This assignment is a three page essay review over a two dimensional work of art. As you have learned in the first chapter. a review frequently involves both a formal rating of the work ( based on its physical visual aspect ) and a contextual review sing the artist’s manner. purpose. and historical clip period. You will see several inquiries which will assist you bring forth an essay about the picture “White Light” by Jackson Pollock. You should carefully read the chapter on two dimension art in your text edition foremost. Your response to the assignment must be prepared harmonizing to standard college authorship patterns. utilizing MLA format.

Disconnected sentences and spelling mistakes are non acceptable. so please be certain to spell look into your essay. Please do certain you write a lower limit of three pages. Your response should non be a list of replies. but instead a brooding response to each inquiry written in an essay. Devote at least a paragraph to each inquiry. 1. Using the footings in the text edition about colour. explicate what colour picks you see in this picture. For illustration. are the colourss primary. third. etc.

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Are they complimentary and intense of soft and close in value?

2. Does line or shape/form seem to be the most dominate component? Explain your pick.

3. Choice two rules of design you think beef up this work visually.

4. If it were possible to number the figure of beds of pigment. how many would you gauge there to be? Explain how you determined this. and explicate how texture is created in this work ( you might mention to the picture nexus for consideration if this inquiry ) .

5. See what elements excite our senses in this work. Is it contrast. is at that place a focal point? Does the work experience dynamic? You choose. but please explicate your pick.

6. Critics have described Pollock’s manner as “rendering energy visible” . Describe the temper or feeling of the energy this composing expresses.

7. Although Pollock is considered an Abstract Expressionist. he is besides labeled an Action Painter or a Gestural Abstractionist. Why do you believe these labels seem to “fit” this composing?