In this study it discuss on how to guarantee the efficiency of the edifice care. Sing to this, there are several schemes or techniques to better the care work. Schemes or new techniques need to be set in order to better the criterions of the care towards to the edifice and besides to the equipment in the edifice. A good public presentation on the care work may increase the value to the edifice and may spread out the life or the used of the edifice itself.

The new discovered method such as by utilizing new engineering presents is a helpful particularly in footings to do the care direction well-organized and well-function. While the occupations of the care technicians become more important and take them to work harder and derive more cognition in order to better the care systems in the edifice.

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Each of the edifice around the universe needs to hold a regular care in order to keep the visual aspect of the edifice so that it can last longer. Other than that, it can add the value of the edifice for the interest of investing.

But, the agenda care is merely non plenty to keep the edifice. This is because there are a few jobs occur because of the care work. There are studies that there were bad care works done and it result a hapless edifice public presentation. This is truly a bad mark to the investor who wish to put to that edifice.

In order to get the better of this serious job, an impressive care direction theoretical account should be design in order to guarantee the efficiency of the edifice care. The theoretical account should hold the care schemes for the edifice and it must be in line with the edifice aim or the edifice purpose.

From BS 3811: 1984 defines care as a combination of any actions carried out to retain an point in, or to reconstruct it to an acceptable status ( Barrie Chanter, 2007 ) . Barrie Chanter besides said that, the above definition carry out two component keys of the care which is non lone action that relate to physical executing of care work but concerned with its induction, funding and organisation and the another constituent is understanding the demands for the effectual use of the edifice and its parts.

Good care work should be done in each of the edifice particularly to pull the investor to put in that edifice. Harmonizing to Faouzi Kamoun the good or best care pattern can be define as be precise and mensurable, disputing but realistic and sooner demonstrable and in conclusion they should stipulate clip restraint.


Training and accomplishments development.

Most of the care issues are because of the accomplishments of the care squad itself. If the care squad has good and first-class accomplishments to make their work so it may give a successful in the edifice care. But it is a frailty versa if there a lacking in accomplishments and cognition about the care work.

In order to hold good care technicians, the proprietor of the edifice should do a good choice during the hiring procedure. Harmonizing to Faouzi Kamoun the new employee should hold cognition and accomplishments and it can be determine by making several trial and practical preparation during the hiring procedure and by making this it can shut the spread between the needed accomplishments and the available accomplishments.

Other than that, the care technicians company or the proprietor of the edifice should direct their worker or the care technicians to the any preparation plan that held by the other organisations. By making this their technicians will be updated with the new cognition and accomplishments about the new care work and new equipment for the care work that need to necessitate in the work field.

Pull offing contractor

The proprietor of the edifice can take whether to hold in house care technicians or out-source care technicians. If the proprietor have choose the out-source care technicians to work on his edifice, he or she must guarantee to look at the contractor or care house portfolio foremost before taking any out-source care house.

By choosing out-source care squad, the proprietor of the edifice can salvage the usage of the money on the preparation plans of the technicians. But, by taking the out-source care squad besides required a batch of cost particularly during paying their work which their cost payment is much more expensive so the in-house care squad. So, the strong fiscal company or edifice can hold the out-source care squad or contractors without any concerns instead than the non so strong fiscal position company or edifice. Normally the contractor will direct their application to be the contactor to the certain company or edifice after the notice of stamp had been published in the newspaper or others. By so, all the possible contractor will direct their application by submitted their best proposal. The contractor with the best proposal will win the bidder.

There are besides out-source contractor who become a provider to the certain edifice particularly for those edifice who have the in-house care squad. The providers normally will supplier the care equipment to the edifice. When choosing the out-source supplier, it is of import to look into whether the service supplier has a proved track-record, backed by external referrals, has past experience in keeping equipment on a planetary graduated table, has a strong fiscal profile and the resources and capablenesss to execute unafraid distant monitoring and fulfill web handiness service demand ( Faouzi Kamoun, 2005 ) .

Inventory control and plus direction

Inventory control is needed particularly when traffics with the equipment for care intent. It is suggested to hold an excess constituent or spare-part for several equipment for the intent of safeguard from the break-down of the care equipment. It is indispensable to set up a well-managed and exhaustively documented procedure to track the location of all trim units, allocate secure, ship and deploy trim equipment and velocity up the order of trim equipment from providers when it is non locally available ( Faouzi Kamoun, 2005 ) .

For a batter stock list control today, there a several edifice have utilizing a computerized system in order to pull off their plus. By utilizing computerized system it can salvage energy and do the work easier to be done. By come ining informations into the computing machine system, the technicians can on a regular basis look into in the system if the spare-parts are still available or non. From that, the technicians can continuously do determination after look intoing the handiness of the equipment. The stock list needs to do on a regular basis so that, during the exigency clip, all the spare-parts that need to be usage are already available.

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems ( CMMS )

Presents, all work are done by utilizing computing machine systems even to managed the care work besides can be done by utilizing computerized system which is called as Computerized Maintenance Management Systems ( CMMS ) . CMMS can assist to optimising work-order direction, including enhanced planning, scheduling and cost control but it can non assist to decide hapless care procedure ( Faouzi Kamoun, 2005 ) .

The CMMS merely can cut down the work of the technicians in footings of the scheduling the work of care and others but there are still need to be skill plenty to make the care work in the edifice.

Continuous betterment

In order to guarantee the efficiency of the edifice care, the care director or the installations director should ever seek new developments or any other ways to better their work quality. The easiest ways to do an betterment is by benchmarking the best other care organisation or company and follow it into our ain edifice. By making this, it can assist to better the care systems in the edifice and it can spread out the life of the edifice itself.

Continues betterment of care will be possible due to the use of emerging techniques and engineerings which considered being of higher impact as a consequence of the old stairss of our direction procedure ( A. Crespo Marquez, P. Moreu de Leon, J.F. Gomez Fernandez, C. Parra Marquez & A ; V. Gonzalez, 2009 ) .

Nowadays, most of the care company truly looking frontward to the new care engineering for the edifice care. So, as a consequence each of the care company will contend over to develop a new and best betterment in the care system particularly for the care of the edifice.

Preventive care

The cost to maintenance work or fix is more expansive instead than the cost to construct a new construction or edifice. The little care work is cheaper instead than the large graduated table of care. So, because of that, the preventative care should be carried out in order to forestall any harm in the edifice occurs. Preventive care besides can assist to cut down the utilizing of high cost of care work.

The care technicians should do preventative schemes in their care direction by do a regular cheque or review inside the edifice and all the environing country of the edifice. Now there are study that many international criterions proficient paperss provides a wealth of information and recommendations refering care doctrine, constructs and methods which could be used into the organisational for the preventative care plan ( Faouzi Kamoun, 2005 ) .

The occupations of the care technicians is merely non to look into weather the edifice conditions is in good province or non but he or she need to do a logistic cheques, diagnostic cheques, safety cheques and package backups ( Faouzi Kamoun, 2005 ) .

Logistic cheques is more towards as an review on the edifice and all the constituent, equipments and others exhaustively while diagnostic cheques is a preventative care work which look for a any equipment failures. Safety cheques is more looking frontward on the safety of the workers when making their care work and besides the safety of the edifice and the equipment to be used. Last, package backups are needed in order to forestall any doomed of informations in the computerized systems. All the plants are recommended to be backup by papers it or do an online backup or reconstruct informations.


In order to guarantee the efficiency of the edifice care, the director of the edifice should do a strategic planning to do certain that their care are genuinely working when maintains the edifice. So that, the life of the edifice could be expand and at the same clip it will add a value to the edifice which will give a benefits to the investor who are invest to that edifice.

All the strategic point that been discuss may give a benefits to the director of the edifice particularly the installations director to heighten and better their care work. The occupations of the care adult male are more important in order to salvage the life of the edifice.