Relativists argue that there is no absolute jurisprudence that gives counsel as to what is right or incorrect. What is ethical or unethical depends on the person or their civilization such that what is unethical to one individual can be ethical in another person’s civilization. With relativism. one can non go through judgement on another person’s moral criterions utilizing their ain criterions ; they can merely suit the other person’s point of position as everything is right and ethical relation to a peculiar civilization or even an person ( “Ethics and societal responsibility”2010 ) . Goodman ( 2010 ) argues that relativism can non and should non be a criterion for morality. Some things are merely incorrect regardless of an individual’s beliefs or even civilization. Every society determines its regulations and via medias and absolute Torahs can non be made without compromising some civilizations ethical bases ; nevertheless. rules are rules and some things can non be comparative. Goodman ( 2010 ) gives a few countries where the inquiry of moralss should non be left to relativism but a cosmopolitan criterion of moralss should be adopted.

These countries include: race murder. politically induced dearth and source warfare ; terrorist act. surety pickings and child warriors ; bondage. polygamy and incest and colza and female venereal film editing. Goodman ( 2010 ) argues that slaying is incorrect. merely because it puts an terminal to a person’s life. Genocide is a moral atrociousness and wholly incorrect non merely because it involves riddance of many people but besides because it is driven by hatred towards a peculiar group people. It dehumanizes such people and gives the culprit authorization to find who lives and who dies. Some use famine and germ warfare to extinguish humanity. It is an unfairness that all of us should stand up and talk against because neglecting to make so makes us party to the offense. Terrorists target guiltless civilians in a command to do an impact and turn out their point. The success is measured by the extent of desolation. harm. and the degree of inhumaneness in the terroristic act.

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Their sympathisers argue that it is a necessary response to despair. Terrorism though. is a offense and it is incorrect in every conceivable manner. It violates human self-respect by handling human existences as objects and a agency to an terminal. Singer as cited in Goodman ( 2010 ) estimates that there are 300. 000 child solders. They are recruited or kidnapped from a immature age of 9 or 10 old ages old. Some are drugged. tortured. and some are even used and sold as sex slaves. They are forced to perpetrate atrociousnesss therefore being emotionally and even physically scarred for life. Slavery is still really abundant in today’s universe. Bondage does non kill a individual but strips them of their self-respect as a human being. The U. S. State Department estimates that between 700. 000 and four million people are trafficked yearly across boundary lines with the promise of better occupations and a better life merely to stop up in harlotry and unpaid domestic and building work every bit cited in Goodman ( 2010 ) . Human existences should non be used as a trade good. Some people try to get away the horrors of suppression merely to happen an even worse destiny.

Polygamy excessively strips adult females of their self-respect as most polygamous work forces marry many adult females as a show of wealth and power therefore doing their married womans mere objects. Incest excessively is a breach of a person’s privateness and self-respect particularly for girls. Relativists argue that polygamy is entered into freely and romantic love is a recent innovation. They besides argue that different civilizations have different Torahs on polygamy and incestuous relationships and each society should be left to modulate it. Marriage and sexual relationships should be a pick non something thrust forced upon an person. Rape is incorrect because it’s violent. exploitatory and treats a individual like an object. It non merely causes physical injury but besides mental and emotional torment. Rape is merely incorrect irrespective of the civilization or fortunes involved. Everybody should hold the right to state what happens to their organic structures. Clitoridectomy removes the organ that is responsible for a woman’s sexual pleasance therefore denying them the right to bask sex. Some civilizations think that a adult female experiencing pleasance from sex will do them promiscuous and fornicatress.

Clitoridectomy is a mutilation of a women’s organic structure that should non be tolerated in the universe today. Some position relativism as the easy manner out in doing ethical determinations ; a manner of avoiding confrontation but in affairs like mass slaying or colza. reasoning that colza is incorrect in my civilization but O.K. in other is barely sufficient in reprobating such a flagitious offense ( “Ethics and societal responsibility”2010. ) . It is non possible to put cosmopolitan and absolute ethical criterions in everything. In some countries what is right or incorrect depends on the civilization or the single. In some instances ; nevertheless. what is right or incorrect can non be left to different societies or persons. When it comes to human life and self-respect. some criterions must be set. Killing. colza. and mutilation for illustration violate human self-respect and dainties human existences as objects or ownerships.

It is non all right to digest such Acts of the Apostless merely because a certain civilizations permit it. When a certain group of people rise up and secret plan to extinguish a certain race or faith. it is our responsibility as the human race to stand up against it and protect the rights of the minority. Life and freedoms should non be granted to certain people merely because of their ethnicity or faith. It should be a right for all born into this great universe. Who are we as persons to take away another’s rights and aspirations?

Relativism helps make tolerance when associating with people from different civilizations or spiritual positions but fails when it comes to reprobating patterns that are merely incorrect in the name of esteeming another’s civilization and sentiment. We can non to the full dismiss relativism in covering with moralss but at the same clip we can non to the full embrace relativism. In the instances presented before you today. there should be an absolute criterion set. Life. self-respect. and the right to freedom should non be a hope but a given to all no affair what cultural. faith. or cultural background.

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