South Africa ‘s economic system has been wholly refurbished since the beginning of democracy in the state in 1994. Bold macroeconomic reforms have boosted fight, turning the economic system, making occupations and opening South Africa up to universe markets.

South African economic system belongs to the middle-income, emerging market with an abundant supply of natural resources. The state has a well-developed fiscal, legal, communications, and conveyance system. The universe ‘s 18th largest stock exchange is in South Africa. ( CIA, 2010 ) .

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This study is intend to analyze the international concern environment of South Africa, which will measure the attraction of investing in the state and will measure the chief countries of importance to hold whether come ining into South African Market is favorable or non.


In 1994 South Africa enjoyed its first of all time democracy after stoping old ages of struggles and domestic force among different cultural groups. At present South Africa ‘s economic system is an emerging market with abundant supply of natural resources with good developed fiscal and legal system. Current GDP- per capita is US $ 10,300. ( CIA, 2010 ) .

For any corporation sing to travel international, it is indispensable to analyze the market and be prepare for the assorted issues that may be encountered in all economical, political, legal or cultural facet. This study will look into the major countries of the South African market that need to be considered before come ining the market. Emphasis is given to the current economical conditions and future economical prognosiss of the South African.

MACRO Environmental Analysis of South Africa.

Political and Legal Environment.

It has been matter-of-fact that South Africa has undergone a major transmutation after stoping its old ages of cultural force across the state and has developed a good legal system over the old ages. After the reform procedure in 1994, South Africa was accepted as a politically stable state around the Earth. It was during Nelson Mandela ‘s presidential term of office that south African enjoyed it ‘s most stable and comfortable period in their history. The current president, Jacob Zuma ‘s authorities recognises the importance of pulling FDI ‘s from all over the universe. (, 2010 ) .


Helen Deresky ( 2008, p.15 ) stated “ An facet of political environment is the phenomenon of ethnicity- a drive force behind political instability around the universe. In fact, many rebellion and struggles that are thought to be political in nature are really look of differences among cultural groups. ”

As of 2001 nose count are four chief cultural groups in South Africa. They are Black Africans ( 79 % ) , White Africans ( 9.6 % ) , Coloured ( 8.9 % ) and Indian/ Asians ( 2.5 % ) . There are about 9 faiths worshiped with Christianity holding the largest per centum of approximately 36 % ( CIA, 2010 ) .

Political Risk Assessment.

Sing the current position of South African Government ‘s committedness to farther liberate foreign trade and investing, political hazards are at minimum. Harmonizing to Transparency International, South Africa is been rated at 55th topographic point for corruptness between Seychelles and Latvia. This mark relates to perceptual experiences of the grade of corruptness as seen by concern people and state analysts. ( Transparency International, 2010 ) .

Hazard of Terrorism.

South Africa responded rapidly to the onslaughts on 11 September 2001. The Government condemned terrorist act without evasion, offering the US human-centered support and the full co-operation of its security bureaus. It opened a Financial Intelligence Centre in November 2003, which well strengthened its anti-money laundering capacity. In 2003, South Africa joined the Financial Action Task Force ( FATF ) , an inter-governmental organic structure that sets the planetary criterions in battling money laundering and terrorist funding. South Africa is besides a member of the Eastern and Southern Africa Anti-Money Laundering Group ( ESAAMLG ) , the lone FATF-style regional organic structure in Africa. ( Foreign & A ; Commowealth Office, 2010 ) .

Macro-political Hazard.

As stated under terrorist act hazard looks minimum. The major political determination that is likely to impact endeavors established in the state looks promoting to transnational corporations.

Micro-political Hazard.

The major authorities policies and actions towards MNC ‘s and other foreign endeavors are positive in South Africa. ( Dept. Of Trade And Industry, 2005 ) .

Economic Environment.

In portion, South Africa has a sophisticated economic system based on fabrication, excavation and fiscal services, in which macro-economic indexs like involvement rates and the strength of the Rand are critical. A But it besides has an economic system consisting of the really hapless who eke out a life through near-subsistence agribusiness or the informal sector, for which economic statistics average small. A Relatively little betterments in life criterions can do a immense difference to their lives. Unemployment degrees are officially 23.5 % ( March 2009 ) but some observers quote figures every bit high as 40 % .

Since 1994 the South African Government has followed prudent economic policies which are get downing to be reflected in increased rates of growing. Black Economic Empowerment ( BEE ) is the chief push of efforts to rectify the instability in ownership of the economic system and distribution of wealth. Its purpose is to right the exclusion of the bulk of South Africans from the mainstream economic system by back uping and favoring the economic authorization of antecedently disadvantaged people in the private sector. ( Foreign & A ; Commowealth Office, 2010 ) .

South Africa is a middle-income, emerging market with an abundant supply of natural resources. The authorities encourage FDI ‘s. South Africa has led the manner, with a quintuple addition in its trade since 1994. Well-developed fiscal, legal, communications, and conveyance system. Large figure of domestic airdromes has made going easy. There are about 8 International airdromes located in major metropoliss. GDP per capita on twelvemonth 2009 was $ 10,300. GDP fell about 2 % in 2009 due to planetary recission. Exchange rates: Rand per USD in 2009 is 8.54. South Africa is the World ‘s largest manufacturer & A ; exporter of gold. ( CIA, 2010 ) .

Socio-cultural Factors

South African population consist of 40 million people with black, white, colored and Asiatic. There are about 9 faiths with Christianity holding the largest per centum of approximately 36 % . Entire literate population is 86.4 % . Easy spreading of contagious diseases and HIV is a societal concern. ( CIA, 2010 ) .

A study for the period 1998-2000 compiled by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime ranked South Africa as the 2nd for assault and slaying ( by all agencies ) . Entire offense per capita is 10th ( UNODC, 2002 ) . However the Associated Press reported that the South African slaying rate was dropped by 8.6 % during 2008. Further the study besides highlighted that attempted slaying was reduced by 6.1 per centum, sexual discourtesies by 4.4 per centum and armed robbery by 7.5 per centum. ( Associated Press, 2010 ) , ( NAKI, 2010 )

Technological Factors

The domestic telecommunication substructure provides modern and efficient service to urban countries, but at relatively high costs and with limited coverage in rural countries. There is a broad scope of Radio and Television Stationss all over South Africa. More than 150 internet service suppliers make possible the easy entree of cyberspace around the state. Government encourage R & A ; D and to advance Latest Technology. ( ( CIA, 2010 )

Environmental factors

In most of the instances environmental factors become nescient. But its consideration in macroeconomic environment is extremely critical for a transnational corporations host state ‘s environmental position does consequence tremendously to the economical stableness and the ability to turn beyond the economical boundaries. Therefore when sing a migration or an induction of a concern in to a state, it ‘s ever advisable to plus on the states environmental inside informations.

Natural Resources.

South Africa is rich for its minerals including gold, Cr, Sb, coal, Fe ore, manganese, nickel, phosphates, Sn, U, treasure diamonds, Pt, Cu, V, salt, natural gas. It ‘s besides the universe ‘s largest manufacturer and exporter of gold.

Good Transportation.

The chief transit infra construction including railroad Stationss, roads, airdromes has been renovated for the FIFA WORLD CUP 2010. This has solved a batch of bing logistic problems..

Legal Factors.

South Africa ‘s legal system, like the remainder of the political system, was radically transformed as the apartheid-based constitutional system was restructured during the early 1990s. Nevertheless, many Torahs unrelated to apartheid continued to be rooted in the old legal system. Therefore, the justness system after 1994 reflected elements of both the apartheid-era system and non-discriminatory reforms.

The New Legal System

The station apartheid legal system introduced by the interim fundamental law of 1993 embodies the supreme jurisprudence of the land and is adhering on all judicial variety meats of the province. It establishes an independent bench, including a Constitutional Court with the power to reexamine and to get rid of statute law inconsistent with the fundamental law. It includes commissariats non found in apartheid-era Torahs, such as a prohibition on all signifiers of favoritism and an accent on single rights. These rights include “ equality before the jurisprudence and equal protection of the jurisprudence ” ; freedom of look, assembly, presentation, request, and association ; the right to “ take a topographic point of abode anyplace in the national district ” ; the right non to be deprived of citizenship without justification ; full political rights ; full entree to the tribunals ; and just and lawful administrative justness mechanisms, including rights refering detainment, apprehension, and accusal. Other commissariats provide for specific rights in countries such as economic activity, labour dealingss, belongings, environment, kids, linguistic communication and civilization, instruction, and conditions under which a province of exigency can be declared.

In 1994 the authorities established the new Constitutional Court, a Human Rights Commission, and a Judicial Services Commission that forwarded to the president its 10 campaigners to the Constitutional Court. Legislation in 1994 besides set Forth operating processs for these organic structures and established the Office of the Public Protector ( public guardian ) .

The new legal system besides deals with the effects of apartheid-related maltreatments and offenses, although it aims chiefly to advance a spirit of national rapprochement and a new “ civilization of human rights, ” instead than to decide long-standing grudges. In June 1994, the authorities announced that a Truth and Reconciliation Commission would look into accusals of human rights maltreatments and political offenses by both protagonists and oppositions of apartheid, and that it would see related issues such as amnesty and reparation to subsisters and their dependants. The authorities established guidelines for the committee ‘s operations in 1994 and 1995, and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission began hearing testimony by both victims and culprits of apartheid-era force in early 1996. ( Country Studies, n.d. ) .


Porter ‘s five forces analysis can be use to measure the attractive force of investing. Harmonizing to Michael porter, every industry is faced by five forces. This is a common and general theoretical account which can be applied to rank the investing attractive force for any organisation to put in any state

Barriers for entry.

The possibility of new houses come ining the industry impacts competition. A key is to measure how easy it is for a new participant to come in an industry South African market. The most attractive section has high entry barriers and low issue barriers. Although any house should be able to come in and go out a market, each industry frequently presents changing degrees of trouble, normally driven by economic sciences. Normally manufacturing-based industries are more hard to come in than many service-based industries in South Africa. The definable features of each industry protect profitable countries for houses and inhibit extra challengers from come ining the market.

Barriers to go out

Exit barriers limit the ability of a house to go forth the market and can worsen rivalry – unable to go forth the industry, a house must vie. Some of an industry ‘s entry and issue barriers can be briefed as follows:

Profitability potency is high when both entry and issue barriers are high. In this state of affairs, houses do face more hazard because poorer-performing 1s tend to go on to bring forth regardless of profitableness and, hence, continue to add to the supply.

Substitute merchandises.

Porter ‘s Five Forces theoretical account refers to “ replace merchandises ” as those merchandises that are available in other industries that meet an indistinguishable or similar demand for the terminal user. As more replacements become available and low-cost, the demand becomes more elastic since clients have more options. Substitute merchandises may restrict the ability of houses within an industry to raise monetary values and better borders.

The dainty of replacements frequently impacts price-based competition. There are other concerns in measuring the menace of replacements associating to engineering. New engineerings contribute to competition though replacement merchandises and services. Again, a section is unattractive when there are existent or possible replacements for a merchandise.


Firms strive to procure a competitory advantage over their challengers. The strength of competition varies within each industry and these differences can be of import in the development of scheme.

In prosecuting an advantage over its challengers, a house can take from several competitory moves. It can be factors such as altering monetary values, bettering merchandise distinction, creatively utilizing channels of distribution and working relationship with providers. These conditions will do viing within the industry more ambitious, normally. ( Berry, n.d. ) .


South Africa is ranked at 67th on the list of “ Inward FDI Potential Index ” ( step of a state ‘s attraction for investing ) on twelvemonth 2007. South African Government offers grants for investors, such as franchise agreements and box tour agreements to look into the chances. South Africa could be approached as a Foreign Direct Investment or could travel for a amalgamation. ( UNCTAD, 2010 ) .

An international organisation ‘s entry scheme to South Africa should be determined after sing the economical planetary fiscal crisis jointly. The political and economical factors of South Africa, looks favourable at the minute though South Africa ‘s GDP fell by 2 % during the period of planetary recession. The GDP is already progressing towards to its recovery.

Market Overview

Under this country will comprehensively look at South Africa ‘s commercial environment, utilizing economic, political and market analysis.

South Africa is by far the largest economic system on the African continent with an estimated 2004 GDP of $ 171 billion. It has a well-developed physical and fiscal substructure that is comparable to OECD criterions. Its service sector is good established and turning and 45 million in an country about twice the size of Texas. ( USA Department of Commerce, 2010 )

The economic sectors consist of agribusiness: 3.8 % , industry: 31 % , services: 65.2 % . With the transition of the African Growth and Opportunity Act ( AGOA ) , and the current dialogues for a United States-South African Customs Union Free Trade Agreement, there will be increased chances for American concern looking to come in or spread out their presence. Additionally, over the past four old ages, South Africa has farther integrated into the planetary trading system by reasoning free trade understandings ( FTA ) with:

The European Union, by far the largest trading spouse of South Africa, and

Its neighbors in the Southern Africa Development Community ( SADC ) . ( USA Department of Commerce, 2010 )

The Southern African Customs Union ( SACU ) understanding with Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, and Swaziland, foremost entered in 1910, has besides been late renegotiated and agreed to by all members.

The continued growing in GDP for over 10 old ages has increased the attractive force of South Africa as an investing and selling platform. Extensive structural reforms have spurred a roar in the services industry every bit good as in ware exports. Structural reforms in general have besides increased the economic system ‘s variegation and openness, bolstering its resiliency to external dazes. ( USA Department of Commerce, 2010 )

Twelve old ages after the 1994 democratic elections, South Africa continues to keep a stable political environment.

The authorities ‘s market-oriented economic policies, and

Steady advancement towards reconstituting province assets.

At the same clip, the strengthening nature of the bilateral U.S.-South Africa relationship is based upon a business-like attack to practical issues. ( USA Department of Commerce, 2010 )

Market Challenges.

South Africa ‘s concern environment includes several socio-economic challenges.

Issues confronting both authorities and concern are:

The ghost of HIV/AIDS is impacting all aspects of concern.

Unemployment remains high, and the deficiency of occupation creative activity is a cardinal structural job.

Strong protection of employee rights is playing a function in the slow rate of foreign direct investing.

The Black Economic Empowerment ( BEE ) policies on righting historically disadvantaged communities continue to germinate.

U.S. houses come ining this market must postulate with a typically mature market with well-established, chiefly European competition.

Market Opportunities.

Opportunities for exporters and investors in South Africa reflect the growing of its consumer base and its attempts to upgrade and develop its substructure to fit and farther fuel its economic growing.

Market Entry Strategy.

It has been observed through the PSTLE analysis that the South African market is a feasible economic system to put. Government recognises the importance of pulling FDIs for overall economic development of the state. Some of the Multinational corporations such as GM and BMW are making good in South Africa at present. As South Africa is ranked at 67th on the list of Inward FDI Potential Index on twelvemonth 2007, Government offers grants for investors, such as franchise agreements and box tour agreements to look into the chances. Entry scheme to South African market could be approached as either Foreign Direct Investment or could travel for a amalgamation with a company from host state.

Below tabular array shows Comparison of Foreign Market Entry Modes which could besides be a used as an extra index and subscriber for the market entry scheme


The inauspicious consequence of the planetary recession crisis has impacted South African economic system excessively. But it is apparent that from the economic environmental analysis, the economic system has already started its recovery with huge advancement relatively with other African states. Economic experts predict and are confident that with the future economic sustainability of South African. Harmonizing to this concern environmental analysis, South Africa is a possible market economic system for investors.


With support of the intensive research and cardinal observations, it is recommended that investing by and large looks feasible on South African land. The cardinal countries that needed to be considered vastly are the economic environment and the societal environment in South Africa. It ‘s besides critical to be noted that for a successful entry and sustainability and growing of concern will besides trust on the ability to set to its civilization since South Africa is culturally rich and hold its ain concern etiquettes and manners. It ‘s besides indispensable to use the services of experient concern experts and legal professionals from the host, particularly during the initial and prosecution phase of concern investing