised luxuriant policies to pull and to profit from FDI ( Giroud, 2003, p. 112 ) ” . Writer seems to compare the item informations each state for each period.

However, the sample issues of design exposes the characteristics of the houses between two states in which it makes a bias towards Malaysia with electrical field. Malaysia has been maintaining the velocity of fastest developing of electronic sector for many old ages. Vietnam, meanwhile, has been staying fabric & A ; garment sectors as its comparative advantage of lower-cost production, industrial field that Malaysia developed from 1970s. This sample still allows writer to place alterations in nature of cognition exchange between corporations.

2.4 Methods

The survey used semi-structured questionnaires for roll uping informations from directors who are working in foreign houses. The intent of the study is to “ analyze the activities performed by transnational houses and assess perpendicular linkages established in the host economic system ” ( p.163 ) . The perpendicular linkages in the questionnaires are included both backward and forward linkages. This paper concentrates on backward linkages with transferring of related cognition and engineering. The survey carried out and analyzed interviews in Malaysia and Vietnam during 2002. In at that place, 49 interviews of 88 fabrication companies in the five host states in ASEAN part are presented in this paper, chiefly Malaysia and Vietnam. The information of paper is portion of a bigger survey ( Mirza et al. , 2003 ) , for which sum of 113 companies were interviewed across ASEAN. Thus, writer does non confirm, how they accessed the samples every bit good as the ethical issues could hold non been evaluated yet.

Concurrently, non-probability specimen is used, instead than by the way choosing foreign corporations in Vietnam and Malaysia. The targeted sample is determined, in which foreign corporations runing in electronic and fabric & A ; garment sectors showing the big ratio of FDI in each state, and reasonably local sourcing relevancy.

The writer created rank mark to “ quantise qualitative informations ” ( Hesse-Biber, N. S. , 2010, p.92 ) , It describes in appraisal the premise behind cognition transportation between foreign houses and local providers and step the consequence of cognition transportation activities on capablenesss of local providers. Five point evaluation graduated table ( from ‘never ‘ to ‘very often ‘ ) is besides used to measure the activities of frequent cognition transportation in assorted facets. The writer so use descriptive analysis and T-test statistics to exam the frequent cognition transportation from MNEs to their providers. ANOVA trial was besides used to place the different impact of MNEs ‘ cognition transportation on their local providers in each state. Correlation is besides used to analyse the difference between the actives of cognition transferring and the continuance of concern operation in the host provinces. As a consequence, it shows that the elements effects straight to proportion of each other.

The qualitative informations collected from semi-structure questionnaires include directors in MNEs “ considerations to the possible alteration in organisational and strategic orientation included within the preparation transportation activities ” ( p. 166 ) and placing the influence behind the quantitative Numberss analyzed. They are “ aimed to polish apprehension of possible issues from the completed questionnaires through the usage of considered inquiries and careful appraisal of responses. “ ( Hill, Grange and Newmark, 2003, p.63 )

The methodological attack was adopted by look intoing the cognition reassigning method in foreign houses of assorted advanced production, direction or organisation. This rating assesses 19 transportation patterns concentrating on issues of production and preparation and foreign affiliates were indicated the range to which the foreign houses have knowledge transportation activities to local providers. Directors of foreign companies were asked about the interactions between MNEs and local providers. Such transportations can subsequently back up betterment the competencies and capablenesss of local providers. Author besides stated “ foreign affiliates interact with their providers deliberately ” by developing activities or “ by the way ” through manner of frequent exchange for cognition acquisition to the providers. Base on accessing impact of MNEs ‘ linkages, it considers rearwards cognition transportation which is the providers ‘ capablenesss are improved as a consequence of the interaction. Therefore, the survey is combined bivariate and multivariate analysis in foraˆ¦

2.5 Consequences and Presentation

Using ranking graduated tables and using descriptive analysis, the per centum of MNEs with frequent cognition transportation to their providers was presented in Table 2. It manifests the features of cognition transportation activities of MNEs in Malaysia in phase of 1996-2002, the important proportion of foreign affiliates on a regular basis participated in cognition transportation activities. These activities conducted more perpendicular linkages by houses in Malaysia than Vietnam. The sub-hypothesis 1 and the latter sub-hypothesis 3 have been confirmed partially in which there is no statistical difference in the measuring about local sourcing. Therefore, Sub-hypothesis 3 indicates the common impact between foreign houses and their local houses are less developed in Vietnam than in Malaysia. However, the difference of cognition transportation depends on each state.

Table 3 describes the per centum of impact on MNE ‘s cognition transportation to their providers through perpendicular linkages. Variations in their extent were linked to the field of industry, the FDI experience of the host state, schemes of MNEs ‘ features of subordinates and the province of the local providers. The information shows the directors ‘ perceptual experiences which are moderate, big, and really big betterment. This tables “ indicates important betterment in providers ‘ public presentation as a consequence of their regular concern with foreign affiliates ” ( p. 169 ) . This manifests sub-hypothesis 4.

The consequence of this research seemed cogency. Choice of sample is considered to be appropriate and presentable. However, the context of mensurating impact on MNEs ‘ cognition transportation to their local providers is grade of cogency restriction. It would be more valid if the sample including MNEs and local providers who would supply nonsubjective, important sentiments instead than merely foreign affiliates.

Data nowadays in the tabular arraies is besides considered to be dependable since informations frequence on cognition transportation activities used five point evaluation graduated tables to organize the responses, besides the perceptual experience on the impact of MNEs ‘ cognition transportation on improved public presentations merely collected responses that said centrists, big and really big betterment. Those methods give interviewees clear and structured replies that relevant to their instances.

Involving qualitative research methods in this research let the writer to admit the influences ( political environments ) , foreign directors ‘ perceptual experiences, premise that could underpin the significance of constituents gotten from quantitative research. In the literature reappraisal, non trusting on one theory with could be bias due to the limited position, writer employed many theories to enhance/confirm the premise. Therefore, two points above indicate that there is a grade of reflexiveness in this research, which are reflexiveness on theories and research methods

The tabular arraies are clearly titled and noted for better reading and apprehension. And the tabular arraies complement the treatment. The presentation of this diary is organized and in clear construction.

3. Decision

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