Economic growing is the enlargement of an economic system. The addition in the states ‘ gross national merchandise ( GNP ) causes economic growing which would assist develop a state increasing the criterion of life. Standard of life is the quality of life of the society.

Inflation decreases the purchasing power. Therefore, if rising prices additions it could ensue in a lessening in criterion of life.

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Employment brings gross to the state in the signifier of revenue enhancement. A high unemployment rate could ensue in high offense degree ; bead in labour productiveness and touristry. This affects could ensue in lessening in criterion of life.

A balance of payment is an history that analyses a state ‘s fiscal minutess with its trading balance. If a state gets a shortage in balance of payment, it may hold to utilize of militias. If the shortages continues and uses all the militias it causes the state to borrow which could do rising prices, accordingly diminishing the criterion of life.

These are aims are held by all authorities particularly that of United Kingdom. Growth of the economic system normally has an economic rhythm of roars being the extremum ( height ) of concern activity and recession being a diminution in concern activities.


Figure 1.1 UK economic public presentation ( 2010 ) cited in hypertext transfer protocol: //

UK is one of the universe ‘s largest national economic systems. Over the past decennary, UK economic system fluctuated and soon is experience fast growing harmonizing to BBC News ( 2010 ) . In 2009, UK experienced recession and in 2010, are rapidly retrieving from that province with an affecting rate of growing. It can be noted that the present GDP position of UK compared to that of 2000, appear to be about the same which is the highest of the 10 twelvemonth period. Therefore, within the past 10 old ages, authorities failed to accomplish economic growing.

Figure 1.2 UK unemployment rate ( 2010 ) cited in hypertext transfer protocol: // Symbol=gbp

This indicates that the unemployment rate was much lower in 2000 than 2010. The unemployment rate sky rocked early in 2010. It can be noted that subsequently that twelvemonth at that place was a bit by bit lessening in the unemployment rate but compared to other old ages, it is still comparatively high. Government was accomplishing lower unemployment rate but because of rising prices there was an addition of the unemployment rate. Government was able to accomplish low unemployment rate for a long period within the 10 twelvemonth period.

Fig1.3 UK rising prices rate cited in hypertext transfer protocol: // Symbol=GBP.

This shows that there was a drastic alteration in the rising prices rate within the 10 old ages. A gradual addition in the rising prices rate can be seen but for a certain period authorities was able to take down rising prices rate. Thus, authorities was to some extent achieve low rising prices rate for a period.


Figure 1.4 Components of UK Balance of payments ( 2010 ) cited in hypertext transfer protocol: //

As can be seen signifier above, the UK balance of payment ever in a shortage. In period, authorities was able to take down the shortage and therefore, better balance of payment. The balance of payments of the twelvemonth 2000 compared to 2010 showed a lessening. Therefore, the authorities is acquiring closer to equilibrating the balance of payment.

One of authoritiess ‘ major purposes is to command rising prices is portrayed in their policies. In recent times, the biggest job in most economic systems is the rising prices of nutrient monetary values. Therefore, it is in the authorities best involvement to seek to out steps in topographic point to diminish the rising prices in nutrient monetary values within the following 10 old ages.

The authorities needs to move rapidly cause monetary values of nutrient a quickly increasing which later, lower the criterion of life. Some policies that may be used to diminish the rate of nutrient monetary value rising prices are:

Sensitize on buying – Making consumers cognizant of monetary values where consumers may replace for cheaper replacement.

Increasing nutrient production- Government could give inducements to citizens who are in nutrient production and besides promote new persons. The authorities could give inducements such as: proviso of land for production and supply soft loans, that is, loans with a low involvement rate.

Government can besides take revenue enhancements and duties from cardinal nutrient points such as milk, staff of life and cheese – This would take down the monetary values and cause alleviation to consumers.

Implementing these policies may do a bead in nutrient rising prices within the following 10 old ages. Government should use the resource to forestall any hereafter increases to accomplish stableness.

Government plays an of import function in seeking to accomplish stableness in the economic system. In recent times, there was a suggestion that “ increasing the felicity of the population of the state ” should take precedence and should replace the 4 purposes of authorities policy.

Happiness can be defined a province of good – being and contentment. This suggests that felicity is a feeling and is qualitative. If authorities chooses to prosecute felicity instead than the 4 purposes of authorities policies, there would be a batch of trouble to make so.

Some of the troubles in authorities may meet in making so are:

Happiness is a qualitative and would be hard to mensurate. Harmonizing to BBC News ( 2010 ) , scientist believed they found a manner to mensurate felicity by inquiring people how happy they are. If authorities was to prosecute felicity, it would be clip devouring besides dearly-won. The information may besides be inaccurate as people may talk falsely. Besides, the clip it would take to acquire the information from every person, the information may be uneffective because it may be in inaccurate of present province.

Different things make different people happy. Harmonizing to Bill Crosby, ‘the key to failure is seeking to delight everyone. ‘ This implies that by there is ever something that would delight person and at the same clip do person else unhappy. Not everyone is the same and have the same moral and values. Therefore, because of contrasting personalities, felicity would be hard to accomplish.

Therefore, authorities who pursue this object would confront troubles.