This is the 41stmillenary — an age of wars. Since the God-Emperor of Mankind ended the Age of Strife and set up the Empire of Man 10,000 old ages ago, his 20 Primarchs [ L1 ] and boies started the Great Crusade to recapture every homo settlement which lost during the warp storm in the galaxy. As the streamer of the Imperium was distributing fast, the best boy of the Emperor — Warmaster Horus, betrayed his ain male parent disgracefully. We call it the ‘Horus Heresy’ .Half of the Emperor’s Space Marine Legions converted to the worship of the four Chaos Gods. Though these Rebels were finally defeated, the Emperor was critically wounded in the concluding conflict with his treasonist boy Horus and survived on life support in a relentless vegetive province on the Golden Throne. In the absence of his counsel, the Imperium has to go a really barbarous autocratic government. And now, the Imperium is merely fight for endurance. Our narrative begins from 60 old ages ago. That clip I was still served in the Imperial Guard in the 101stCadian host, served for the God-Emperor of Mankind as a normal guardsman. And I knew a adult male whose name is Charles Morgan, an old friend and a great fable of the Imperium of Man… …

Chapter 1: For the Emperor!

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The Far-East Segmentum [ L2 ] of the Empire

System of Chris

Chris No.1

West province

A oral cavity after set downing… …

“We need backup! Backup! ”A sergeant shouts aloud “There are excessively many of them! Retreat! Retreat! ” He waves his chain saw blade and cuts a caput of an ork “Fall back Guards! ”He shouts once more. The lasgun [ L3 ] in his manus keeps spraying lifelessly laser beams.

“Sergeant Morgan? ”A immature soldier bases beside him and says “Sir! We’re running out of ammunition! ”The immature soldier looks nervous “What we gon na make, sir!

Charles looks at him, the immature soldier had lost an oculus in the conflict before and his organic structure armour has torn, blood on his face.

He puts down the blade “I have no thought, merely pray to the Emperor” He says.

“Seriously, sir? ” The immature adult male says with fright on his face “But it has been three hebdomads since we were trapped here”

Charles glimpses at him “Don’t worry boy, our supports will come shortly, you must beef up you faith guard and retrieve, you are non contending for yourself or anything else, you are contending for the emperor! ”He turns around towards the immature soldier “On your pess guard! ”

The soldier catchs to attending.

“Who are you? ”He asks aloud.

“The adult male of Cadia! ” The immature adult male shouts.

“What are you? ”He asks once more.

“The Sledgehammer of the emperor and the basis of the Empire! ”He calls aloud, with craze on his face.

“Correct guard! Remember, we’re the ground forces from the Eye of Terror [ L4 ] and we have nil to fear! Now dismiss! ”

“Yes, sir! ”The immature adult male rapidly pick up his lasgun and gets into his place.

Charles looks around, they are in a little town in the West province of Chris No.1.Obviously orks have killed all the civilians before they came, he and his squad has been trapped here for three hebdomads, no backup, no fire support and no support. He knows that if there are still no backup or any supply, he and his work forces will shortly be exhausted and they will eventually go a large repast of these darns green loanblends.

“Waaaaagh! ! ! ”

“Orks incoming! ! ! ” A guard shouts.

“Hold your place guards! ”He says “In his name, onslaught! ! ! ”He puts the orks into the sight of his lasgun once more and pulls the trigger.

“Boom! ! ! ! ”Suddenly, a large detonation happens in the Centre of orks.

“What the H… … ”Then, a elephantine figure interrupts Charles, he looks up at the sky, and the sky turns into dark.

“It’s the ‘Kingfisher ’ ! ”A guard shouts excitedly.

“Praise the God-Emperor” Charles susurrations.

Soon the elephantine figure shows itself — The Imperial Luna category patrol car ‘Kingfisher ’ .

With the powerful canons on it, the orks are wholly in a muss.

“We made it! We made it! ”Charles cries excited “Here are our supports! ”

“Yeah! ! ! ! ” The last 10 guards burst into cheers.

“All right guards! ”Charles stands out from the sand trap “Let’s fight back! ”He shouts “Imperial Guard! Attack! ” He holds his chain saw blade and hastes towards the green sea in forepart of him “For the Emperor! ! ! ”The sawtooth of high-velocity rotary motion cuts a caput of an ork easy, with blood sprinkling on his face.

“For the Emperor! ! ! ” So excitedly did the 10 guards follow his measure, hold their lasgun and shoot frantically.

A large shadow appears from the skyline, it’s the Leman Russ chief Battle Tank, with 101ston its armour. The 400mm chief gun can lacerate orks’ organic structures easy, and three heavy bolters [ L5 ] on it could destruct everything which dares to near them.

Then, another two Leman Russ Tanks appear.

“It’s a armored combat vehicle squad! ” Charles shouts excited.

Then, more and more armored combat vehicles appear and after these armored combat vehicles, there are Armoured Fist Squads [ L6 ] , Veteran Squads and the best of all—the Storm Troopers, with Hellgun[ L7 ] in their custodies.

“God… … damned… … humans! ! ! ! ” A boom comes with choler.

“A Warboss! ” Charles screamed “Attention guards! ”

Then a large self-made missile fires from the green sea.

“BOOM! ! ! ” The Leman Russ armored combat vehicle in the forepart was destroyed in a 2nd. But evidently its’ rude behaviour attracts more and more attendings. Thousands of optical maser beams and slugs fly towards it.

“Waaaagh! ! ! ! ” The ork Warboss covers its’ face with its’ large manus. “I… … will… … be back! ! ! ” Then it turns about and run off rapidly. The remainder of orks can non maintain contending any more without their foreman and the guards shortly clear the country, direct every ork to the snake pit.

“Sergeant Charles Morgan! ” A captain of The Storm Trooper walks towards him. “Sorry adult male, we’re tardily, the greenskins from north slowed us down.”

“That’s OK, I’m already really glad that you come.”

“So sergeant, acquire on the Chimera [ L8 ] over at that place, let’s back to the ship, person wants to see you.”

“Someone? Who? ”

“A maestro from the Ordo Malleus [ E9 ] .” The captain says “Usually won’t be anything good you know.”

“Yep, to state you the truth, these greenskins are cuter than these judges.”

“Oh, I agree with you on that, so good fortune adult male, we have to travel now.”

Chapter 2: An impossible mission

“Judge Johnson! I’m stating you that’s impossible! ” At the span of the ‘Kingfisher’ , Charles shouts aloud.

“The Emperor needs you, sergeant! ” A adult male with a powerful powered armour says.

“If it is, your majesty” Charles says “The Emperor will ne’er give us a suicide mission! ”

“No, he won’t indeed.” The justice says “Only if the Imperium is in great danger.”

“Great danger? By who? These geenskins? You must be pull the leg ofing me! ”

“And you should cognize that I’m from the Ordo Malleus non the Ordo Xenos, so I’m non in charge of the orks’ business.”

“I know who you are, your majesty.” Charles says “You came for devils, but have you even think about what sort of devil will take such a hapless universe? ”

“You mean Chris? She’s non hapless in fact.” Johnson says.

“Oh, that’s non what I heard of.” Says Charles.

“Then what you think why you are here sergeant? ” He asks “If she is merely a normal universe, why would the dominating room send you guys here? ”

“What? ”

“I average it’s unneeded to direct a Cadian host to a normal universe, isn’t it? ”

“So Chris must be something wrong.” Says Charles.

“And it must be something about Chaos! ” Answers Johnson “Clever sergeant! ”

“So why don’t you find some Space Marines or Adeptus Sororitas [ L10 ] ? ” Asks Charles.

“Oh~you know what’s the significance of ‘stalk’ sergeant? What I need isn’t a war machine, alternatively, I want a adult male who can utilize his brain.” Says the justice “I need a undercover agent, non a super fuss-budget, do you understand me sergeant? ” He walks around Charles and says “And you are the adult male that I’m looking for.”

“Yes, your stateliness, as your wish.” Charles salutes to the justice.

“Good sergeant, now come with me, you are non alone.”

“You mean there is still some else will fall in the mission? ”

“You will see.”

… …

“What? You want me to work with these cats? ” In the saloon of the ship, there are seven work forces sitting in the corner of the saloon.

“Let me present them for you sergeant.” Says Johnson the justice “The tallest adult male over there is the ill-famed plagiarist — ‘rattlesnake’ and the pretty lady in forepart of you is the bravo from the Officio Assassinorum[ L11 ] names Brambles, the beautiful lady on your right is Alyssa Linster from the Alaitoc [ L12 ] of Eldar and the bald cat on you left is the celebrated soldier of fortune from Catachan — Eugene and the last gentleman over there is brother O’stantintic from the Adeptus Mechanicus[ L13 ] ! ”

“A group of mobs.” Charles susurrations.

“Hey! You wan na cause problems boy? ” The bald cat cries.

“I’d love to, bastard! ” Charles provokes.

“Come male child! I killed 1000s of work forces like you! ” Eugene laughs “Useless guardsman! ”

Suddenly, Charles takes out his combat knife and set it to his cervix “Say it once more! ” His cries “Who is useless? Who! ”

“Easy sergeant.” Johnson appears “Impulsive immature man.” He sighs “And you! ” He all of a sudden point at Eugene “Shut up your mouth Eugene! We are a squad now! ” He looks around “I don’t want to see anything like this an more! Are you clear? ”

“As your wish, your majesty.”

“You have three hours, see you at the bridge.” Says Johnson “Now dismiss! ”

… …

“All right cats, our program is… … ” In the span of the ‘Kingfisher’ , a group of work forces with different position and religion gathers together.

“So that is our program, you get it? ” Johnson says “Captain Wolf of the Imperial Navy will drop us in the north pole of Chris No.1, there is an ancient temple and we’re gon na stalk at that place to happen out what the misbelievers are making at that place, and so set them and their concern into snake pit! And during the mission the ‘Kingfisher’ will be ever above us! Are you clear? ”

“You got it! ”

“What about you, Sergeant Morgan? ”

“I’m mulct, sir! ”

“All right cats, from now, bury who you truly are, retrieve, you are merely like ‘them’ ! ”

“No job, sir! ”

“All right, the Emperor protect! ” Johnson prays.

“The Emperor protect! ! ! ”

“Let’s travel out! ”

-Charming Lee

See you following season!