A individual defect is the most imperative ingredient in making a tragic hero in literary work. In a calamity this individual defect can construction every life minute of the person ‘s life, or possibly an full state ‘s. Such is the instance of tragic literature. As a consequence of a individual mistake in judgement, the tragic hero is brought down to ruins from great highs or from high regard. The hero brushs terrible hurting and agony, emotionally or physically as a consequence of his tragic defect, and basically realizes that his error is irreversible and he must accept a tragic decease. In Durrenmatt ‘s drama, The Visit, a hostile state of affairs is created to non merely stress on adult male ‘s effort at get awaying his destiny but to farther exemplify the societal morality within a society. It is for this ground Durrenmatt ‘s drama can be seen as a tragic comedy and heroic poem theatre. Through calamity he illustrates adult male ‘s inevitable autumn down as a consequence of his tragic defect, the comedy that lies within the deficiency of a society ‘s societal morality and the foolishness of adult male seeking to get away destiny. Furthermore, Durrenmatt ‘s heroic poem theatre informs the audience about the moral quandary in which their society is in. Aristotle ‘s definition for a tragic hero is one who is non in control of

his ain destiny. This changeless thought is at the same time demonstrated in the town of Guellen. The supporter Ill is equal for the function of a tragic hero. Ill ‘s full life is destroyed due to a defect that he committed 50 old ages ago, and in the present twenty-four hours as a consequence of his tragic defect he must get by with his hostile state of affairs and finally seek to get away his destiny. Ill ‘s status can be apparently observed throughout every person ‘s character response towards Ill ‘s decease. For case, in the drama the most elect members of society dismiss him and inform him that his fright of Claire is instead absurd. A specific incident from the drama is as Ill inquires for the aid of the city manager. Durrenmatt emphasizes on Ill ‘s doomed destiny through every facet of societal and political justness. The town of Guellen topographic points Ill in the tense state of affairs, where neither jurisprudence, faith, or his household are willing to deliver him from his fate. The Visit non merely portrays the function of tragic literature through Ill ‘s hostile state of affairs but moreover through his tragic defect which brought his character down to ruins from a great estate. Ill ‘s mistake in judgement as a immature grownup resulted in destructing Claire Zachannasians and in the present twenty-four hours this error has come back to destruct him. Slowly Ill ‘s societal assets begin to deteriorate every bit good he loses his place as city manager and his regard amongst his community. This makes evident that his drama fills the standards of calamity. Basically Ill loses his deficiency of control in the face of his preset hereafter and ruin as a consequence of his tragic defect he must confront decease, which he does.

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Although the drama fills the standards of calamity through the usage of wit and irony The Visit is besides portrayed as a comedic drama. Durrenmatt non merely illustrates adult male ‘s suffering effort at get awaying destiny, furthermore he presents the amentia of adult male avoiding calamity. Irony is a literary device which spins a web through Durrenmatt ‘s drama and imitates the deficiency of societal morality with the Guellen society. Ill is carry throughing the standards of a tragic hero ; nevertheless in the town of Guellen calamity is impossible. The easy persuaded minor characters in The Visit alter their sense of right in incorrect every bit shortly as a individual from higher authorization comes along. For case when the city manager comes to a determination of killing Ill he has the support of the full town. In the same mode when the school maestro gives his address about self-respect the town members are convinced to lodge with the rules. Through sarcasm the events in the drama unfold in a logical mode how society would near having wealth and prosperity in exchange for person ‘s life. The fact the people of Guellen convince themselves that killing Ill is the ethical determination is pure comedy. Once the town ‘s people have killed Ill alternatively of being washed down with guilt they are nescient to the fact that they have committed a offense and merely discourse their town new found wealth. The sarcasm is farther emphasized on as Ill is seeking to get away his luck. As Ill attempts to go forth town at the train station he is prevented by the full town in a really uneven mode as they gather in on him. In add-on the adult male of peace ( the priest ) rejects to assist Ill get away his quandary and so holds up a shooting gun and convinces Ill that he should in fact focal point on his psyche since, sarcasm leaks in the fact that the priest knows his organic structure will non and can non be saved. The city manager asks Ill to do it easier and kill himself and the constabulary existences imbibing and stating Ill to quiet down.

Comedy is non an component in the drama purely used for the intent of audience amusement but in fact it is used to an object to carry through the standards of an heroic poem theatre. The Visit is dumbly structured ; the greed driving the secret plan seems the least of its characters ‘ wickednesss. The drama as an heroic poem theatre illustrates and high spots that, people, non money, are the root of all immorality. The Visit is constructed as in heroic poem theatre to capture the audience ‘s attending and let them to associate to what they see in the theatre and use it to the status in society and would finally seek to change the corruptness. This fact is apparent throughout Durrenmatt ‘s full drama he presents both sides of the statement. The Visit challenges the audience to pull decisions from the thoughts that are being presented. The comedy is used to distance the audience from the more serious event that are partaking nonetheless it is still used as an component to prosecute the audience in the moral quandary. For case the minor characters in The Visit represent regular people in society, their ignorance and how easy they can be persuaded. A specific illustration from the drama is Ill ‘s ain household, his married woman is ready to interchange her hubby ‘s life for money, and merely like the remainder of the town she excessively begins have oning expensive merchandises. As Ill ‘s married woman her love for him must be strong plenty non to be bought with money yet merely like the remainder of the town she is nescient to that fact. The Visit is rich with penetration in every facet of society, the jurisprudence, the authorization and the spiritual governors of society whom claim to be with God. The usage of heroic poem theatre emphasizes that in human nature everyone can be bought and human life is non as valuable. It is up to each single audience to make up one’s mind whether the town had the right to kill Ill because of the suffering status of their town, or whether Ill had the right to populate after what he did to Claire. Above all The Visit involves the audience in the moral quandary by indicating of how justness along with human life can be purchased. The visit criticizes all members of society from the leaders of the state to the town members prosecuting them in the moral quandary.

In decision Durrenmatt ‘s drama The Visit fulfills the standards of a tragic-comedy and heroic theater. The drama reaches the standards of calamity through Ill ‘s tragic defect which basically ruins his repute and leads him towards his inevitable decease. Durrenmatt ‘s focal point nevertheless was non chiefly on the decease of Ill it was in fact on the towns people inability to hold on the significance behind their determination and the wit and sarcasm within their irrational ideas, along with Ill ‘s effort at get awaying religion. Furthermore the function of an heroic poem theatre is fulfilled as the audiences are engaged into the issues within the Guellen town.