“ Case Study ”

In this instance survey, there are six offense scenes that are relevant to the offense occurred. They are the victim’s organic structure, the sofa, the upstairs sleeping room, outside the victim’s house, the suspect’s train and the forests.

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First, one of the offense scenes is the victim’s organic structure. The organic structure can give research workers hints for gauging when the offense occurred and the sort of arm used. Small fibers or Deoxyribonucleic acid could hold been left by the liquidator on the organic structure. Second, the sofa where the victim was found should be examined. The liquidator might hold brought in dirt from outside the house. Shoe print, blood and fingerprints might besides be found in the sofa. The sleeping room on upstairs is besides a offense scene of this offense since there were unfastened shortss with little sum of blood, this blood could hold been left by the liquidator, with the possibility of fingerprints besides being left on the shortss. Shoe prints, fibers could besides be found around the sleeping room floor. Another offense scene is outside the victim’s house. Shoe prints and fibers left by the liquidator might be found on the floor around the exterior of the house. There might be tire tread Markss if the liquidator got off in a vehicle. The murderer’s DNA could be found for comparing in the suspect’s train. If the suspect is stating the truth, so the individual who stole the apparels may hold left some physical grounds. Finally, the bag of vesture and the forests where the bag was found could besides hold fingerprints, shoe prints tire Markss and other hint grounds that the liquidator left behind when seting the bag at that place. 274 words

Harmonizing to the instance survey, contusions were found on the upper weaponries of the organic structure of the deceased, this could propose that there might be violence involved when the offense is occurred such as fighting. Other defensive lesions may besides be found. Harmonizing to Locard’s Exchange Principle, when two objects come into contact with one another, stuffs will ever be exchanged to some extent between them. This could take to follow grounds such as DNA, hair, fingerprints, bodily tissues and blood being left on the organic structure that could assist research workers follow back to the individuality of the aggressor. Research worker could besides mensurate the organic structure temperature of the victim to gauge when the offense occurred and clip of decease. Further probe could be done to find the cause of decease and mode of decease ( homicide, self-destruction, accidental, natural ) , and in this instance the arm used. by happening any hint groundss on the lesions. Incised lesions are caused by crisp objects, normally with loss of blood, while lacerations are caused by blunt objects.

The sofa is one of the most of import offense scenes since it is where the organic structure was found, bespeaking that it was most likely the primary offense scene. The blood in on the floor should be examined since the liquidator could besides be hurt and bleed on the floor. Fibers and hair may besides be left behind by the attacker. If the hair contains a root, cellular Deoxyribonucleic acid may be extracted. Fingerprint of the liquidator may be found on different objects in the sofa like the vesture that were lying near to the victim, the stool and the wall-mounted telephone. These groundss could assist the research workers find out who identify the liquidator is by comparing the blood group, DNA profile and fingerprints with those of the suspect. The liquidator might hold brought in dirt from outside the house into the sofa. Investigating the type of dirt would assist happen out the point of entry and topographic points where the liquidator had been to. The liquidator may hold stepped onto the blood and go forthing left behind shoe prints on the floor. These could so be used to contract down any suspects by placing the features of the shoe prints. For illustration the trade name and different wear-marks of the shoe wore worn by the liquidator culprit.

In the upstairs sleeping room, there was blood on the unfastened shortss. It could hold be left by the attacker. Fingerprints can be recovered on different objects in the sleeping room, particularly on the drawer. Fingerprints can be deposited on different surfaces in the room. Some fingerprints may be readily seeable, for illustration one deposited in pigment or blood on a surface. Some finger prints are unseeable and have to be detected by dusting fingerprint pulverization or chemical exhausts such as cyanoacrylate ( superglue ) . Different sorts of fiber may be found around the floor. By measuring the features of the fiber like what sort of fiber it is, where is it from, when is it made, etc. research workers will hold a better construct of the murderer’s trait. The grounds can be compared with the fibers found on the suspect or in the suspect’s train, to happen if there are sufficient alone features in common. Analyzing the blood, fingerprints, hair and shoe prints found on the opened drawer and the floor could besides assist happen the liquidator.

Besides different sorts of groundss found in the offense scenes inside the house, evidences found outside of the house could besides be of import to the instance. Different suspects that have been to the offense scene could go forth hold left behind fibers and hair outside and around the house. Investigating these groundss could assist contract down the suspects. And if the liquidator came in the house from the front door, the buzzer and door boss may hold been touched by him or her, go forthing fingerprints on the switch. Shoe prints may besides be found around the house if the liquidator walked around the house happening to look for an entry point. There might be tire paths on the floor around the house if the liquidator had arrived and/or left in a auto. By categorization, the research worker could set up features of the auto vehicle which the liquidator was on, like the type of tyre, trade name of the auto, weight of the auto etc.

The forests and the bag of vesture found are besides of import offense scenes. The murderer’s DNA, fingerprints and shoe prints may be found around the forests where the bag of vesture was found since different sort of hint groundss would be left behind when the liquidator put the bag at that place. Tire Markss may besides be left by the auto which the individual who put the bag there was in. Fingerprints, organic structure tissue and perspiration may be left on the bag of vesture when the individual was keeping the bag. The vesture inside the bag should besides be examined, particularly the ruddy hooded top which was blood-stained. With designation and comparing, research workers could place if the discoloration is blood or non, and is who the blood is belong to if it is human blood. Certain organic structure fluids, such as blood, contain substances which differ within the human population, doing them utile in distinguishing among possible suspects or victims.

The suspect’s train should be searched exhaustively to happen any grounds related to the primary offense scene. Shoes and vesture points may be used to compare with the grounds found in the victim’s house. Research workers should besides concentrate on retrieving the lost telephone French telephone and any possible arms used in the offense while seeking in the train. If the suspect that the constabulary interviewed was stating the truth that person stole his vesture from his train and wore it when perpetrating the offense, the train would go an of import offense scene of this offense. The individual who stole the apparels may hold left some physical groundss in the train such as fingerprints, hair and fibers form vesture which could assist happen the liquidator.