Make you cognize the look “”When in Rome. make as Romans do” ? This adage is a paraphrasis of Saint Ambrose’s instructions. who lived in 4th century. “When I am at Rome. – he wrote – I fast on a Saturday ; when I am at Milan. I do non. Follow the usage of the church where you are. ” Nowadays we say this phrase when we are faced with the established wonts and imposts.

Traveling on a journey we try to larn more about the state that we visit. We review the conditions prognosis. the intelligence about the political state of affairs. we take phrasebook but even prepared. we get confused when our gestures are interpreted falsely. In the procedure of pass oning with people of different civilizations. cognition of the elements of cultural-specific non-verbal communicating is necessary. After all. a mark which for us is considered normal in some states is an abuse. I can give an illustration of a really common mark – raising up the pollex. It is understood otherwise. The American hitchhikers use it to halt the passing conveyance. American demoing a fist with pollex up wants to state: “everything is good” . But in Europe a fist with pollex is chiefly used in another manner. If European drawing the manus up and indicating over his shoulder. it means that he is seeking to diss you. In some states. for illustration in Greece. this gesture means “shut up” so you can conceive of the state of affairs of an American. who is seeking to catch a lift on the Grecian private road! In Muslim states. this gesture is obscene. and in Saudi Arabia. jerking the pollex nervously means “get out of here. ”

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We can pique non merely by gestures. but besides go againsting other people’s imposts. Any nutrient which was touched by oral cavity or by used knife is called on the Nepali – “jutho” which means “desecrated. polluted. Offering this repast is regarded as an abuse.

And this is merely one little illustration. which shows that our imposts are different from others. And sometimes we even can non conceive of that we can pique other civilizations. So. if you are be aftering to see a foreign state you mustn’t bury that other country’s imposts and civilization can be different from yours.