Electricity is the flow of negatrons through a music director. Electrons flow off from an object through a music director creates an electric current which is measured in ampheres.

The electrical force that pushes the electrical current is the electromotive force and it is measured in Vs. The resistance to the flow of current through a music director creates a opposition which is measured in Ohm unit.

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Flows of electricity

Some substances such as metals normally have low opposition to the flow of electric current and they are called Conductors.

Spectacless, plastics, gum elastic, dry wood are dielectrics. They slow or stop flow of electricity.

Normally air is an dielectric but can go a music director during an discharge or illuming shot.

Pure H2O is a hapless music director but little sum of drosss in H2O like salts, acids, dissolvers or other stuffs present in H2O can turn it to a good music director of electricity.

Electrical safety is the acknowledgment of jeopardies associated with usage of electricity and taking necessary safeguards so that the jeopardies do non do hurts or decease.

No 1 could exaggerate the importance of Electrical Safety cognition.

It is indispensable to cognize how to remain and work safely with or within the locality of electricity because electrical current at place or at workplace have adequate power that can be fatal if one is exposed to.

An electrical hurt will happen when a individual comes into contact with the current produced by a beginning. The beginning can be touch of any bare wire or electrical contraptions with bare custodies at place every bit good as it can be a natural beginning such as lighting.

Hazards of Electricity

When electrical systems breakdown, people are exposed to the undermentioned jeopardies:


Electric daze

Electrical Burnss


1. Electrocution

To electrocute is to be killed by electricity.

Electrocution is decease by agencies of an electric current passing through the organic structure.

The current normally have the capacity to halt the bosom and cause decease through warming and devastation of the tissue.

Effectss of Electric Currents.

Current is the killing factor when in contact with electricity.

The tabular array below shows the value for Human Resistance

Types of Resistance

Resistance value ( Ohm )

Dry tegument

100 000 to 600 000

Wet tegument


Hand to pick

400 to 600

Ear to ear


Beginning: www.lanl.gov/safety/electricalsafety /docs.pdf

2. Electric Daze

Electricity travels in closed circuits through a music director. When human organic structure ( conducts electricity really good ) by chance becomes portion of the electric circuit, this consequences in electric dazes, that is the electric current flow through the tegument, musculuss and critical variety meats.

The Severity of Shocks depends on:

Sum of current that flows into the organic structure

Type of current that flows into the organic structure ( Direct or Indirect )

The current ‘s way through the organic structure

The current strength

Duration of the contact

Current frequence


The sum of current depends on the possible difference and the opposition. The tabular array below shows the effects current on the human organic structure scope from a prickling esthesis to decease.

Sum of current ( miliAmphere, ma )

Consequence on the human organic structure

Less than 1 ma

Normally non perceptible to human organic structure.

Between 1-5 ma

It can be anything between prickling or mildly painful esthesis

5-9 ma

Painful esthesis

9-25 ma

Muscular contraction

25-60 ma

Respiratory palsy

60 ma or more

Ventricular contraction

( affects different Chamberss of the bosom, contraction & A ; relaxation of ventricles becomes eratic. If last long, it can be fatal )

Nerve harm

4A ( Amphere ) Or more

Heart palsy ( musculuss halt undertaking & A ; loosen uping, most likely lead to decease )

5A or more

Tissue combustion ( if tissues are those of critical organ, lead to decease. )

Beginning: lector ‘s category notes


Nathan birnbaums are the most common dazes related hurt.

Direct Contact Burn

When person direct touch the flow of electrical current, burns occurs. Currents enter the organic structure and issue where the person is grounded.

It person suffers from a direct contact with electricity, two tegument Burnss will be noticed: – at the site of entry

– where the electricity leaves the organic structure

Besides, internal burn may happen where the power traced through the organic structure.

Electrical Arc

Electric curving occurs when the possible difference is high plenty for current to flux in air. Electrical arcs range really high temperature doing the person to have deep thermal burn where the discharge hits the organic structure, accordingly doing Flash & A ; Blast Arcing.

Along with Burnss, curving causes electrical daze, detonation if the volume of air is big. It is hence advised non to near high electromotive force line.

One of the most common illustrations of arcing is illuming ( electricity going onto air ) . A root is created for the electricity to travel Earth. Therefore, a metal rod is placed as a safe way for the electricity to go to earth near tall buildings.. The metal rod is a music director of electricity, it attracts electricity. Several more safeguards are to be taken during illuming such as stay indoors, do non venture to the sea, remain off from metal stuffs and so on.

Flash Arcing is a short circuit through air that flashes over from one exposed unrecorded music director to another music director or to the land. The high heat energy at a point of the discharge is called the discharge flash. Arc flash is caused by uncontrolled conditions of electrical current from stage to land and stage to impersonal accompanied by ionisation of the environing air.

Arc flash burns the tegument by direct heat exposure and causes ignition of vesture.

High strength flash besides causes harm to the seeing.

Flash Burnss are really uncomfortable, most of those caused by shorter flashes are non serious and normally mend in 12 to 24 hours. However with longer flash of a twosome of seconds, a lasting harm may happen from extremist violet visible radiation.

Arc Blast is the explosive consequence caused by the enlargement of air and other gasified stuffs that are overheated by the sudden presence of an electric discharge.

Arc blast can ensue from unwilled contact with electrical system.


Slips, trips and falls are one of the most common accidents at workplace even at place.

It cab be that the electric daze is non as fatal but one can fall down and injured if working, standing at tallness on ladder or Cranes. It can besides take to decease at times.

Prevention of Electrical Injuries.

Maintain all electrical installings in good working order with proper foundation.

Have al installing, operation, care and fix work done merely by a qualified individual * and do usage of PPE during installing.

Regular reviews of electrical systems and do usage of a checklist.

Properly install land equipment with proper labeling and cryptography of wires.

Read all instructions, labels and installing manual before operating or serving electrical equipment.

Turn off equipments when non in usage. Unplug the power to the equipment that is left unattended or out of service.

High electromotive force equipment should be discharged to anchor through discharge rods after their shift off.

Provide adequate sockets for equipment in usage.

Avoid overloading sockets and utilizing adapters may do fires.

Ensure that equipment is fitted with a right rated fuse.

Replace harm subdivisions of overseas telegram wholly and ne’er fix cuts with insulating tape.

Use proper connexion to fall in lengths of overseas telegram.

Do non wrap overseas telegrams transporting electric current around any portion of the organic structure.

Do non touch unrecorded electrical parts.

Make sure that all connexions are tight, clean and dry.

*a Qualified Person is one who has the accomplishments and cognition related to the building and operation of the electrical equipment and installings and has received sufficient preparation to acknowledge and avoid the jeopardies involved.


Electrical safety at place depends on 3 chief factors:

Safe Electrical Installation

– a right earthing system to protect occupants from an extra flow of electrical current.

– encourage occupants to do usage of the installing in a right manner.

For illustration: if there is adequate sockets in the house, single will hold no demand to arrangers. This eliminates the hazard of fire.

In short, installing should be designed in such a manner that it is safe in itself irrespective of how it is used. For case: separate circuits should be included for higher power contraptions.

Safe design of electrical contraptions & A ; devices

The usage of high quality sound electrical contraptions together with electrical safety devices such as rush, residuary current device and a proper foundation system eliminates the hazard of electrical jeopardies at place.

However, it can non be denied that there are people who use old contraptions which do non run into the criterions or they have a inclination to purchase contraptions manufactured in states with low safety criterions. This may be because of inexpensive monetary value and deficient electrical cognition.

The Human Factor

Habits of people such as non exchanging off electrical contraptions when non in usage, overloading sockets, usage of extension overseas telegram more frequently and the usage of electrical equipment ( hair drier, electrical razors ) in the bathroom may take to electrocution or fire. If people make an attempt to alter their bad wonts, safety will be ensured at domestic degree.

Electrical safety at place can non be thought of without the usage and cognition of certain safety devices.

House hold circuits

The circuits that are wired into a house by a qualified electrician all start with wires coming in from power lines outside that are connected to a fuse box.

Fuse boxes contain safety devices called fused or circuit surfs which are designed to forestall an surplus of electric current come ining the house by leting a certain maximal current to flux in.

When electrical current flow is high, an electromagnet attracts a spring loaded switch which breaks the circuits and cuts the power supply. The switch must be reset before any current can flux once more.

Circuit ledgeman v/s Fuse

Circuit ledgeman is similar to a switch. Domestic circuit beaker normally can defy a current up to 13 – 16 Ampheres ( in most instances 13 A ) .

How it works?

If a circuit ledgeman of 13 A current evaluation is inserted, it will let 13 A current to flux into the circuit.

An automatic switch will open whenever there is a flow of above 13 A of current. This prevents appliances from acquiring harm. And it re-open once more when the current flow is 13 A.

Fuse is a piece of metal that has comparatively lower runing point than Cu wires. It is rated harmonizing to the sum of current that affect the fuse.

For illustration: if it is a 13 A fuse, it will let 13 A flow of current to flux through the fuse.

How does it works?

Equally shortly as there a current flow of greater than 13A in the fuse, the fuse heats so thaws and opens the circuit and current will non flux in the contraption.

Circuit ledgeman and fuse prevent electrical fires and overheating that can be caused by an overload of electricity.

However, circuit ledgeman can be used once more and once more but fuse necessitate to be replaced. ( Melted fused can non be re-used ) .

Circuit ledgeman and fuse merely prevents contraptions from acquiring harm but they do non protect persons from acquiring electric daze. Devices that protects from electric daze are:

Residual Current Device ( RCD )

It is a device that disconnects a circuit when it detects an disproportion of the electric current.

It works on the rule that electricity fluxing into a circuit must be equal to the current fluxing out of a circuit.

If the RCD detects an instability in electrical current, bespeaking a escape to Earth, it instantly cut the electricity to provide to forestall burning.

RCD protection can salvage lives by protecting from fatal electric daze and can supply some protection against fires.

It is normally used on out-of-door electrical equipment. RCD should ever be used when runing power tools outside or in moist conditions as it ensures that current is switched off automatically if there a mistake or accident.

Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker ( ELCB )

It is sensitive plenty to observe the even bantam sum of current nowadays in defective electrical system. It is somewhat less sensitive than RCD. It portions the same map as RCD but because of its sensitivity ELCB is less likely to do false dismaies.

Land Fault Circuit Interrupter ( GFCI )

It is a fast playing circuit ledgeman that is sensitive to really low degrees of current escape 5m ( A ) to land. When escape becomes risky, it interrupts the circuit, turning it off. It is usually used for outside mercantile establishments.

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter ( AFCI )

AFCLs are electrical devices designed to protect against fires caused by curving mistakes in place electrical wiring. Arc mistake protection will be required for any 15 to 20 ampheres branch circuit to sleeping rooms, household suites, populating suites and so on.

Arching mistakes can happen in damaged or old cords, ill installed mercantile establishments or switch with loose connexions and furniture pushed against stoppers.

AFCIs usage alone current feeling circuitry to know apart between normal and unwanted arcing conditions. Once an unwanted arcing status is detected, the control circuitry in the ledgeman will de-energise the circuit.

Once a occupant is cognizant of the types of safety devices used at place, he may take which device demands to be installed at his topographic point depending the conditions of his house and equipments used.


An electrical study with usage of a checklist was carried out in my house by me to observe electrical jeopardies in my house. A checklist was designed.

Checklist Date: 20/10/2012





Are the household members cognizant of the jeopardies and the hazards associated with the usage of electricity?

Has the electrical installing undertaken by a qualified lineman?

Has the electrician issued a certification of conformity on completion of all electrical plants?

Is there any regular review or care of the electric system?

Switches, sockets, lightings, & A ; stoppers

Make all the switch for illuming system work decently?

Make all sockets have surfaces that cover all wiring?

Is at that place overloaded sockets?

Are all the switch cool to touch?

Make the bulbs used at place right rated?

Are the bulbs changed by member of the household?

Does she/he crew the bulb tightly?

Are the switch & A ; circuit ledgeman turned off before altering a bulb?

Make the stopper fit the mercantile establishment right?

Electrical contraptions & A ; Equipments

Are all equipment in good working conditions?

Has any household member receive an electric daze while touching any electrical contraptions?

Are all contraptions connected to divide socket?

Is proper type of stopper used for each mercantile establishment?

Are all contraptions unplugged when non in usage?

Is there any contraption plugged in country where it may come into contact with H2O?

Are all equipments right fitted with a correct rated fuse?

Extension cord & A ; overseas telegrams

Is there usage of extension cord in the house?

Are the extension cord used overloaded?

Is the extension usage for a impermanent footing?

Is there any cord prevarication on the floor?

Is there any damaged overseas telegram in the house?

Fuse box & A ; Circuit surfs

Is the chief fuse box accessible to kids or other individuals?

Does everyone in the house know where the fuse box is located and how to close the power of the full house off?

Is there any accessible bare wire near the fuse box?

Is ELCB or any other security device provided in the electrical system of the house?

Is the device tested on a regular basis?

Are different circuit ledgeman provided for each circuit?

Are circuit surfs appropriate for the power required?

Is anchoring provided for the whole house?


Make the household members cognizant of the electrical jeopardies during lightings?

Do they do it a must to take necessary safeguards during lightning?

Are all sensitive equipment ( computing machine, telecasting ) unplugged during lightning?

Are rush defenders used on electronic device?

Problems detected during the study

Extensions used are non for impermanent footing and is overloaded.

Extensions ‘ overseas telegrams lying on the floor.

There are no separate sockets available for each electrical contraption.

No proper type of stopper for each mercantile establishment. Hair drier is slackly fitted in a multi-plug.

Damaged Fe overseas telegram

Use of electrical equipments with wet custodies au naturel pess and wet hair.

Frequent usage of knife ( metal ) to contraptions suit the socket.

One socket is pushed against furniture in the life room.

2 melted sockets are found.

Unplugging of electrical equipments by drawing on the stopper non the cord is noticed several times.

Electrical devices are covered with fabrics so as to forestall dust.

Pictures of some of the electrical jeopardy were taken during the study.

Report of the study

What are the jeopardies identified can do and their recommendations.

2 extensions are used in the house

The usage extensions comprises of several jeopardies in itself.

Get downing with the extension used in the sleeping room.

It is non in good status as it is wrapped with tape and on top of that it is overloaded, it has nomadic courser, fan and mosquito slayer warmer plugged into it. This can do overheating of the extension every bit good as fire.

The extension is placed on the floor besides the bed, any household member acquiring out of the bed may by chance set his/her leg on the extension and acquire electrified. the overseas telegram lying on the floor can do falls and hurts.

Second, in the computing machine room.

All the computing machine mercantile establishments ( CPU, UPS, talkers, pressman ) and the cyberspace unrecorded box are connected into the extension. Something fan and Mosquito slayer heated are besides connected. Though the extension is in good status, it may overheat and do fire since it overloaded. Furthermore it is placed at the underside of the computing machine tabular array, therefore any organic structure utilizing the computing machine may accidentally touch the extension with his/her pess and receive dazes.

It is to be noted that the extensions are non used on a impermanent footing, they are used mundane. Therefore, the hazard of the electrical jeopardy is higher.

What should be done?

The mundane usage of extension should be eliminated by supplying separate sockets for each mercantile establishment. If the extensions are still used, the user should be certain that it is in good status and it is non overloaded. It should be placed in a topographic point where cipher can acquire into contact to it and its overseas telegram and the overseas telegram of the mercantile establishments should non be lying on the floor.

There are no separate sockets for each contraption

Television, MBC aerial and Canal Sat decipherer are all plugged in the same socket by the usage of a multi-plug. These contraptions need a quiet high electromotive force of current and since the multi-plug is overloaded, this can do the fuse in the multi-plug to heat, melt and so do fire.

What should be done?

The best solution is to supply separate socket for each mercantile establishment.

The multiple used should be in good status and should be replaced with a new one more often.

There is no proper type of stopper for each mercantile establishment.

The pins of the hair drier do non suit into the socket available, therefore a multi-plug is used. However the multi-plug used is non in a good status and the pins of the hair drier do non suit the multi-plug tightly. This loose connexion may do fire due to overheating and the individual utilizing it is at the hazard of having electric dazes.

What should be done?

The pins of the hair drier can be changed to pins which can suit the socket, therefore no multi-plug will be required.

If the multi-plug is used, it should be replaced with a new one.

Damage overseas telegram of the Fe

The faulty overseas telegram of the Fe may do fire and electrify the one utilizing it. Filling the Fe with H2O while the switch is still on causes electric daze to the user as H2O is a good music director of electricity. Regular usage of the Fe with wet hair and au naturel pess.

What should be done?

The damaged overseas telegram of the Fe should be replaced.

The user should do it a must to turn off the switch before make fulling in H2O into the Fe.

Avoid utilizing Fe with dry hair and ever wear sandal while utilizing Fe.

Use of electrical equipment with bare custodies.

In the kitchen, it is found that in haste female parent uses sociable with wet custodies in the kitchen. This can take to electrification.

It is besides noticed that a knife is often used to do the sociable ‘s and the wireless ‘s plugs tantrum into the socket. This cause the individual making this insecure act to have electric daze.

Furthermore little dazes are frequently received in fingers when utilizing the Fe, hair drier and DVD which if of metal casing when barefoot or wet hair.

What should be done?

Make certain custodies are dry while utilizing electrical contraptions.

Do non utilize knife to do the stopper tantrum in socket, usage alternatively an dielectric such as a piece of wood or plastic to make it.

One socket is pushed against a furniture

This jeopardy can do fire and if this socket is used, it may do the individual utilizing the socket to be electrified as he/she can barely see where the contraptions is being plugged.

What should be done?

The furniture can be moved off.

The socket should be removed and placed someplace else.

2 melted sockets are found.

These melted sockets are useless. They merely necessitate to be replaced to forestall fire and prevent anyone from having electric daze.

Family members unplug the telecasting, microwave, wireless and other electrical contraptions by drawing the cord non the stopper. The cord may at any clip come out of the stopper and do the individual to be electrified. This insecure act may besides do fire. The lone preventative step is that this peculiar unsafe should ne’er be practiced.

Electrical devices are covered with fabrics so as to forestall dust.

Electricity needs proper airing peculiarly with high electromotive force contraptions such as telecasting, computing machines, icebox, and microwave.

Dust is by and large stored at the dorsum of the electrical contraptions. This can ensue in overheating of the contraptions as the fan available on the device can non work expeditiously.

Furthermore, we have a inclination to cover the contraptions with fabric as agencies of cleanliness to forestall dust on the contraptions. This is another jeopardy that causes overheating and may ensue in fire normally after long usage of the contraptions.

What should be done?

We should do certain that dust is non accumulated at the dorsum of contraptions. This can be done by regular cleansing.

The contraptions should non be covered when in usage and after usage when still hot.

Further recommendations to guarantee electrical safety in my house:

Reappraisal of the electrical system by a qualified lineman to extinguish the hazards and jeopardies detected in the study.

This clip the qualified lineman should publish a certification for the the electrical web installing.

Testing of the ELCB device should be done.

Cardinal footings and constructs of electrical safety.

Land pin of the stopper of an electrical device should ne’er be removed so as to do it suit a 2-pin socket. Never force a 3-pin stopper into a 2-pin socket.

Good points which I noticed in my study

The chief fuse box was found in the corner of the roof of the dining tabular array. There used to hold H2O linkage at that peculiar corner during heavy rain. 3 old ages ago the fuse box was shifted to a topographic point on the same roof where there is no H2O linkage.

Correctly rated bulbs ( 60 W ) are used.

A rush defender is provided for the computing machine to forestall overheating is used.

All the switches in the house are in good conditions.

No au naturel electrical wires are found hanging on the roof or walls of the house.


Though electricity is a blessing to mankind, it is besides one of the nature ‘s most powerful and unsafe forces. If electricity enables us to populate our lives with easiness and comfort, it can take our life off every bit good. It can non be denied that electricity is an built-in and normal portion of our mundane lives.

Electrical safety at place becomes a really of import facet. Each and every electrical jeopardy should be eliminated or reduced every bit far as moderately operable as it takes merely one bad luck to do a unsafe happening. An electrical safety system protects us from dangers of electricity.

In our modern places, people use several electrical contraptions runing from dish washer to electrical razor. Everything works electrically with a simple ‘click ‘ .

It is really easy for people to bury the hazards associated with their usage. Use of the electrical contraptions is non out but provided that people take the and do an attempt to lodge on the rules of the devices.

To remain safe from electrical jeopardies, good wonts based on the cognition and apprehension of the safety steps should be developed. Proper precautional steps and recommended safe pattern should be adopted non merely to maintain ourselves safe but besides people around safe from unsafe electrical happenings.