Paul is in his 60s. He is a belongings investor. He is on the board of the local lodging association. He used to be in the nutrient concern. He lives with his married woman Wanda in Purbrook. They have two grown up kids.

They normally do their chief shopping at Waitrose, Waterlooville.

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1st Accompanied shopping trip, Waitrose, Waterlooville

Thursday 13 February 2003

They usually use Waitrose viridity bags to organize the shopping.

They use a handheld scanner when they are shopping.

Paul mentioned that they normally have dissensions when they are making the shopping. ( I could confirm this fact in my observations ) .

‘I have a theory that we should be after all the repasts for the hebdomad, and Wanda says no Lashkar-e-Taiba ‘s merely do it ‘ ( Paul ) . ‘I purchase what I feel like ‘ ( Wanda ) .

They merely write a list when they are holding people for dinner, and it ‘s particular.

Wanda: ‘the things that I usually pick up Paul does n’t ‘ .

During the shopping trip, I observed that they usually went around the supermarket in different ways. When I asked Paul about it, he said: ‘Well it is usually much more disrupted. We are on our best [ temper ] ‘

The bulk of the material that they bought was organic. ‘Theoretically, there is n’t much if you look ‘ ( Paul ) .

For meats they usually go to the meatman in Calclayne North from Waterlooville ( one time a hebdomad ) . They do n’t wish to purchase meat at Waitrose,

Paul liked to purchase different kinds of nutrient. Harmonizing to Wanda he had a inclination to purchase even nutrient that they had already in stock at place. The followers is an illustration of this state of affairs: Wanda: ‘what? You do n’t necessitate it you have a new one already in the electric refrigerator ‘ . Paul replied: ‘No I merely finished it ‘ . Wanda: ‘No you ‘ve got a new one already! ‘ ( she replied raising her voice ) . Paul wanted to purchase a Sn of shredded porc, and marmalades.

Paul told me as a secret that they loved to purchase and stop dead anything that is inexpensive. I observed that Paul tried to pick something up, but he doubted and left it. He said: ‘I am non allowed to purchase that ‘ . Wanda commented: ‘He merely wants to purchase because it ‘s inexpensive and so he does n’t utilize it. It gets wasted ‘ .

Paul liked to seek different staff of lifes ‘mentally believing what it would savor like ‘ .

They were purchasing less than normal because they were traveling out on Saturday eventide. ‘It ‘s a thin hebdomad this hebdomad ‘ , Paul said

When I asked about trade names:

Paul said: aˆ¦’I do n’t mind the brandaˆ¦on the footing that is organicaˆ¦makes us experience good. It does surely good ‘ .

When I asked about a certain trade name that he was purchasing: He answered: ‘It ‘s merely [ psychological advertizement ] . Buy that trade name instead than that trade name because I read a newspaper article about the local proprietor of that trade name ‘ .

They said that they did n’t usually purchase frozen nutrient.

Paul is non really acute to shop on Friday because there is a market in Waterlooville. ‘it ‘s awful crowded in the auto park on Friday. So Wanda is a prig, and she wo n’t travel to the market ‘ .

Wanda: what?

Paul: that you wo n’t travel to the market because you think it ‘s beneath you.

Tungsten: No no at all. Whenever I go my material is ne’er a deal ( ) . They do n’t give you what you see. They hide it behind the stall and take out everything else. I ever thought that when there was a market in Portsmouth.

Paul said that they usually spend ?100 in a shopping trip. They go shopping one time a hebdomad.

Paul buys vino in London. ‘I ‘ve got an agreement when I am in London. They buy instances and hive away them for me ‘ .

Paul and Wanda used to make their shopping in Waitrose Petersfield. They think that is more upper category. ‘I ‘m certain that Petersfield stocks fresh lobsters. Here they wouldn’taˆ¦Here they used to sell sushi, now they don’taˆ¦ ‘ ( Paul ) .

They go to the husbandman market in Winchester one time a month.

Wanda normally cooks flushing dinner but ‘Wanda prepares Sunday tiffin because ma told her ‘ ( Paul ) . Wanda argues that is because they go to the church and Paul sings in the choir. ‘I am non traveling to cook the repast at 8 p.m. ‘

Paul would wish to eat more fish but ‘the fish section here ( Waitrose ) is non really particular ‘

Diary ( merely Paul wrote the journal )

11 April- 20th April 2003

Day 1 Friday

Weekly shopping in Waitrose. Excess purchases: catering for a rotary dance.

I shopped Wanda advised

Milk bringing 3 times a hebdomad, besides orange juice.

Bought cocoa rare purchase ( Black & A ; Green organic ) .

Spent ?100 norm store for 2 people.

I try to take organic and British ( hard to unite )

Never purchase frozen or ready repasts.

Wanda eats tonss of fruit, I drink tonss of fruit juice ( laziness! )

Normally store Thursday eventide, but had been off so come on Friday which was more crowded

Always meet people whom we knew ( neighbors ) .

This hebdomad did n’t travel to the meatman


Do about all nutrient shopping at Waitroseaˆ¦familiar with layout

Like the unlittered aisles and absence of rough selling, and the handiness of manus scanners.

Do non like the fish counter but have no option.

Visit husbandmans market 3 times a twelvemonth.

Buy java ( and cheese for particular occasions ) from London

Sometimes purchase smoke-cured fish and Kippers from a company in Scotland ( by station ) .

Day 2-5: ( there was ) no shopping except milk bringings

Day 6: Thursday 17 April

Went to Waitrose. Besides visited the meatman in Cowplain

Weekly shopping but as it was Bank Holiday and boy was sing, bought excess ( about double our normal hebdomadal measure ( surprising how female parents look after their kids ) .

Bought for Easter weekend particular things ripe

Dislike shopping on yearss prior to Bank vacations there are excessively many shoppers.

Day 8-10 ( No shopping )

Concluding contemplation: ‘I knew that we were organised, now I am certain! aˆ¦we bought excess for the Rotary dance! Political campaign to eliminate infantile paralysis ‘

Normally we shop one time, really on occasion exceed up on Wednesday.


1.- You used to be in the nutrient concern. When was that? Now you are a belongings investor.

2. How long have you been populating in Purbrook? How many kids?

3. When have you started purchasing in Waitrose Waterlooville. And before was in Petersfield? Compare with the yesteryear

You are non really happy with this but you do n’t travel to Petersfield. Is it excessively far?

4. You usually go in different ways. Wanda said. The things that I usually pick up, Paul does n’t.

5. Why do you purchase organic? Does the trade name affair? Explain: ‘I do n’t mind the trade name on the footing that is organic ‘ , Paul said. He besides said ‘it ‘s merely psychological advertizement, I read an article about the local proprietor of that trade name ‘

6. In the journal you mentioned I tried to take organic and British ( hard to unite ) .

7. Why do you prefer to travel to the meatman for meat? How long is it from your house. Do you have any other and you prefer to go more?

8. Make you look into what is left in your closets and electric refrigerator before you come here to purchase?

9. Why do you love to purchase and stop dead anything that is inexpensive? Do you desire to salvage some money? You like to purchase inexpensive but Wanda says that so it ‘s wasted

10. Why do n’t you like to purchase frozen or ready, have you tried?

11. Shop on Thursday flush what clip. Do n’t wish Fridays because of parking space-there is a market in Waterlooville.

12. What do you like about Waitrose?

13. Visit husbandmans 3 times a twelvemonth, what sort of merchandises you buy?

14. Sometimes purchase fish and kippers from a company in Scotland

15 You said: ‘I knew we were organised, now I am certain! ‘ . Explain

Preliminary decision:

Paul and Wanda like to shop merely in Waitrose. They are really comfortable. They prefer to purchase Organic and British nutrient. Wanda ‘s male parent was a husbandman, and Paul used to be in the nutrient concern.