Attending to me means to be at that place for the client. It is of import to be to the full present and to be able to give your full attending to the client. To be prepare by revising notes and holding the room set up. The healer should take some clip before to loosen up. The healer needs to be able to set aside their ain concerns and give the client their full attending.

Establishing a relationship

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This is the first purpose of the healer. For a healer the session starts every bit shortly as the door opens. It’s of import to dress respectfully and to do a connexion with the client. so the client feels relaxed and is able to pass on what their jobs are.

Active Listening

The healer non merely listens to the words of the client but besides needs to hear what is being said. It’s of import to keep good oculus contact to allow the client know you are listening and that you are at that place for them. If the client is soundless. to stay soundless and allow clip for the client to treat what has been said. The healer besides needs to listen to themselves and be cognizant of their ain issues so they can be to the full tuned into the client. Thingss to avoid would be practising responses or attaching client issues to other stuff. The healer should listen as though they are non responsible to derive a deeper apprehension of the clients concerns.

Primary Empathy

As Rogers would state. to walk in the client’s places and to understand the client’s subjective universe from the client’s frame of mention. The ability to let yourself to listen as though you are non responsible and to be funny and unfastened minded. Keeping empathy for the client has no value so the healer needs to pass on it back to the client to assist them hear themselves. to derive a deeper apprehension and assist them to move on that apprehension.


Reflecting is non merely about mirroring back what the client is stating but besides its of import for the healer to look into that there understanding of what the client’s job are is accurate. If so the healer can utilize this apprehension to assist the client to see their state of affairs in the bigger image. The healer can utilize this to assist the client to concentrate on feelings or content of the state of affairs.


Probing can be used as a tool to research concerns more profoundly and to assist the client addition a deeper apprehension of what is traveling on. The healer can utilize statements as an indirect manner of oppugning. They can utilize introjections to assist the client to concentrate on a peculiar word or phrase. They can utilize direct inquiries with a intent to assist the client to oppugn what they are stating themselves.

Bing concrete

The healer should listen to what the client is stating or non stating and to listen for skips or deformations in the message that they are conveying. It’s more helpful to client when things are explored in more profoundly instead than being avoided.


Researching can be used to happen out the clients concerns and outlooks. It is a accomplishment that is used to assist the client research their ain emotions and to assist them pass on their concerns so the healer can hold a shared apprehension. The healer should assist the client to concentrate on their concerns. and to enable the client to assist themselves. It can be used to see what the client expects from therapy and to estimate whether or non the healer can be of aid to the client and to rede or direct them to a relevant practician.


To help the client to make up one’s mind the earnestness of their issues and which 1s they would wish to cover with first. You can look into with the client to see which one was doing them the most distress. and if dealt with which would hold the most positive result. It is of import to authorise the client to take themselves and make up one’s mind which way to travel in. It is of import for the healer to ease this. but be careful non to act upon or set their beliefs onto the client.